Why we are afraid of Islam ( even the liberal left )

NOTE: This article was written more than a week ago BEFORE the massacre at Charlie Hebdo. It is part of my ongoing series about Islam.

Below are quotes I have taken from the video. This guy is fantastic. Every History teacher worth their salt should educate themselves by reading and watching this guy. We have not been taught the true history of Islam. He uses cold hard facts, maps and graphs to reveal a shameful secret that we do not want to acknowledge.
Watch this video to get started on your knowledge journey and find out why we in the West are like an abused child. It is long but it is worth it. You will never look at Islam the same way after watching this lecture.

How did North Africa go from being European and Christian to being Arab and Muslim?
How did that happen and is that an important question?

How did the Middle East go from being Christian to Muslim and is that an important question?

It came about because of relentless, brutal persecution of everyone who was not a Muslim.

The data does not support the theory that Islam considers Jews and Christians as brothers of Moses.

The western mind is that of a beaten dog.

Any public critic of Islam has a certain fear.

I can certainly back that quote up. I discussed with Cameron the danger of doing my regular series of posts about Islam. Any other ‘ religion ‘ I would not feel scared but with Islam I do and with good reason. Particularly as a woman I worry about the following: Acid being thrown in my face. Rape. Being set on fire. Being killed. The least of my worries is being attacked by the liberal media and called a racist or an Islamophobe. The truth is I am scared of Islam as are many Muslims as they are waging Jihad not only against we Kafirs but also against other Muslims who they do not consider true Muslims.They do not just use their words to spread their ideology they use violence, rape,slavery and terror and have done so for 1400 years.The only difference in modern times is that they now use social media to activate? so called lone wolf attacks and to attract new cannon fodder for their Jihads.

We do not teach the Islamic history of slavery, jihad or annihilation.

The word Islam means submit. They expect submission from us and they get it.

Islam is presented as the victim.

A great example of this is the recent terror attack in Australia. The true victims were still being held by the terrorist when the Media started showing concern about possible ( non- existent ) retaliation against innocent Muslims. The hoax I’ll ride with you tweet spearheaded this.

After 1400 years of jihad, brutality, enslavement, theft,deception, rape, annihilation and insults, the Kafir mind had become identical to that of an abused victim.

The only solution to Islam is for Kafirs to face our shameful, brutal and degrading history at the hands of Islam. We must face our fears and welcome and embrace it.

Why is it do you think that the liberal left are apologists for Islam? Truth is that they are as scared of them as we who admit the truth about it. They hope that if they welcome Islamic immigration and call them the religion of peace and ignore their subjugation? of women and terrorist attacks all over the world they will maybe leave them alone and not hurt them. If we cuddle them enough we can change their 1400 year modus? operandi of annihilation. They actually think that the moderate Muslims will form some kind of a safety buffer around their countries when it fact the ‘moderates’ will either be attacked by the ‘ true ‘ Muslims as badly as we Kafirs or will join them as they were only waiting until they had the numbers to act.