Why we are afraid of Islam ( even the liberal left )

NOTE: This article was written more than a week ago BEFORE the massacre at Charlie Hebdo. It is part of my ongoing series about Islam.

Below are quotes I have taken from the video. This guy is fantastic. Every History teacher worth their salt should educate themselves by reading and watching this guy. We have not been taught the true history of Islam. He uses cold hard facts, maps and graphs to reveal a shameful secret that we do not want to acknowledge.
Watch this video to get started on your knowledge journey and find out why we in the West are like an abused child. It is long but it is worth it. You will never look at Islam the same way after watching this lecture.

How did North Africa go from being European and Christian to being Arab and Muslim?
How did that happen and is that an important question?

How did the Middle East go from being Christian to Muslim and is that an important question?

It came about because of relentless, brutal persecution of everyone who was not a Muslim.

The data does not support the theory that Islam considers Jews and Christians as brothers of Moses.

The western mind is that of a beaten dog.

Any public critic of Islam has a certain fear.

I can certainly back that quote up. I discussed with Cameron the danger of doing my regular series of posts about Islam. Any other ‘ religion ‘ I would not feel scared but with Islam I do and with good reason. Particularly as a woman I worry about the following: Acid being thrown in my face. Rape. Being set on fire. Being killed. The least of my worries is being attacked by the liberal media and called a racist or an Islamophobe. The truth is I am scared of Islam as are many Muslims as they are waging Jihad not only against we Kafirs but also against other Muslims who they do not consider true Muslims.They do not just use their words to spread their ideology they use violence, rape,slavery and terror and have done so for 1400 years.The only difference in modern times is that they now use social media to activate  so called lone wolf attacks and to attract new cannon fodder for their Jihads.

We do not teach the Islamic history of slavery, jihad or annihilation.

The word Islam means submit. They expect submission from us and they get it.

Islam is presented as the victim.

A great example of this is the recent terror attack in Australia. The true victims were still being held by the terrorist when the Media started showing concern about possible ( non- existent ) retaliation against innocent Muslims. The hoax I’ll ride with you tweet spearheaded this.

After 1400 years of jihad, brutality, enslavement, theft,deception, rape, annihilation and insults, the Kafir mind had become identical to that of an abused victim.

The only solution to Islam is for Kafirs to face our shameful, brutal and degrading history at the hands of Islam. We must face our fears and welcome and embrace it.

Why is it do you think that the liberal left are apologists for Islam? Truth is that they are as scared of them as we who admit the truth about it. They hope that if they welcome Islamic immigration and call them the religion of peace and ignore their subjugation  of women and terrorist attacks all over the world they will maybe leave them alone and not hurt them. If we cuddle them enough we can change their 1400 year modus  operandi of annihilation. They actually think that the moderate Muslims will form some kind of a safety buffer around their countries when it fact the ‘moderates’ will either be attacked by the ‘ true ‘ Muslims as badly as we Kafirs or will join them as they were only waiting until they had the numbers to act.


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  • Veritas

    “Adventure of a Lifetime”

    Amidst the humour, your article yesterday titled “Adventure of a Lifetime” contained some serious truths about Islam. The very good points it made are so clearly obvious to anyone who is not caught up in the fraud of political correctness or is not a typical politician.

    To properly understand the message behind it, we need to realise that to puritan, fundamentalist Moslems, Islam is ‘absolute truth’. This means that anything that opposes it, or differs from it, is wrong, evil, or a corruption of truth. Islamic law requires that everything be subject to it. This means Islamic law rules supreme in all circumstances and is above any western form of human rights.

    The point is that people from Islamic backgrounds reject our law as against Islamic law (sharia). But, when comfortably settled in a western democracy, they are only too happy to use our human rights and other laws against us to get their wants and demands. But no way can we use our concepts in their countries.

    The west has stupidly rolled on – hanging itself – trying to impose its secular form of human rights on the world by way of international declarations that don’t fit the Islamic world view. Islamic states have no concept of independent ‘human rights’ as
    recognised in the West. This is why Islamic states effectively sit outside the universal declaration of human rights – and have substituted their own declaration based on sharia. The only rights recognised by Islam are those that derive from Islamic law. But they are only too happy to use our laws against us when it suits their purposes.

  • Citizen

    The World is not required to defend Islam – Thomas Wictor. http://www.thomaswictor.com/the-world-is-not-required-to-defend-islam/

  • The Accountant

    I can’t get my head around how someone can be a “moderate”. To be a Muslim, you must believe that Mohammad was Allah’s prophet, and Mohammad’s words (or the Koran) are the words of Allah – verbatim. That means you buy in to the screaming madness that is contained within the Koran. You can’t pick and choose, because that would fail against the central pillars of Islam. There can be no “moderate”. Thats what scares me, and makes me unwilling to accept the religion in any way.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      But here from our own people we have not only the antisocial types who have been enticed by islam’s antisocial, antichristian, antiwhite message while in prison, but even highly educated white women joining up after doing university Religious Studies, etc. (Note: I did not say they are wise or smart or intelligent)

      Absolutely incredible. Their stupidity is only exceeded by their blind credulity.

      And as you point out, no such thing as “moderate” in islam.
      What might appear moderate and affable is either a dissimulation and a disguise, or an invitation to be slaughtered by some true and faithful muslim.

  • cows4me

    I suspect many on the left admirer these dropkicks, they quite like the idea of submission, after all why would democratic people want any part of what they truly desire. Large all encompassing government controlled by an authoritarian elite . The radical Islamic way would hold some appeal to these loons.

    • taurangaruru

      The amusing thing is with the lefties support for Islam is their “woofter rainbow travellers” would be the first to be rounded up & beheaded as a result of their ‘depravity.”

  • Chris

    This is a great article and the video should be compulsory watching for every person in western civilisation. So why are we not told the truth about Islam? And when are our governments going to stand up against this scourge within our society and put laws into place once and for all to stamp out this? There are so many people out there who don’t want to do anything to upset Muslims as they have been the downtrodden people for so long. I say bull… to that, lets got on and deal to the problem

  • ShoreRight

    Your writing fully affirms what I have been saying around home for the last few days after watching the French police officer who was Muslim, executed on the street out side the Charlie Hedbo offices.
    The knowledge that here was a Muslim who had joined the constabulary would have been so inflammatory to the two gunmen terrorists – he would not have stood a show.

    I believe that and have done for a very long time that many left wingers pay lip service to issues , they would never want the pedophile living next door but think he should be given a chance scenario ! When push comes to shove they are as frightened as anyone else.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Islamophobia is not hate of islam, it is fear of islam. By logical deduction therefore, all these lefties are Islamophobes.

      They cuddle up to islam, trying to be friendly and appease it, because deep down inside they fear it and are terrified, standing there frozen like a possum in the headlights.

    • dgrogan

      More frightened I’d say – which is why they offer appeasement.

  • luke

    The comparison between Jihad and the Crusades was a massive revelation. What I’m struggling to understand is, if the evidence of the destructive nature of Islam is so obvious – why do our leaders in the West say otherwise?

    • OneTrack

      Because it conflicts with the progressive ideology. And the ideology wins, every time.

    • Intrigued

      Because they’ve been lied to and they cannot believe it, don’t want to believe it and are therefore stupid!

      In Islam there is the concept of Taqiyya – which is the permissible use of lies provided it is in the interests of Islam. In her book “Because they hate: a survivor of Islamic terror warns America ” Brigitte Gabriel explains it well:
      “Taqiyya/Kithman can take different forms. One form is blatant lying, asserting as fact something that is not true, such as claiming that jihad means only a Muslim’s “inner struggle” to be a better person, and that jihad has no military meaning whatever. A more insidious form of taqiyya/kithman is dissembling, telling part of the truth, but intentionally concealing a more important truth in order to create a false impression. An example is acknowledging the Muslims’ religious duty to spread Islam throughout the world, but insisting that it is to be spread peacefully, through dawah, persuasion and reasoning. This assertion is very reasonable and appealing to the Western mind. However, it is intended to deceive. While it is true that Muslims must initially use dawah to spread Islam, this taqiyya intentionally conceals the fact, based on numerous passages of the Koran and Islamic tradition, that when dawah fails, Muslims must impose Islam on the infidel through harb and qital war, killing, slaughter….Taqiyya is created by concealing the fact that the Koran also contains verses, written later in Muhammad’s preaching ministry, which call for unremitting war and violence against infidels until they submit to Islam. They conceal the fact that, under the Islamic doctrine of naksh, or “abrogation,” when there is a contradiction between verses in the Koran, the later verse supersedes the earlier verse. 24 According to sura 2:106, a later verse “substitutes something better” in place of an earlier verse; according to sura 16:101, the later verse will “substitute one revelation for another.” Chronologically, sura 9 was the second- to- last chapter written by Muhammad. Sura 9:5 commands Muslims to “fight the Pagans wherever ye find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).” Sura 5 was the very last chapter written by Muhammad. Sura 5:33 states that “[f]or those who do not submit to Allah their punishment is . . . execution or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet, from the opposite sides, or exile from the land.” According to some scholars of Islam, verses 9:5 and 5:33, all by themselves, supersede and cancel at least 124 earlier verses in which Muhammad preached patience and tolerance. For Muhammad and Islam, the revelations of violent jihad replaced the revelations of peace.”

  • GoingRight

    What an excellent speaker Dr Bill Warner is, a real teacher. The problem with Islam surely is fundamentally their refusal to debate. Their young people are brought up with a “do as I say, believe what I tell you, end of story”. Every young person at some stage in their lives wants to question but if this is knocked out of them early in life then they are sitting targets for the extremists to direct them down the violent pathways in the name of Allah. The west have to keep educating their young people and the media and schools have to stand up for the right to debate political and religious issues.

    • Kevin

      Debating Islam is a direct threat to Islam because the Koran is supposed to be the direct word of God and therefore infallible. If I manage to convince a Muslim that a bit of the Koran is wrong then he can no longer be a Muslim.

      Contrast that with Christians and Christianity.

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        Back with King James, the Bible was made available to all English people – and the message was “Read it for yourself, work out what it means for yourself, use your brain” (in contrast to the Church of Rome with their Latin, etc. and their “do as I say, believe what I tell you, end of story”)

        The result of this was freedom to think and inventiveness, a trait shared by the English and other northern europeans, specifically the non-catholic, non-orthodox, non-muslim, ie. not of regimented thought
        (Just check where the basic inventions were made – steam, gas, rail, diesel, mouldboard plough, combine harvester, etc. etc.)

  • Chris

    As Thomas Wictor says in his blog,”You can either bemoan reality, or you can accept it. Non-Muslims need to simply relate facts. No more editorializing. If Muslims really are
    peaceful and tolerant, they need to convince the non-Muslim world. It’s
    time for them to put on their big-boy pants and start cleaning up the
    catastrophes caused by their coreligionists.

    The only thing I want my government to do in reaction to this crisis is to kill terrorists.”

    I totally agree. When is our government going to grow some balls and do the right thing for a start?

  • Intrigued

    Hallelujah! This man’s summary ought to be required viewing by all especially the MSM, leaders and teachers in our schools. Thomas Wictor’s article (see Citizens link below) also tells it how it is. More people need to understand the truth about Islam and stop editorialising the bald fact: ie that non-Muslims are NOT responsible for the spread of violent Islam. Islam in and of itself sanctions the violent spread of Islam. Now please please MSM, politicians and governments alike – do your homework on this ideology of hate.

    I’ve said it before – there are some in the Muslim world who believe that Islam needs a reformation for the modern enlightened world where man of any race, creed or colour can live alongside one another peaceably but they are in the significant minority and sadly subject to the same threats of persecution and death as non-Muslims. They are also faced with the problem that the Prophet Muhamnad’s teachings do not allow any translation from Arabic so those we call “extremists” and “terrorists” within Islam are in fact doing what Islam requires of them. They are not perverting Islam. It is what it is. The rest of the non-Arabic speaking world (which ironically also includes the majority of Muslims – who have been the “irrelevant majority” in this war against Islamic terrorism) have been given a sanitised palatable “translation of the meaning of the Quran and the Prophets Hadiths, right down to the interpretation of the word “Islam” reported widely to mean “peace” when in fact it does not. It means “to suppress”!

    Definition of stupid: knowing the truth, seeing the truth, but still believing the lies.

    Please please Western World – stop being stupid!

    • dgrogan

      Actually, I believe Islam to mean – to submit to Allah.

  • Gaynor

    This news today is not much different from hundreds of years ago
    “Hundreds said killed by Boko Haram in Nigeria attacks ”
    Something needs to change quickly.

  • OneTrack

    Have a look at the Rameriz cartoon on Kiwiblog this morning. It seems exactly right.

    And after 12 deaths at the hands of muslim gunmen in France, even Hollande seems more worried about negative comments about Islam than he is about more terrorist attacks.

  • Jaffa

    If they want to die, to go to Paradise,……we should help them!

    It’s only fair!

  • David Moore

    Add this to the watch list, the much missed Christopher Hitchens nailing Islam;

    • spanishbride

      I have got to 1:31:21 and I am frustrated by the Muslim guy’s refusal to debate the question of the debate. To do so he would have to try to rebut Christopher’s arguments and so far he is avoiding it by saying all human beings have both peace and violence in them.

    • dgrogan

      Interesting debate. Actually, more a couple of lectures rather than an actual debate, but still informative.

      I found the discussion at the end about Turkey very interesting. Ramadan saying that Turkey is an example of a progressive Muslim society. I think this recording may be a little old, but I wonder if he still would agree that Erdogan’s current-day Turkey is “progressive”?

  • dgrogan

    That it frightening, SB.
    Watching this, I actually found myself wanting to write Warner off as a crank. Surely this cannot be real, I was thinking. But he backs up his claims with data. It’s factual alright and that’s why it IS so scary. Thanks for the link.

    • spanishbride

      Thank you for watching it. It took me three sessions to watch the whole thing but it was worth it to me. It had the ring of truth and made a lot of sense to me. As a history teacher I always taught my students to bear in mind that history books are written by the victors. It never occurred to me until I watched this video that losers also have cause to rewrite history to hide their shame.

  • colin herbertson

    very informative isn’t it,when i first saw this a couple of months ago i was left feeling a little upset that as a bit of a history geek so much of what i’d been told was a glossed over verson of reality,it also reminds just how evil this so callled religon really is,