Al-Cowda retaliation backfires



As regular readers will know, killer cows are out to get us.  One brave soldier on the West Coast decided to fight back as a kind of lone wolf, but has found the law is still on Al-Cowda’s side  

A Reefton man who punched and kicked a cow at the Cape Foulwind dairy farm where he worked has been sentenced to community detention and community work.

Cameron George Intemann Hurst, 21, pleaded guilty to two charges of ill treatment of animals between 2012 and 2013 following a sentence indication in Westport District Court late last year.

At that time the court heard Hurst and his manager took turns shooting a cow in the leg in a deliberate act of cruelty before it was euthanised.

They also pulled the cow to the ground by its tail and punched and kicked it.

Hurst had apparently commented that he liked that time of year because he “got to beat the cows”.

However much we need to be ready for the Killer Cow uprising, that’s not the way to do it.  Lone wolf extra legal attempts to get even will just get you in trouble with the still very Al-Cowda sympathetic law.

Don’t do this brothers and sisters.  Our time will come.


On the serious side, what a sick creep.  Hope they do to him what he did to the cows.  That’s no way to deal with lifestock.

– Westport News



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  • Jimmie

    Regardless of your view of the dangers associated with cows what these d….s did is inhumane and cruel.

    Not a lot different than the subhuman crimes that Ewen McDonald was put away for

  • 1951

    I would love to know what sort of up-bringing produces a deficient personality like this guy has. This anti-smacking era is turning out some wonderfully evil characters.

  • Davo42

    Numpties like this are the ones responsible for the Bovine uprising, those other cow’s have seen what he did and their disgruntled Moo’s travel through the herd like wildfire.
    People need to respect the cows or their will be much more trouble.
    I was recently at the Milfos factory in Hamilton who make milking equipment, they have a giant udder hanging from the ceiling of their assembly area and they pay homage to it regularly (absolutely true I swear). This Reefton clown has now undone all their goodwill work with our Bovine brothers.

  • Michelle

    I hope he is never allowed to work with any animals ever again, there are some real sickos out there and cows in general are very intelligent animals but dumb ar$e$ like him that think they are just dumb animals

    Now if Al Cowda kicked him in the head that would be karma

  • Genevieve

    Remember that name. If this is the way he treats animals it won’t be the last we hear of him.

  • The Accountant

    One can only hope karma is listening.

  • pak

    This is despicable and the sentence not severe enough. These people are lower than the animals they tormented and caused deliberate suffering to. I have nothing but disgust for these sad excuses for men.