Who is Andrew Little? – Does Andrew Little pass the blink test?

The Blink Test?

The Blink Test?

One of the most basic rules in politics is that voters make their mind up about a politician in the time it takes them to blink.

This is known as the Blink Test, and why the Tories are so convinced they will win in this years election.

They have always felt that Ed Milliband fails the blink test.

When you look at Andrew Little you see a dour, grim faced, bespectacled man.  

He does not come across as warm and friendly. He comes across as bitter and austere.

If you watch him speak with the sound off he manages to give the impression he is either not very warm and friendly, or angry.

There has been some debate about whether Little passes the blink test so we are running a poll to see what readers think.

Does Andrew Little pass the Blink Test

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  • Murray Smith

    Just blinked but unfortunately, didn’t miss him.

  • 2rotorbro

    My seeing eye dog just growled at the computer screen. Failed.

  • Frosty78

    Ummm Helen Clark anyone?

    • spanish_tudor

      For all her many faults, Clark was at least tough, shrewd, and begrudgingly respected. No-one since then has come close to passing the blink test:

      Phil Goff (no-one believed his conversion from arch-Rogernome to left-winger)
      David Shearer (mumbling fool)
      Shane Jones (the porn thing)
      Grant Robertson (fat, cardy-wearing poof)
      David Cunliffe (smarmy git)
      Nanaia Mahuta (fat, lazy, useless trougher)
      David Parker (Harry Potter)
      Andrew Little (angry, hatchet-faced unionist).

  • dgrogan

    He certainly fails my blink test. It’s a bit like “short pilot” syndrome though.

  • He may well fail the blink test but so do many other politicians and bloggers. Are most people really so shallow as to not see past first impressions?

    • Hard1

      The shallowness that you see Duncan is merely a reflection of A. Little.
      When he shows some sort of depth of understanding of the majority of New Zealanders who exist beyond his small, closeted clique then you will see a more nuanced reaction.
      At the moment there is nothing there other than his physical presence with his ever present minders. Angry Andy shouting criticism is not a policy. It is a diversion designed to avert our eyes away from the vacant lot that is Labour’s brainstorming capability.

    • Garbageman

      Isn’t that how we are hard wired Duncan the same can be said re. job interviews perspective partners, potential friends etc

      • Agreed, first impressions are important but just as important are informed analysis, previous record, who they associate with etc. People don’t always project who they really are, and as is obvious with politicians they also try and project who they think we want them to be. In more than a few cases my initial opinion has changed over time, both for the negative and for the positive.

        • Hard1

          Duncan, I’m trying to see past your characterisation “Are most people really so shallow….” , to view some sort of less shallow revelation from a wiser head as to who Little really is. We all want to know.
          If Little does not project who he really is, then he’s been doing this act for a very, very long time. What we don’t know is whether Little is capable of more than simply hammering National, because so far that’s all he’s done.
          Hence first impressions are all we’ve got. There is no back story.

    • Whitey

      It’s not that shallow. You can tell a lot about someone’s personality and attitudes by looking at their facial expressions.

  • Lord Onerous I

    Don’t blink! Angry Andy is coming!

  • Tom

    Notice his eyes are too close together, like a weasel.

  • Cadwallader

    He fails the “blink test” but passes the “blank test!”

  • jay

    Little comes across well in my view. I loathed David Cunliffe but Little seems like a bit of a blokey bloke.

    He seems to be quite tough and shows quite strong leadership.

    Having said that I don’t think he’s got what it takes to win, not unless John Key ups and dies or something. Mr Key is just too bloody good. I seriously doubt we will see third term wobbles etc with him at the helm, kiwis just love him too much.

    The next Labour Prime Minister will be Nash I’d say.

    • Garbageman

      The next Labour Pm hasn’t been born yet Jay

  • Garbageman

    i blinked nothing happened blinked again same result tried that google thingy ‘phew’ now at least i know who Andrew Little is

  • Huia

    Its a fail for me, doesn’t have enough charisma or personality, portrays being a very angry bitter man. Cannot see him on the world stage representing NZ in any form, too austere, the eyes might be looking at you but there is a whole other message going on at the same time. Definitely not a face I would trust to represent me.

  • Adam Michaels

    He fails, plain and simple.
    Whether we like or it or not, any electable political leader has to instantly and positively engage the interest of the voters. That leader has to have some special quality, some spark which many people can relate to.
    Muldoon, Kirk, Clark, Winston Peters, John Key, all in their different ways had/have enough of that special attribute that they could attract large enough numbers of followers to make a difference.
    Hell, some of the people on that list I detest, but they had/have something!
    Little….no way!