Who is Andrew Little? Does Andrew Little Prepare Properly?

What do you mean I need a media person?

What do you mean I need a media person?

Andrew Little failed to prepare properly for his crazy position on rape accused having to prove they were innocent.

For an experienced lawyer this is hard to comprehend.

What is harder to comprehend is that a man who has been considered the next man coming in Labour for a generation, and a potential prime minister, is so unprepared he didn’t have a media person ready to go when he became leader.  

Unfortunately for Little due to his lack of planning, or perhaps he never thought he’d win, he didn’t have a media person ready to go, so he had to advertise and some ham fisted idiot wrote a job ad that was deservedly mocked.

It looks like it was some sort of surprise to Little that he would need a team around him to win an election.

Word from Fraser House is that not only does Little not have a media person, he does not have a fundraiser, a party president, a successful campaign manager or a black ops person lined up to immediately start in his team.

All the good Labour political operatives have taken well paid jobs in the private sector, and none of them want to return while Little is leader because he is so unprepared there is no chance he will be Prime Minister.


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  • Pete

    He doesn’t need a media person, he has the MSM cheering for him anyway, and as for the political operatives taking jobs in the private sector, they also took jobs with National..Shane Jones.

    • Luis Cannon

      Lame Stream trying to turn a hobbled horse into Phar Lap?

  • Quinton Hogg

    With the very greatest of respect he may have a legal qualification but he is hardly regarded as an experienced lawyer.
    He has been a union employee-executive all of his career.
    While that may give him certain skill sets familiarity with all other aspects of legal activity is not one of them.
    Mr Littles comments on criminal process are in my opinion so mind bogglingly stupid as to call into question his abilities…..

    • STAG

      About time this was made clear, it can only be done by someone practicing law. The ma n is an embrasment and needs to be called one. Thank youm

      • Quinton Hogg

        I should add that unless Mr Little has a current practicing certificate issued under the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006 he cannot be called a lawyer.
        This is because the definition of “lawyer” in the act means “…a person who holds a current practising certificate as a barrister or as a barrister and solicitor.”
        Nit picking I know but I am in that kind of mood today.

        • STAG

          And let’s face it, the devils in the details. I get very upset when people or the media apply title’s incorrectly. They’re hard won and should be respected for it.

          • Deckboy

            Like some list MP who list a degree qualification then followed by “Incomplete” (failed in other words!

        • peterwn

          Which he does not – just checked the Law Society site. Unfortunately it does not list lawyers whose practicing certificates have lapsed (eg judges and retired lawyers).

    • Whitey

      Makes me wonder whether he took the union employee-executive work because he lacked the aptitude to be a lawyer.

  • john Doe

    The first act he failed to do on becoming leader was to sack Mat Mccarten. McCarten will prove to be a ball and chain around his ankle. Too far left and too tainted with Cunliffe’s demise and dirty politics.

  • Nebman

    I thought Andrea Vance was the Labour media manager?

  • cows4me

    Why does he need a fund raiser, he has thousands of poor saps that pay membership fees every week.

  • paul

    I still smile when I think about 2014 election night and when I think about Richard Little and 2017 election night I smile again.

  • taurangaruru

    Little by name, little in stature & little by way of intelligence. Sure he managed to get a degree at university, made it through the ranks of the bully boy Union movement but he sure ain’t Prime Minister material. Kiwis should be starting to recognise that a productive NZ is a prosperous NZ, those of a Union ilk like Little would rather take us back to the days of wildcat strikes, he would rather reward the idle by taking from the productive sector.