Who is Andrew Little? Does Andrew Little prepare properly?

Looking over Andrew Little’s career leads to a big question about how he prepares.

He appears not to give much consideration to radical changes to systems or processes with centuries old precedent.

The prime example is as Justice spokesman he wanted to change the burden of proof to the offender, not the accuser.

Arts, lifestyle and travel blogger David “Pinko” Farrar took a break from his hectic travel schedule and posted a cutting post when Little released the policy.

Meet your next Justice Minister people. The Herald reports:

Labour’s justice spokesman Andrew Little did not think the party’s proposal would lead to more innocent people being convicted.

“I don’t see why. You’re assuming that there is a propensity to lay false complaints. There is no evidence pointing to that.”   

So Labour’s next Justice Minister thinks that an accusation is all you need to convict someone, as there are no false complaints.

Why doesn’t he go the whole hog, and save us the expense of trials. You’re accused, and you’re automatically guilty. Bang.

Again I urge everyone to make sure people understand that if Labour is elected, you will need to prove your innocence if you have sex with someone and are accused of rape.

David Cunliffe has started to back away from the policy, but Andrew Little has confirmed it is official policy and is obviously still extremely wedded to it.

I would have thought Mr Little would not have to think too far back in Labour’s recent past to think of how stupid it is to have a presumption of guilt based on allegation.

I am staggered that this policy got approved by the Labour Party. It is horrendous and wrong. Unless they rule it out totally, then don’t vote for them if you believe in the presumption of innocence.

Lets remember Andrew Little is a lawyer. He should know better than to monkey around with the very foundations of our legal system. Someone should ask Little whether he still believes in this policy, or if he has worked out that this was an ill prepared and ill thought out policy that needs to be dumped immediately.

Going further, it is hard to imagine one of the richest sources of donations for the left, trial lawyers, approving of this ill thought out fundamental change to our legal system.

Presumably this is still Labour policy, and even more so now Andrew Little is leader.

I wonder if the mainstream media will be brave enough to follow up on this “little” gem?


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  • MaryLou

    No they won’t. They probably believe what he has said. No evidence to support the idea that people lay false complaints! He should buckle down in a hole, and go through some back issues of his favourite mouthpiece, the NZHorrid.

    Surely he can’t even be believing himself, let alone convincing any one else. What can he be angling for, or softening us up for?? This type of statement implies “I’m always right, the other 76% is always wrong – an attitude that sits better in Russia than in New Zealand.

    Edit: And bugger the evidence, freely available or not.

  • Bombastic

    Oh great, a move towards Sharia Law, good one Andrew.

  • jay

    Ask any nz detective if there is such a thing as false rape complaints!

  • Isherman

    The Labour Party website policy detail page (stop laughing while I finish) still appears the same as it did then, so we have to presume that as of right now it still applies. I actually hope they do stick with these ill thought loopy policies, in fact there were enough of them to do a “lets revisit” series, like the tax policy where there was a suggestion that Facebook could be banned if they didn’t get the desired result on tax from multinationals..cant see how that would help Andy’s “Likes” numbers now could it.

  • Second time around

    As Leader of the Opposition Andy did say that the police should have prosecuted cases such as the Roastbusters to let a jury decide if the evidence stacked up. Trial lawyers should love that policy as every accusation will result in a trial. However it does mean that a lot of oridinary citizens, even Labour Party members, will spend much of their adult lives on bail awaiting trial in Andy’s courts..

  • taurangaruru

    “You’re accused, and you’re automatically guilty”
    Not surprised that is Little’s take on matters of justice, that is how Communists have controlled the masses for years, we will have Communist show trials & purges.

  • Asian_driver

    Its not far off his all Employers are Bad employers mentality

    • InnerCityDweller

      And all landlords are evil incarnate etc

  • ozbob68

    Hmm, I recall in “Wasting Police Time” (An excellent book from the author of a UK Police Blog) that some rape complaints were reckoned by police to be women in relationships who had strayed and just wanted a “get out of blame” card to show their partner. God forbid anyone would indulge in casual sex in a situation where an accusation is all that is needed. (Or perhaps the smugly married lefties are aiming for that sort of result?)

  • Guest

    Love this.