Who is Andrew Little? Did Andrew Little spend the summer preparing for his first speech?

Here is a short clip of Andrew Little’s first speech of the year.

You would have thought that a man in the most important role of his life would have spent the summer working on his speaking. He did not. In 36 seconds he keeps ducking and weaving and looking like he doesn’t belong there.

At several stages in his speech he ran out of breathe and stumbled and stuttered.

And TVNZ obviously didn’t get the memo about what a great speech it was because Katie Bradford apparently said it was a little bit flat. A little bit flat is not going to cut it when it comes to convincing New Zealand that he is our future Prime Minister.

Corin Dann is also disparaging.

Labour Leader Andrew Little has delivered a solid, well-targeted, if unspectacular State of the Nation Address this morning.

The speech was deliberately lacking in policy detail and instead aimed at reassuring business, and in particular the small business owners who’ve deserted Labour, that the party wants to work with them not against them in creating a growing economy.



The lack of policy detail today will draw flack.


But while the speech itself was delivered well enough, Mr Little did make the classic mistake in his post speech media conference of not being across all the details.

In the speech he set a new goal when government to get New Zealand’s unemployment rate down to the lowest in the OECD, but when asked what that rate actually was, he admitted to not knowing.

According to the OECD the lowest rate is Korea with 3.5 percent. New Zealand’s is currently at 5.4 percent. He should really have known.

It’s a sloppy gaffe which his opponents and the media will highlight and will be an early reminder of the pressures that he will now come under as Opposition leader.

What he has to hope now is that doesn’t overshadow a carefully thought out speech that was all about positioning the party for the long haul.

Looks like the planned two positive appearances a week plan isn’t going so well.




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  • steve and monique

    Same old, same old. New face, and still does not have all the facts, and only spouts what has been said before. Labour, it is getting real boring, and if this is the best you have to offer, then you may as well carve your names into the opposition seats you now occupy, because it is going to be a long while before you shift.

    • mommadog

      I so hope your right and National doesn’t royally mess up in the next three years. It is Nationals to loose. In the mean time I’m really surprised that Katie and Corin weren’t falling over themselves in praise. I had totally given up on the left reporting anything remotely real and expected they would have said the speech was the greatest thing out even had Angry Andy been roaring drunk and speaking complete gibberish (which he obviously wasn’t).

  • pisces8284 .

    I wonder what Corin would have said if JK had delivered an equally uninspiring speech and made a ‘sloppy gaffe’. He wouldn’t have been so easy on him I’m betting

    • JKs speech on the other hand (no doubt on here later) was solid, full of detail and showed a leader in command.

  • twr

    Would have been more useful to know how implementing Labour’s anti-growth agenda would create jobs rather than destroy them. I hear North Korea has full employment.

  • Pluto

    If our friend Katie Bradford can get all jiggly bobbity about David Cunliffe, then “a little bit flat” doesn’t auger well for Angry Andy.

    • Salacious Crumb

      There was a reason for that. Have a look at the WO archives on David Cunliffe….

  • Dave

    To Quote Corin Dann ” aimed at reassuring business, and in particular the small business owners who’ve deserted Labour, that the party wants to work with them not against them”

    So, the chief little reformist, mr Angry Andy now appears before small business owners saying, come on, trust me, this wont hurt you a bit. Andrew, remember we are but parasites, you have hurt us over and over, your union mates got a short shift from the business i worked in over 35 years ago when they tried extortion to get us to join and pay their bribes or they would force our clients away from us, and now you come to us saying your a nice guy!

    Seriously, we didn’t come down in the last shower, in some ways your “trust me” is like the convicted pedo, offering sweets to children in a playground, you will never be trusted – ever.

  • kiwiinamerica

    What do you expect – the same Chief of Staff Mmmaaatt McCarten – trained Cunliffe and now Little!

    • The2Game

      I cannot for the life of me see what Mmmaaatt did in 2014 to justify his keeping his job.

      Jobs for the Union boys?

  • JC

    I see AA mentioned an OECD report on inequality several times.. I’ve got news for him.. its a working paper using a strange methodology which shows the worst effect on inequality isn’t between very rich or poor but between the *average* wage and the 40th percentile of the population!

    Also the working paper found that education slightly depressed growth.. so then they said this can’t be true and recommended increased education based on other OECD papers!

    You can read about it here from E Crampton who also makes the point there’s been no significant change in inequality in NZ for over 20 years:



  • Wheninrome

    It has been a long hot summer, pity Mr Little’s speech was “short” on detail.

  • niggly

    Talking about Little preparing himself for a speech.

    Do people realise his infamous “cut the crap” response to John Key in Parliament last year wasn’t a sharp, quick witted off the cuff remark (that got a lot of media attention)?

    He quietly admitted on Radio Live (or Radio NZ?) just prior to Christmas, that he had prepared that response in advance with his minders, on the off-chance he got to use it against the PM!

    So in other words, there’s nothing natural about Little and his speaking abilities. Like Cunliffe, everything is rehearsed and pre-planned (dirty politics??).

    Unlike John Key who is a natural speaker and can speak off the cuff.

    [Must track down that audio if possible. From memory a few people were interviewed in the studio by someone (Garner or Mora) a few days just prior to Christmas].

  • timemagazine

    Oh, boo-hoo-hoo. The left’s lackies in the MSM didn’t like Little Andrew’s speech.
    Hurray, for the rest of us!

  • Bluemanning

    What could Little say of substance in his speech? He is NOT the prime minister so how can he write and articulate a speech of substance on the ‘state of the nation’ when he doesn’t have the reins for at the very least three years time? How can Little do anything great for the country or implement a vision when in opposition? What a waste of time. The State Of The Nation” address can only be given by the present country Leader who has all the salient facts that facilitates the knowledge for the state of the nation speech. The MSM keep rabbiting on about ‘how smart Little is” however IMO one would have to be a political fool to be manipulated by the Labour novices and the MSM into giving a state of the nation speech when in opposition. Strategically Little should have shut up and just bide his time; three years is a long time in politics I don’t think he will be Labour leader at the next election.

  • Jimbob

    Duncan Garner on RadioLive just called it an “Epic Fail”!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      What? Has he resigned being Labour communication spokesperson?

  • The2Game

    Cam, I used your link to go see what Corin Dann had to say…

    Quite balanced, I’d have to say.

    Lost a mouthful of coffee in the process, ha, over my keyboard, mind…

    Corin, another of the country’s trained journalists, uses the line:
    ‘The lack of policy detail today will draw flack.’

    The word is properly spelt f-l-a-k, Corin…

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    He will bring the unemployment rate to the lowest in OECD and he doesn’t know what it is……Will the statistics include Handy Andy and his Labour colleagues who will be trounced by National in 2017?