Who is Andrew Little? Can Andrew Little Raise Money?

Raise money? I'll let the minions do that

Raise money? I’ll let the minions do that

The lifeblood of political parties is money.

You need money to employ good staff to run professional campaigns.

Sources inside Fraser House have been consistent in saying that Labour is flat broke, and has been since New Zealand’s best political shakedown artist Mike “Fat Tony” Williams retired as president.

Goff couldn’t raise money. Shearer couldn’t raise money. Cunliffe couldn’t raise money. They couldn’t compete with National because they didn’t have any cash.

All the good campaigners in Labour, like Roberts, Pagani and Munro are taking massive pay cheques from the private sector, and Labour can’t bring them back without money. 

So can Andrew Little raise money?

The best answer is how did he go as party president. He stepped into the huge shoes of Mike “Fat Tony” Williams, and failed in comparison with him. Little failed to raise any money at all, so Labour went into the 2011 election flat broke.

Little’s challenge with fundraising is that he is seen as a union hack who will damage business by favouring unions over the free market.

This means most big donors will not be opening their cheque books to him, whether or not he actually gets around to asking them for money. Past performance suggests he won’t be asking them for money, so won’t get turned down.

Labour would have been wise to chose a fundraiser from Obama’s campaign rather than a social media guy, as we all know how well social media worked for Labour in the 2014 election.


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  • Nige.

    The socialists favorite kind of money is someone else’s. None of them are willing to put up any of their own money least they be seen as privelaged etc. (Privelaged is the new international term for “rich prick”).

    Besides which all their money is probibly tied up in trusts.

    • mommadog

      I suspect we will soon see the resurrection of the labour plan to have taxpayers fund campaigns so there is no need to fundraise. It was talked about prior to the last election and went nowhere but watch the argument come out again.

      • conwaycaptain

        That is in the Greens agenda in the UK

        • Bryan

          we are paying for 75 % of greens budget now as they take a % of all their parliamentary members pay now in 2013 actual green party members only came up with 100000.00 the rest 267000 came from the salaries, so those moaners are on for another three years and have NO electorate to answer to so we need to push for the next three years what are these people doing for all the money they are getting as they only represent 9% of voters a very expensive free income for a select group of theorists who have no idea where real wealth and income come from.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Thanks for the new word for “rich pricks”. So now I can say let us tax the privileged (that is the right spelling actually) and feed the lazy.

  • Dave

    Angry Andy is used to fleecing businesses with the unions, and the threat of strike action, but I don’t think he has the threat to pull off much now he is a politician, unwanted one, but…… Still the unions will all support him and no doubt shoulder tap their members for money, but I can’t see any Parasites (as Angry calls them) donating anything to him or any party he controls.

  • ex-JAFA

    He’ll get it from the unions, who’ll get it from their members (with or without their permission), who’ll get it from the employers through Union action.

  • johcar

    All Angry can raise is a laugh, here, of derision.

    edit – clarification

  • MrBarrington

    I wonder if Angry Anderson (of Rose Tattoo fame and member of the Australian National Party) is upset that over here we talked about Angry Andy.. I mean the Australian (who is 67!!!) might be a bit miffed that his name is being used to describe a grim unionist, who also has tits for hands…

    At least Angry Anderson is a decent bloke (see his Wikipedia entry)…


  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I beg to differ. With Angry Andy being union puppet and uncle Matt as his buddy with strong union connections, unions will dig deep and shower money. I get a feeling, “holy mother who sold her soul for $3M” aka Laila Harre could also join Labour soon…..

    • caochladh

      I would have thought Labour has enough internal strife simmering away without bringing Mata Harre in to pour petrol on the flames.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        That will ensure 4th term for John Key for sure!!

    • Wallace Westland

      She’ll have to join someone.
      The hideous lazy shiftless good for nothing oxygen thief will need to be dipping into someone’s pockets soon to fund her next onslaught onto the nations TV screens via Campbell and Co.

  • Huia

    I don’t know if little angry Andy can raise money, I do know he can raise the hair on the back of my neck.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      PM Angry Andy and his trade minister Eugenie Sage are negotiating trade deals with Chinese Premier …….phew what a nightmare….off to sleep again :-)

  • caochladh

    If Roberts, Pagani and Munro truly believed in their beloved Labour Party, they would be lining up to provide assistance for the cause pro bono.

    • Wallace Westland

      Yes. Isn’t it funny how when the cash starts rolling in socialist principals take a back seat to economic realities?
      It’s very easy to advocate sharing the wealth when you have none. It’s a completely different story when you go from being poor liberal student to having a mortgage, kids to fed, bills to pay and deadlines to meet or the income stops.
      Hypocrites all.
      God I despise them!

    • Whitey

      I doubt it. It is always someone else’s job to do the work and fork over the cash.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Can Andrew Little Raise Money?
    He can and will take/steal your money if you give him a chance.
    Better not give him a chance

  • dgrogan

    No doubt we’ll be hearing more about tax-payer funding for elections over the next few years. That way Angry Andy Little and the Greens can opt for the slightly more dignified approach of troughing, instead of begging. Muppets, all of them.

  • MAWG

    I wonder if there is some way of watching Union Dues and seeing if they go up, closer to the next polling day?

  • mike

    Google Ads have a great sense of humour

  • Positan

    Labour is an utter shambles of a party. It lacks so many things – policy, objectivity and, most essentially, any sort of realistic direction. Its only abundant possession is its desperation which is how someone as inspirational as Andrew Little became its President.

    The jobs of a party’s organisational and political wings are separate and quite different – but even so, Labour allowed its organisation’s head to take a place on its political List and made him candidate for New Plymouth – thereby effectively hamstringing its organisational prospects.

    Little’s appeal to New Plymouth, even despite his nationwide exposure as a top-dog unionist, was sufficiently unimpressive for him to win – even with New Plymouth his home town.

    Having convincingly rendered both a stunningly inadequate performance as president and then proven himself electorally unacceptable, it’s impossible to fathom the bizarreness of Labour’s rationale in seeing fit to elect him as Leader – especially in the expectation that he’d would be able to perform realistically as contender to John Key.

    So I’m forced to conclude that Labour didn’t have anyone else to line up – and that these days, “leadership potential” isn’t actually heard around Labour’s campfires.

  • Tom

    Andrew Little can’t even raise an electorate let alone raise money. People need to like you to give you money.

  • Pahtrisha

    Of course top people require top salaries in the competitive world of politics but it is the volunteers who are the lifeblood of every political campaign. Good volunteer management will enable a successful fundraising campaign as is the case in the US. Fundraising was not an issue in times past and many Kiwis do not understand it is now a crucial element of the ‘game’.

  • peterwn

    I personally would not expect Andrew to do fundraising now. However he should by now have had a proven track record of fundraising and with this under his belt provide leadership and inspiration for fund raising efforts. This includes using his influence to ensure that those with fundraising expertise are in key positions such as Party President.
    A wannabe Nat MP I know put in three years of hard work of fund raising and helping electorates organize, despite having a full time job. He was rewarded with a very good list position. As a list MP now he is no doubt continuing similar good work and setting a good example for his party.