Who is Andrew Little? Can Andrew Little Raise Money?

Raise money? I'll let the minions do that

Raise money? I’ll let the minions do that

The lifeblood of political parties is money.

You need money to employ good staff to run professional campaigns.

Sources inside Fraser House have been consistent in saying that Labour is flat broke, and has been since New Zealand?s best political shakedown artist Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams retired as president.

Goff couldn?t raise money. Shearer couldn?t raise money. Cunliffe couldn?t raise money. They couldn?t compete with National because they didn?t have any cash.

All the good campaigners in Labour, like Roberts, Pagani and Munro are taking massive pay cheques from the private sector, and Labour can?t bring them back without money.?

So can Andrew Little raise money?

The best answer is how did he go as party president. He stepped into the huge shoes of Mike ?Fat Tony? Williams, and failed in comparison with him. Little failed to raise any money at all, so Labour went into the 2011 election flat broke.

Little?s challenge with fundraising is that he is seen as a union hack who will damage business by favouring unions over the free market.

This means most big donors will not be opening their cheque books to him, whether or not he actually gets around to asking them for money. Past performance suggests he won?t be asking them for money, so won?t get turned down.

Labour would have been wise to chose a fundraiser from Obama’s campaign rather than a social media guy, as we all know how well social media worked for Labour in the 2014 election.