Who is Andrew Little? Ctd – Can Andrew Little win the Media Battle?

This is what Andrew Little looks like

Labour and the liberal elite have great hopes for Andrew Little.

They seem to think that he will have a broader appeal to middle New Zealand than Phil Goff, David Shearer or David Cunliffe ever did.

The problem with this the camera is unkind to Andrew Little.

Brian Edwards, the left’s master media trainer, called Little “Grim Faced”.

The word is that Edwards reckons that the dour, grim faced little is not going to be able to be media trained.   

Of the remaining three I’m going to discount Andrew Little first. I simply don’t believe that the country is ready for a grim-faced former union leader to be Prime Minister or to be this country’s envoy overseas.

And boy has that annoyed Andrew Little, who spoke with Radio New Zealand’s  Focus on Politics show.

This is hilarious…if Brian Edwards, who is a good media trainer, thinks that his now former pupil is tits then far be it from me to argue against his years of expertise.

Just about every politician you ever hear about who is not blessed with charisma is apparently brilliant in a small group, or a town hall.

Their supporters just wish they could show this charisma to the general public, but they never can.

Labour’s battle is exactly as Brian Edwards has described it.

Someone has to make Little come across as warm and friendly, not grim faced and dour.


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  • sandalwood789

    His face just screeeeams “UNION” to me.
    He looks as if he has been teleported straight from a 1970s Cook Strait ferry strike meeting.

    Labour’s task will be like trying to make a chainsaw “cuddly”.

  • Murray Smith

    Might have to bribe the public with “green” incentive to make this pit -bull into a poodle

  • The Accountant

    To be fair, is there any area he can get his teeth in to in order to attack the Government? National aren’t perfect, but the stats coming in are pointing at above average in ALL areas. What’s left for Little to claim as a point of difference?

    • jude

      Making these improvements happen quicker ie faster rate of growth and even lower unemployment. I don’t think they have either policy or the talent in the party to sell said policy if they did.

    • caochladh

      I can imagine all the bitter players behind AA encouraging him to attack Key as the only way of attacking and getting rid of the government.

      • OneTrack

        They just need to did more dirt.

    • andrewo

      By the time the next election comes around there could well be some statistics to attack with. Most likely these will not be the fault of the Nats but the global economy is a fragile thing at the moment.

  • Garbageman

    Reminds me of Cunliffes “plea for the public to get to know him better and this election is a foregone conclusion b/s now howd that work out for him, Little should either run his cat or that “magin of error” fella that was doing so well post election

  • pak

    I just don’t see Little ever garnering the broad-brush appeal that Key has, or gaining the level of respect accorded the P.M. internationally, which for a small country has been exceptional in recent years. I simply cannot imagine Little hobnobbing it in Davos for example, which despite its elite connotations is a place where many political and business ties are strengthened behind the scenes. Perhaps some people don’t recognise the value in that, but to me it is important how New Zealand is represented abroad by the P.M. and I don’t see Little cutting it.

  • Second time around

    Andy has two articles about him in the Listener this week, one by Mike Williams, the other by Morning Report’s Guyon Espiner. The first explored the possibility that NZ would elect its first never-elected Prime Minister in 2017 while the second just confirmed how boring Andy is. At least last week he was the bad guy who pulled the plug on the euthanasia bill, and for a brief moment looked slightly interesting.

  • RightofSingapore

    Helen Clark was awfully grim faced-just saying interim Labour Leaders Angry Little’s dourness isn’t necessarily fatal. Remember the decent journalists trained and skilled will do a lot to help him.

  • coltheman

    Perhaps Andy could get Pam Corkery as his publicity agent. He could probably get her through one of the WINZ work schemes that attract a generous subsidy. Pammy gets on so well with the MSM and could surely open a few doors for Andy.

  • OneTrack

    Well, Little already has the Left Stream Media on his side before he even starts.

  • andrewo

    Imagine: Angry Andy playing golf with the US President like JK does.

    It just doesn’t gel. What would they talk about?

    He’s got no international connections and no business experience. He’s been nowhere and done absolutely nothing with his life to date apart from getting a job with a union.

    Take a look at his wikipedia page – IT’S EMPTY!


  • Rex

    The NZ left wing media will give Angry a cooshy ride. At the same time they will try to nail John Key whenever they can. Angry does not have a personality so he is going to,be pushing uphill.

    • coltheman

      You are right. they all peed themselves with excitement when Little Andrew said to the big bad PM to “Cut the crap”. I’m sure they thought that Key would call a snap election and Little Andrew would be PM from that day forward.

      • kayaker

        Good point. And the media is as out of touch with the voters as A.little is. We did not like the #cutthecrap comment.

    • The Accountant

      I believe I may have heard the quote “personality with the depth of a car park puddle”?

  • Hard1

    “Someone has to make Little come across as warm and friendly”

    Simple. Legalise Marijuana.

  • Rick H

    Little by name.
    Little by nature.
    All screaming verbalisations for nought.
    “Little man syndrome”
    He would be very hard to like, even if one was a firm lefty.
    Even his own family probably hate him.
    Might be why he’s always so angry

  • Korau

    With Angry being the last in on the Labour list what would happen under MMP if there was a by election for a seat currently held by National that was then won by Labour?

    Would Angry be tipped out. I don’t know the nuances of MMP at this level, I’m sure someone here will know.

    If he was tipped out I imagine we would see the granddaddy of all tantrums.

    • pidge

      By-elections do not change the list seats allocation for a party.

  • Bombastic

    Oh dear, comming from the bloke that fawned over and trained that picture of joy and mirth, Helen Clark, being described as “grim faced” and in the too hard basket has to hurt. I’m laughing on the inside, really, I am.

    • taurangaruru

      Precisely, Edwards believed he could “shape” Clarke & make her acceptable to the voters but is running the white flag up re Little. Makes you wonder just what sort of a character he really is doesn’t it.