Who is Andrew Little? Ctd – First Speech in Parliament as Leader

Andrew Little became Labour Leader on the 18th of November.

Parliament did not sit until 25th of November, which was Little’s first opportunity to deliver a speech in Parliament.

The speech is here.

Little was highly praised from his own side for taking the fight to National.

His anger or passion shows through, and the left seemed to think that this was some sort of victory.  

Points to note are at around the 1.15 mark he loses his thread and looks clumsy. This is not good for an aspiring leader who has spent years thinking about being leader and yet he bombs his first chance to deliver a flawless speech.

Then at the 2.45 mark he talks about the “Dirtiest, Filthiest, Vilest campaign ever”.

He manages to work himself up into such a fury he starts losing his voice at the 4.15 mark. Any decent political professional will be deeply embarrassed by their client not having the speaking technique to deliver a 10 minute speech without shouting themselves hoarse.

At the 7.30 mark he loses his rag and has a go at Nick Smith over ethics with his hoarse, angry voice. He is also setting himself up by going on about ethics to be called a hypocrite when Labour get caught doing anything even remotely “dirty.”

At the 10 minute mark he starts rabbiting on about the constitution and how the current government is a disgrace. He makes the following bold statement.

“The people of New Zealand want something different”

Really? Which people of New Zealand?

The 47% of voters that returned John Key to parliament? Or have they changed their minds in the two months since the election?

Unfortunately for Little the Angry Andy meme works way too well based on this speech, and it is hard to see the general public embracing this kind of anger.


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  • Luis Cannon

    When Labour’s policy includes the phrase. “The only good terrorist is a dead terrorist” I might start listening, otherwise I’m not interested.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Of course he was praised by his own side. It is pertinent to remember that his own side (including him) praised David Cunliffe for taking the fight to National. And before him David Shearer. Before that, Phil Goff and even before that, Clark. Hmm, have there really been that many “Leaders” of the Opposition seen off by National and Key?
    My mum always used to say “self praise is no recommendation”, and it has been shown as a truism by this Labour rabble.

  • Tom

    Trouble is that when I look at Andrew Little I feel nothing but contempt. I thought it was just me but talking to others they seem to have the same feelings also. No wonder the guy can’t even win an electorate.

  • Chris EM

    When I was a young lad growing up in the ’70s, there was this nasty, vile man on the television a lot. I’d like to, but I’ll never forget him, Ken Douglas, Trade Unionist.
    Angry Little is his spawn.
    Of course Labour MPs have to be seen to support their new leader, but I’m sure most of them must realise that, yet again, they are on a bridge to nowhere with Little at the helm. Must be quite depressing for them really.

    • Cadwallader

      Do you remember Jim Knox of Feddrayshunalabor fame? He looked like the eagle in the muppets but possessed less personality.

      • Chris EM

        Yes, I do unfortunately, another made from the angry/hateful mould.

        • Cadwallader

          Before Jim there was Tom Skinner who was reasonable and quite likeable. This didn’t stop Muldonn from calling him an idiot. Ken Douglas wasn’t the worst of his breed as I recall.There was one bloke who relished getting the Cook Strait ferries to strike and always wore a fedora. Can’t remember his name but like most of them was an embittered pom.

          • Ilovelife

            I was on a flight to the UK recently in business class…I know, I know, an upgrade if you must know. There were several members of a trade union in business class too. I know this because they had it blazened across their T shirts. They looked like thugs and held long sotto voce conversations. Honestly, they looked like the mafia plotting a murder.

          • Cadwallader

            Don’t ever apologise for travelling in business class, all the best public servants/mayors/MPs do! I do, as you get a better class of bludger up there to chat to.

          • edee

            The guy with the hat. Was his name Dave Morgan?

          • Dave Morgan

  • Monty

    Thanks you for watching so I don’t have to. Actually I’m on holiday and my data is precious. But Phil goof was pretty good at vein popping faux anger. Cunny possibly was but no one was ever listening. I wonder how pleased Grant has been with Little Angry Andys first few weeks as the new dear leader.

    • Luis Cannon

      Slapping a limp wrist to his forehead every time his leader opens his mouth.

  • dgrogan

    Unfortunately for Labour, Angry Andy Little just reinforces that bitter, shop floor unionist bully persona that only a rabid socialist could love.

  • TSD

    Actually I think he’s right, the people of New Zealand DO want somethng different.
    I personally really want a competent and credible opposition, one that can remove the Green vote and potentially put together a not quite so scary government as we would have got if they snuck in in the last election. We also want a bit less of the dirty politics and unfortunately for the left, we were intellegent enough to see who played it.
    The could start by daring to believe that the majority of NZers are not union minions and can think and act without union supervision.

  • edee

    That was fun to watch and just reinforced my view that he will never ever be PM of NZ. Watch the faces of the 3 stooges sitting around him, at times they are priceless, you can almost hear what they are thinking.

  • Hard1

    A. Little’s anger management issues may be staged for effect, but more likely they are real.

    Anger is an emotional response related to one’s psycho sociological interpretation of having been threatened. It indicates when one’s basic boundaries are violated. Some have a learned tendency to react to anger through retaliation. Anger may be utilized effectively to set boundaries or escape from dangerous situations.

    Unlike other negative emotions like sadness and fear, angry people are more likely to demonstrate correspondence bias – the tendency to blame a person’s behavior more on his nature than on his circumstances. They tend to rely more on stereotypes, and pay less attention to details and more attention to the superficial. In this regard, anger is unlike other “negative” emotions such as sadness and fear, which promote analytical thinking.

    A. Little may be suffering from Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) .

    This is a behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand.

    IED may also be associated with lesions in the prefrontal cortex, with damage to these areas, including the amygdala, increasing the incidence of impulsive and aggressive behavior and the inability to predict the outcomes of an individual’s own actions.

    If A. Little is staging this, Parliament and the people are going to be the worse for it.

    Angry people are to be avoided. Whatever it is, this performance is ultimately pathetic theatre which has no place in serious debate about the future wellbeing of NZ.

    IED Andy better tone it down before someone has a heart attack.

    • Steve

      Frontal lobotomy I say…..excise the damaged cortex

    • Damon Mudgway

      ‘A. Little may be suffering from Intermittent explosive disorder (IED)’

      I think you just diagnosed me Hard1. Doctors and shrinks have been trying for years, and here I find the answer on WO of all places.


  • rantykiwi

    “The people of New Zealand want something different”

    Well Andy, they don’t want you:
    – you didn’t even win an electorate
    – you got into parliament on a list not chosen by the voters
    – you won the leadership without the support of the voters
    – you won the leadership without the support of caucus

    The only reason you’re around to make this speech is that the unions bullied and railroaded to get you into the position of Labout leader. Think hard about the current level of union membership – at the very best 15% of the population want you and your “something different”. You’re toast – just give up now whilst you retain your self respect as you’ve lost pretty much everyone elses.

  • MAWG

    Boy, his new press secretary has a hard job if this man is going to be presented in a positive light……

    • R&BAvenger

      At the risk of repeating myself from an earlier thread, here is the theme music that will run in the head of the new press secretary:


  • Daniel

    Yawn… this dude should seriously consider a career as a professional wrestler. His “speech” is just about as authentic as the one in the following video clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sw_YQq4_3yw

  • sandalwood789

    “…the “Dirtiest, Filthiest, Vilest campaign ever”.

    Yes, it was, and guess who was behind it all?
    Sorry, Angry Andy, you don’t fool us.

  • I do however think that Little is a bit more intelligent than the previous leaders (not that that is difficult), He intends staying out of parliament the first year so then at least he will not be shown up for the loser that he is and he gets to hang onto the top job for awhile longer.

    • Sailor Sam

      if he is not going to be in parliament, why should we pay his salary?
      Maybe the speaker needs to have a word with the little man.

      • Even those that are in attendance should only be paid if they contribute anything. Take the fourth candidate of the Labour leader saga. 18 years in parliament and until then, no one had heard the name!

  • sandalwood789

    Anger and ranting is what someone does when they can’t make a well-reasoned and fact-based case for their views.

    If they can’t do that then rants like Little’s just come across as noise and are ignored. It’s like the sound of the sea in the background (but a lot less pleasant).

  • Adam Michaels

    What kind of Leader of the Opposition is not going to spend time in the House? Is he that frightened of his peers or is Little just warming the seat for Nash?

  • taurangaruru

    The angry Andy routine is probably quite effective on the factory floor when coercing the Union sheep into voting for strike action against a (capitalist pig) employer but it doesn’t play so well when trying to convince the voters of NZ that he is the alternate Prime Minister in waiting.

  • Sailor Sam

    He obviously has not had Toastmaster training.
    Shouting and fingerpointing and throwing tantrums is not acceptable, except in the hallowed corridors of Trades Hall, wherever that may be.

  • G M B

    This idiot is acting . It’s the first time I’ve seen this . This is a theatrical act surely anyone who views this can see it for what it’s. Only problem is the delivery is just terrible he is a stuttering jabbering fool. Cameron you better role out the real truths of dirty politics ASAP. This guy makes me squirm he’s that false.

  • Day Day

    When Little was on the back bench he regularly indulged in third rate barracking. Sure he produced a few howlers in those days.