Who is Andrew Little? The Labour Party don’t seem to know

Andrew Little has been leader of the Labour Party since the 18th of November.

Yet the Labour Party web site has not updated his media centre page.


It looks like Labour really need that new media person just to stop the stuff ups.

The site also still has David Cunliffe’s various pathetic performances up, you know the ones that cost them the election.

Labour seem to be at sixes and sevens.

Perhaps if their Chief of Staff quit the blogging and started focussing on his real job things might improve.

Then again, he won’t be there for long as soon as the Dirty Politics push back gets underway.


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  • Sooty

    Do you think that will change this toot sweet!

  • Sally

    It does look like his twitter page has had an update. Also get the feeling someone has taken over running it in the last couple of days. The style of the tweets have changed.
    Little had been a bit loose with his tweets over the break.

  • knight

    What’s the point of updating Labour’s website as the only readers are people who don’t vote Labour anyway.

    Although I guess if Labour did update on a more regular basis, they could get more (much more) exposure from multi award winning bloggers looking for material for blog posts.

  • Sailor Sam

    It saves the Labour Party having to continually change their webpage, what with the revolving door leaders.
    They may as well list all their MPs as leaders, they all will have their turn.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Abolishing fair trials for alleged offenders is now bad is it Angry Andy? wasn’t it you that was promoting that alleged offenders should be guilty until proven innocent? I’m beginning to think the holiday period was a blessing in disguise for Angry Andy, at least he was kept out of the media. It would appear that advertising for a media person to get him into the media will be the biggest mistake Labour could possibly make.

  • Sally

    Chief of staff blogging

    but, but, but………… we are constantly told that there is no-one on the labour leader’s staff playing dirty and blogging.

    Hope the fallout from ‘dirtypolitics’ of the Labour Party is huge and ends the career of several people and land some in front of a judge.

  • nudgy

    Angry Andy is just not marketable. Last on the list, electorate failure, not wanted by the party or caucus. A union flunkie not trusted by the business world. How do you win middle NZ with this pedigree?

  • Justsayn

    This is a bit petty. The old press releases are no doubt kept on there, but they have a date (both are from July 2014) on them and his position at the time is probably accurately stated in them.

    There is plenty to be critical of Labour for, but this stuff just devalues the real criticisms.

    • Dave

      The issue to me is not the issues it’s the lack of any updates for over 6 months! Do labour think nothing important has happened, or tbey have not contributed anything for over 6 months? They should have been so proud of Angry Andy and been wAiting with positive and gushing PR and propaganda to increase his short profile!

      • Justsayn

        You may be right.

        To make sure I was not being unfair I held my breath and checked their website (I hope I didn’t access any secret information they left there accidentally for us all to see if we look). There are heaps of press releases on there that are more recent than these two. Looked like about 2 or 3 a day so might be 100 or more (I didn’t count them). The two above do not appear side by side (plenty in between). This is result of some searching / filtering of their press releases.

        If there is a story here these releases are not a good example of it.

  • Justsayn

    One funny thing… If you go to their website and look under press releases you can then filter it by author. Click the button to do that and a drop box appears listing the names. They are in a strange order: Robertson, Little, Dyson, Goff, Twyford, King….

    I wonder how that is done? Number of releases? Most commonly searched? Hmmm…

  • Adam Michaels

    To be honest, it would be fair to say that Labour don’t seem to do much with their website- to me it symbolises the fact that they are a dying party and have taken to the internet and social media with reluctance. Plus, they probably are a little short of people to maintain and update their presence.

  • Andrew Gibson

    Effectively, the Unions have appointed Labour’s leader and potential PM. This should be a huge story; imagine if the Business Roundtable had selected Key as PM?