Who is Andrew Little? Long Form Interviews


In the interests of providing a complete picture of Andrew Little we are including the long form profiles and interviews with him after he became leader.

Stuff’s Andrea Vance tries to position him as ‘A Reasonable Man’. She even manages to trundle out a tame employer who doesn’t dislike Little for all the dodgy stuff the EMPU have done in the past.

A former airline executive – on the other side of the negotiating table – was impressed.

“There is a really interesting blend of practical compassion within Andrew. That pragmatism realises the commercial realities of a business … It was a very tense and adversarial approach taken by both parties but there was a degree of calmness about him, borne out of recognising as a leader that he has got to let the situation unfold a little bit.

“He says Little “opened his eyes”.

“We understood [then] the impact of the decision that we would have been taking. He was a measured, reasonable voice as opposed to antagonistic. He played a very good, diffusing role.”

Little is “well regarded” by many in the business world, the former airline executive says.

The bastion of Left Wing Approval, the Listener, published an interview with Little before the 2011 election.

Interestingly instead of the usual trite image of a leader going up the escalator they have used an image of him going down.



More goofiness from Little, whose minders will be annoyed that he had forgotten how Muldoon magnificently framed the 1975 election by adding a few words to Labour’s slogan. Labour ran with “Keep New Zealand Rowling”, to which Muldoon added “Down Hill”.

At least Little appears to be willing to embrace dirty politics rather than piously pretend it doesn’t occur.

On Little’s living-room wall is a small John Reynolds. He got it at an auction, couldn’t resist. It reads: “Politics is the skilled use of blunt objects”. Little can be blunt.

Maybe there is some hope for him.

The Herald asks Little 12 questions.

It is a bit boring and non political, but there are some interesting bits.


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  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Do we know if the “former airline executive” was ever named? Can Vance’s statement be accepted without verification?

    • Ginny

      A home executive cleans the toilets, maybe the airline executive was the cleaning lady.

    • dgrogan

      Its doesn’t matter. I know a couple of senior executives who have a counter view on Angry Andy Little’s abilities.

    • The2Game

      That’s rather like my spinning the story that a former girlfriend was ‘impressed’ by me, ha. Without then going on to acknowledge that there were 432824312412 other former girlfriends somewhat ‘less impressed’!

      NB: Numbers are exaggerated for comedic effect!

  • Hard1

    A Garbologist writing about a Proctologist.

    • Ratchette

      Angry Little …. starts at the bottom and stays there.

    • Garbageman

      i sir am deeply offended by that

  • Cadwallader

    Little Angry is a leader without a following, a King without a country, a thinker without a thought and most importantly a Member of Parliament without a mandate!

  • Rex

    Angry Little a leader(?) his own Caucus did NOT want. Says it all really. Not much choice was there. Him or wee Robertson!

  • I see he says he will take on anything even if he knows he will not succeed. Is that why he took on the leadership position?

  • Lemuzz

    Is he going up the down escalator?

    • Ratchette

      That is an ‘up’ escalator, but true to character he is facing backward.

  • taurangaruru

    “Former airline executive” – you mean one of his buddies with a souvenir model DC10 on his bookshelf?

  • Little is “well regarded” by many in the business world

    however clearly disliked by his electorate and the other 90% of Nz’ers who dont have his name ticked as preferred prime minister