Who is Andrew Little? How long does Little have to increase Labour’s polls?


Labour have gone through four leaders in the past seven years, and are now on to their fifth.

This suggests that Andrew Little needs to be watching his back, or keeping it against the wall if Grant Robertson is around.

Robertson engineered the dumping of David Shearer with some beautiful low bastardry that impressed the VRWC.

This was all without Robbo copping the flack for doing the back stabbing. Shearer’s mid 30s poll ratings a year out from the election gave Robbo the chance to move his forces to stare down Shearer and force a leadership election.    

This didn’t work out so well for Labour or Robbo, with Robbo getting thrashed by Cunliffe in the leadership election, then Labour shedding nearly ten points in the polls and getting soundly hammered in the election.

Andrew Little now faces the same problem that Shearer faces, what does he have to do to stay leader?

If Labour tipped out Shearer for polling in the mid thirties how long will Little be allowed to poll in the mid 20s or at half National’s vote?

Will he have a grace period where Robbo’s backstabbing mates leave him in place or if he hasn’t started polling in a winning position at the end of the year will the war drums be beating for his removal?

Remember, Shearer can poll mid thirties, any less than that Little is comparing very badly to a more popular former leader.

Cunliffe’s pathetic showing int he election is certainly no bench mark. Even hapless Phil Goff would be better.


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  • MrBarrington

    Well the new glasses probably won’t help much……

  • Aucky

    They won’t go for Robbo – NZ will not accept a gay PM. They will probably go back to Shearer who has become a lot more assertive since the election. I give Little twelve months.

    The big question is who would fund the party without Little as leader?

    • Nah. Labour will hang on for some years. The union tail wags the Labour dog. This isn’t about popularity or caucus support.

      • Aucky

        In which case Labour will either die or become a minority party.

  • sandalwood789

    I think that if Labour’s support stays around 25% or so during this year then there will be knives being sharpened at the end of the year.
    I’m not saying that he’ll be dumped at the end of the year but the replacement process will have begun by then.

  • Bobb

    Now… That photo will offend the muslims, even with the rubber gloves.

    • Effluent

      I wonder if he was wearing them when this photo was taken ? http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2015/01/gambling-ok-labour-isnt-skycity/

    • Huia

      That photo would offend many people.

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        Just love that look of sheer disbelief on the face of the future voter on Andy’s left, and the “I have better things to do” attitude of the lady in the background – – –
        in contrast to the rapturous grin from one of his few but joyfully deluded financial contributors.

    • Nell Hacker

      He needs a ‘rubber’ that covers from head to ground.

  • Huia

    That kids face on the right of the photo says it all really.
    We work here all the time, he comes in and has his photo taken lifting a piece of ham onto one plate.

  • Wheninrome

    This is a labour idea, to share jobs and equality for all, so I suppose it follows with the labour party leadership, share and share alike. all get a turn at the “top” job and perks that go with it.

    • taurangaruru

      Female contender must be due, followed by a gay lesbian one armed deaf hermaphrodite.

      • Wheninrome

        You have missed one group in that lot.

      • conwaycaptain

        Blind and Deaf as well and with one leg

  • metalnwood

    There is a lot of symbolism in a picture of andy holding a ham with a lot of excess fat on it.

  • Second time around

    They should have photographed him preparing waffles, waffles are his strength and given a chance he will talk waffle at every opportunity. Angry Andy has gone, legal eagle Andy is almost gone (guilty-till-proven-innocent for man crimes) and we are left with a shell of a man who agrees with almost everything National and Key are doing, but is upset that he can’t get credit for it.

  • Sailor Sam

    I would be very worried if I was a hetero-sexual labour leader, there are lots of ways that the rainbows can stab you in the back.

  • zotaccore

    Problem with Labour and guys like Robertson is that they just don’t know when to give up. He’s thrashing away at wanting to be leader when he has failed on a few occasions already but is still wanting to beat the donkey. It’s astonishing really, but that’s the looney left.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    Please, please Robbo, please do it again.

    You managed to knock 10 points off your polls last time but we can’t really hold you to achieving that this time, it will be getting pretty close to the bone – –

    But there again if you were to recruit Ms Moroney as Andy’s replacement it just might be possible. You know, she seems to have perfected the art of increasing the other candidates margin, she’s managed it every time so far.

  • Adam Michaels

    Well, at least Robertson was actually elected to Parliament by the voters! So he is entitled to create mischief in the Labour Party. We should encourage him so he comes out on top!

  • Looks like a mad scientist. Coincidentally, he is also…for the hetero males especially.

    Evil. God help us.