Andrew Little makes big impact in latest Roy Morgan poll

The left-wing love Roy Morgan polls, their useful idiots all proclaim that it is the most accurate…and that the trend is your friend.

Personally I think the Roy Morgan poll is one of the worst, with a lack of consistency…but since the left loves it so much they can choke on the latest poll from them.

Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows National surging to 52% (up 6% since November 24-December 7, 2014); the highest support for National since June 2014. However, support for Prime Minister John Key’s Coalition partners has fallen with the Maori Party 1.5% (down 0.5%), Act NZ 1% (down 0.5%) although United Future is still on 0% (unchanged).

Support for the main opposition Labour Party is at 26% (down 1%) and also down for the Greens 11% (down 1%) while NZ First is down 1% to 6%. For the parties outside Parliament the Conservative Party of NZ is 2% (down 0.5%) while the Internet-Mana Party alliance is at 0% (down 1%) and support for Independent/ Others is 0.5% (down 0.5%).

If a National Election were held now the latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows that National would win in a landslide and be able to govern in its own right. 

Coinciding with the increase in support for the Government the latest NZ Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating has risen significantly to 144pts (up 6pts). This is the highest the NZ Roy Morgan Government Confidence Rating has been since July 2010. There are 67% (up 4.5%) of NZ electors saying NZ is ‘heading in the right direction’ compared to 23% (down 1.5%) that say NZ is ‘heading in the wrong direction’. New Zealand Government Confidence Rating is now substantially higher than in Australia


It certainly looks like Labour has struck a Little problem.


– Roy Morgan



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  • steve and monique

    Guess a leader change has proved effective for Labour, or National, going by that poll

  • Pete

    Great news for this long weekend eh. Of course, the left will say it’s because they have been on holiday for there last few weeks, so people have forgotten about them…and how we have all forgotten what a terrible country we are living in,

    Our own Prince Andrew has problems as well eh!

    • HSV325

      2015 is not going to be a good year for Andy and the palace dealing with the fallout.

    • Cadwallader

      These allegations will evaporate provided he retains William Jefferson Clinton as his legal counsel.

    • OneTrack

      Russel must be still on holiday at home in Australia.

  • sandalwood789

    I can see the billboards for the next election already –
    “Labour has Little”. :)

    • Just a thought …

      Or ” Little is changing ”
      Oh – this could be sooo much fun..

      • Murray Smith

        Labour offers Little.

        • Mick Ie

          Or, a Little doesn’t always go a long way…

          • Watcher

            Labour..the party that offers NZ Little !

    • conwaycaptain

      And The Greens have Metira!!!! The MOUTH

      • Tom

        I thought it was Metira the wardrobe. Great green policy that.

  • Melissa

    Phew, for a moment there I believed the headline!

  • conwaycaptain

    The MOUTH thinks that JK would be better at the annual OOM PAH PAH Band meeting at Ratana and listening to the usual hot air spouted by all and sundry than putting NZs experiences to the world’s mover and shakers.
    Cannot see Angry Andy, The Whiner, The Mouth or the Whisky Soaked one ever footing it there

  • Rodger T

    I doubt that poll will see the light of day on what passes for the MSM ,they prefer to run headlines like this one,

    MP attracts hoots of laughter

    By Patricia Greig

    5:00 AM Saturday Jan 24, 2015

  • sandalwood789

    Good stuff!

    I believe that there is a *lot* of scope for ACT to increase their support by promising to define Islam as an ideology and banning Muslim immigration.
    I don’t think they’ll do it but if they did I’m sure that they would get to 5% instantly. Heck, what have they got to lose by being bold? Anti-immigration parties (particularly those against Muslim immigration) are very popular overseas – just look at Geert Wilders and his PVV party. Come on, ACT – *learn from what works*.
    Don’t be so *timid* – be *bold*.

    • rantykiwi

      They might get to 5%, but they’d run out of MPs fairly quickly at the hands of the nastier Islamists.

    • Rocket

      A very sound policy indeed to ban Islamification – but ACT will never do it because they are still essentially Libertarian.
      But, The Conservatives, there’s a possibility. You should have voted for them. Next time?

  • Tom

    Andrew who ?

  • An interesting thought: So perhaps it wasn’t David Cunliffe that was the problem? Keep in mind Labour were doing better under David Shearer when they back stabbed him, and neither Cunliffe nor Little have even recovered that ground.

    The voters are seeing Labour in a very poor light, and changing leader isn’t seen as solving the problem.

    Fun eh?

    • TSD

      When you let the unions (representing less then 17%) choose an unpopular leader AGAIN, you know it’s time to start a new party.

      • The2Game

        Yep, TSD, and remember this poll was the FIRST occasion on which the public were able to offer an opinion on the notion that a unionist should be a political leader in this day and age…

        Imagine how worse it will get for Labour when the public gets remind of a few of the more extreme Union views (I’ve heard a return to compulsory unionism being mooted, for crying out loud!) get made public!

      • OneTrack

        But the factions all want to ride on the Labour name and are too chicken to stand on their own.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      David Shearer was leader of the Labour party.
      David Cunliffe was leader of a party of one.
      Andrew Little is leader of a party of none.
      He is not a leader, his track is aimless, he has no workable plan neither for Labour nor New Zealand, and the caucus knows it. (Note I did not say “his” caucus)

  • Glenn

    Go easy on him, according to the Horrid ” Mr Little managed to get through his speech without looking at his notes.”

    • rantykiwi

      “Hello, my name is Andrew and I’m an angerholic”. Doesn’t take a lot to get through that without notes.

  • Bart67

    I heard David Shearer being interviewed on Newstalk ZB the other day, and I was impressed! I wonder what that man could have done with a united caucus, rather than the factional, narrow minded, self centred, back stabbing group of ne’er-do-wells he inherited from Phil Goof!

    • Wallace Westland

      I heard David Shearer speak on the radio the other day and the gibbering idiot was talking about chaining himself to a Pohutakawa tree to stop the Waterview Connection going through.

      • OneTrack

        If only Helen hadn’t forced the tunnels, the trees might have been able to stay. Thanks Helen.

        • Wallace Westland

          And had a billion dollars to use somewhere else.
          Never forgotten her comment about gold plated motorways.
          Take it from me they aren’t from an engineering perspective. All the gold plating begins when the greenies and Maori force their noses into the trough.

          EDIT: NIMBYS-forgot the NIMBYS, they cost a fortune too.

      • Albert Lane

        I heard it too, and he sounded like a fool. If he could have heard his rants before he spoke on the radio, he would have kept his mouth shut. Politicians have to learn when to say something and when to keep silent.

      • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

        Could be the best possible use for his talents?
        Better than exposing ourselves to mirth or scorn overseas.
        CV’s tell us about academic qualifications and positions occupied, but don’t always tell a true story regarding results.

    • Cadwallader

      National ought offer Shearer a job overseas. His CV indicates he is suited for this. He is wasted in the party of wastrels.

    • OneTrack

      Russel must quietly regret having him shafted by the susterhood.

  • TSD

    National may well have pulled off a bigger coup then the media realised when they gave Shane Jones a job. He may have been able to stifle the Greens, therefor making a Labour vote a little less scary. Until the specter of the Greens being in parliament is removed I can’t see any center voters shifting to Labour.

    • The2Game

      Exactly, TSD.
      Look at that the poll closely – Labour need the Red Greens and the Woeful Winstons just to get CLOSE to National’s stellar polling levels.
      To win in 2017, Labour somehow needs to convince a whole swag of National voters to shift from their improving-by-the-day contentedness and, the killer, to have those shifting National voters believe that a Labour-Red Greens-Woeful Winstons alliance would even be sane let alone workable…

    • OneTrack

      I don’t think so. Jones would have been completely marginalised in Labour 2015. He made the right choice to get out when he did.

      • TSD

        Good point, I accept that. It really does show how far from understanding the average Kiwi the Labour party really is. He was their best hope.

  • Do you think that if politicians stopped attending Ratana, and the funding in the form of koha stopped, Ratana would continue happening? The cynic in me says that if they had to pay for it themselves, they would begin to see it for the irrelevancy it is today.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      It’s OK for Andy to go:
      Paying koha helps Labour do a thorough spring-clean in their coffers.
      Gives Ratana a good look at AngryAndy and his lack of direction.
      And I wonder, is he any better than Gareth at Te Reo?

  • geoff

    It never ceases to amaze me how when a poll goes National’s way the MSM only give it a token mention, if that; labour’s way and it’s headlines.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      After all the desperate massaging of the questions and careful socio-economic and employment-based selection of respondents so as to bias the replies in their favour, they still got National at 52% ????

      Reality could be just a tad more . . .

  • G M B

    The labour support left making up their mid 20s polling results are the die- hard lefties. These idiots are made up of unionists, beneficiaries , angry losers sitting in jails, and people with photos of Micky Savage above the fireplace who’s parents were Labour voters.

    • Albert Lane

      There is a huge gulf between the traditional union families with their high morals and work ethics and their unquestioned loyalty to the Labour of old, and the nouveau academics whose loyalties to Labour are based on political left-wing ideologies.

  • Wheninrome

    Every day existing labourites are getting older. Are there any new ones coming on board?
    Little’s less than little impact, in fact negative impact.

    • Aucky

      Not even a positive ‘honeymoon period’ blip. Even Cunners had one of those.

    • Albert Lane

      And as the pensioners die off, support for Winston continues to wane.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Please don’t change Handy Andy….He is National’s sure ticket to 4th term….

    • Rick H

      What child would wish to aspire to be one of that bunch of troughing losers?

  • chwaga

    So National have made it to twice the Labour vote. For every one person who would vote Labour there are two that would vote National. Looks like things are going in the right direction.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Yes, may the reign of Handy Andy continue until the crushing defeat in Sep/Oct of 2017…..

      • Rick H

        Aha – -so that’s why he is where he is.
        “Handy Andy” – will clean up the “dirty politics”.
        “Screaming angry at dirt”
        Yeah Right.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It has been customary to take the RM polls with a grain or two of salt as the seemed to be left leaning perhaps from the sampled locations or creative assessment.
    This latest one is seemingly radical and they seem to have been compelled to ring the change but more importantly have colourfuly highlighted the all important trend where the real message is.
    While not everything being tackled by the present Government is seem to be right by everybody there is an increasing number seeing more right than wrong. While Global forces keep impacting on what is happening within NZ there is no change to any interventionist action being taken but maintaining steady progress through stability.
    While sound leadership is essential it is only equal to the contributions of the other members providing input.
    Labour continue to fixate on leadership being paramount and since they lack a capable talented frontrunner seem to keep casting around to find one who can deliver the goods.
    While the media try to paint Angry Andy as the “one” he is struggling even at this early stage to get any traction making him look increasingly as a mere stand in.
    We can look forward to the continuance of the trend illustrated by the latest poll while they stick with the same priorities going forward.

  • happychappy

    Labour do not under stand that in earlier years family were told how to vote by their parents as the media were not as pronounced as they are now.Looking at politics now you have the daily paper, computers,mobile phones and television that tell you all about the parties and what they stand for,in earlier times the unions were strong and worked for their members where now to days they been weaken and do not have the backing of most the the working public and therefor family do not take the advice of old to vote labour

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Ah yes, freedom of thought.
      The unions hate it.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Not even a dead cat bounce?