Andrew Little Promotes the Nanny State

Arts, Travel & Lifestyle blogger David “Pinko” Farrar has interrupted his hectic travel schedule to point out that Andrew Little has decided to continue promoting the Nanny State.

Stuff reports:

Labour leader  labelled the review “flakey”.

Police needed time to investigate the circumstances of each accident, before leaping to any conclusions, he said.

“[For Woodhouse] to go onto a talk-back show and get roasted and decide you are going to do something then it looks, frankly, just a little bit flakey to me,” Little said.

“If there is a debate about whether there should be a more varied range of speed limits – some open roads can accommodate 110km per hour and some can’t – that is a separate debate and we should have that at some point.

“But I am a little bit uncomfortable about this climbing into the police for enforcing the speed limits.”

Little backed police, saying he saw no problem in  “sending a signal when you know that there are peak travel times, saying that you are going to strictly enforce the law.”

So Labour’s policy is that you should be ticketed for driving at 101km/hr in a 100 km/hr zone if it is a holiday period!

This is going to be a big problem for Labour and Little.

All voters are hearing is the same old Nanny State message from Labour.

Little has done nothing to tell middle New Zealand he understands them, and their issues, and they should start listening to him.

Until he does the left are deluded if they think they can beat John Key with the policy direction that New Zealand voted out in 2008.

If Little was smart he would have been calling for a review before it happened, and saying that the blokes in the boozer in New Plymouth were all pissed off with the police for having such a silly enforcement policy.


– Kiwiblog



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  • Just a thought …

    Angry Andy is already falling into the trap of opposing everything the government does for the sake of it …….
    As I have said before – being called the opposition does not mean that opposing everything has to be your default setting…….

    • metalnwood

      JK should just come out and say.. He loves babies. Let Andy suffer with his response.

  • Murray Smith

    Police traffic enforcement policies wouldn’t be my pick to try and win an election with. Chicken Little had better ideas.

  • mike

    I think you misunderstand… Little is starting that rules are rules and if you break them then you should pay the price.

    A sentiment I agree with.

    However this won’t do him much good next time one of his caucus members misbehaves, as when that happens he will have no recourse but to punish them.

    • Garbageman

      You mean like he did when motor mouth and serial leaker Goff spilled the beans to reporters yet again, you have forgotton the left mantra “its only ok if we do it”

      • mike

        I haven’t forgotten, and I hope the bulk of voters haven’t either.

        The more often they show us how deceitful and hypocritical they are the better

  • Hard1

    Little the Postman is hardwired to deliver a righteous sermon on the side of the employee. Any time a worker is at fault, he will jump up and solemnly defend them.
    Never mind that a lot of workers got speeding fines. A lot of workers get hurt in industrial action as well. Little has started banking votes.

  • Mick Ie

    He’s not even a little bit smart. He’s the puppet and mouth piece for the Unions, which is the only reason he’s the new leader. He will only repeat what they want him to say as he wants to retain his position. He’s nothing without them. They know it, he knows it and we know it. The telling time will be when he gets blindsided, goes off script and is forced to have to think for himself. Then he’ll be just another Labour Leader loser.

    • TSD

      And with unions now making up less the 17% of the working population, that’s not a good campaign for them no matter how much propoganda they print using their members fees.

  • dgrogan

    The thing about opposition parties in NZ is they think their purpose is to oppose the Government at every turn. So, the Minister asks for an enquiry – and Angry Andy calls it flakey and tries to defend the cops campaign.

    Consider a much more effective approach for Labour:

    The Minister asks for and enquiry – Mr Little agrees with the Minister and says, “I agree with the Minister, actually. We all know the Police campaign was a shocker. And while we’re at it, lets broaden the enquiry to look at upping the speed limits on our better-built highways and motorways. It’s an opportunity to improve things for motorists”.

    Say what? Now you’ve got my attention.

    • Whitey

      That would be the smart thing to do. I don’t think Little quite gets how this opposition thing works.

      • dgrogan

        Sadly, it’s not just Angry Andy. You can add Peters and Norman/Turei to that list too.

  • Heather Baugh

    The police campaign wasn’t a shocker. The driving of the people who caused the accidents were the shockers. You can’t prove a negative and we have no idea what the road toll might have been if they hadn’t had a zero tolerance to driving OVER the speed limit. This is just another beat up of the secondary players. Parents are the primary reason children don’t get fed, not the government, and bad drivers and people who pay no attention to rules are the cause of the accidents not the government or it’s ministers.

    • johcar

      No – you can’t prove a negative – that’s is the problem with government agency interference in our daily lives.

      We can’t prove how many people would have died if they hadn’t had a zero tolerance to driving OVER the (arbitrarily set) speed limit.

      By the same token, the police cannot prove how many they saved by enforcing this (arbitrarily set) speed limit.

      However the results speak for themselves: a road toll that was WORSE than the same period last year when a HIGHER (arbitrarily set) speed limit was enforced.

      From my own point of view, I would say “Stop beating up on the road toll – it’s a sad fact of life that people will die on the roads – whatever speed limit is set (or not set). No other countries make such a huge fuss over the road toll, so why should we? Go back to policing via education – the beating-motorists-with-the-big-stick approach obviously doesn’t work”.

      • mike

        How about the cops just enforce the rules that are in place? Don’t exceed the posted speed limit…. if you do and you get caught you will get a ticket. Why don’t Kiwi’s get that?

        We don’t accept tolerances in other rules so why do we expect it with speed limits?

        • johcar

          Because the manufacturer-supplied devices (speedos) are not as accurate as the devices used for catching infringers (radar).

          Added to the fact that, despite the fact that the Police bang on about “speed kills”, everyone’s experience is that it most certainly doesn’t.

          What kills drivers is inattention, lack of skill and lack of common sense.

          I would rather everyone’s level of skill/understanding be brought UP to a common level, than enforcing rules for the lowest common denominator

          • mike

            Speed is a factor.

            Drive at 95 in a 100 zone and you won’t get a ticket.

          • NotGandalf

            agreed – unless you are doing something else foolhardy.
            But speed on its own doesn’t kill – there have to be contributing factors such as alcohol, inattention, medical condition, mechanical failure, sun strike etc etc – any of those things can kill you while travelling well under the speed limit.

          • mike

            Face facts gandalf the one thing most people have in common is stupidity.

            Stupidity and speed equals dead people.

          • johcar

            Stupidity combined with knives equals dead people
            Stupidity combined with surf equals dead people
            Stupidity combined with food equals dead people

            The common factor with the above *non-regulated* items is stupidity.

            Stupidity kills. Let it.

            Remove the stupid from the gene pool (even allowing for some collateral damage).

          • NotGandalf

            Yup my point exactly, which is why I said it was only a factor, not necessarily the only factor.

  • cows4me

    Can someone who knows Andy ask him from cows4me, what sort of shower head should I be running.
    edit.wrong word.

    • Adam Michaels

      A: “To be honest, I can see that you are one of these privileged rich people who has a bathroom and the cheek to actually use it.When I am dictat(oops) Prime Minister there will be a tax on all shower heads belonging to the rich.”

      • cows4me


        • Adam Michaels

          I have thought about your question and what I learned seems to apply to some of the Labour Party Team: there are top mounted showers, hand held showers, wall mounted showers. Not so sure about the number of holes in the showers, nor how much pressure is released through them.

          • cows4me

            Those clowns came down in the last shower

          • Adam Michaels

            Yep, sums it up nicely!

  • Garbageman

    Wasnt it a pleasant break over the holidays Kiwis were being told the economy was i great shape and getting better, less cost at the pumps and a variety of other good news, but now the Labour politicians and their lackey msm are slowly getting back on deck its all doom and gloom, gotcha statements and pathetic sound bites, and the terrorist lover Norman hasnt even started yet…sigh

  • Adam Michaels

    Little in a New Plymouth boozer? You must be joking! His home is in Wellington, has been for decades and the good people of New Plymouth have told him to stay there, where he belongs!