Who is Andrew Little? Where is the Union Members $3 million?

Andrew Little made a huge pitch to the Labour members during the leadership election claiming he was the man who rebuilt the EPMU. As we saw yesterday it was all “I” “I” “I”.

So he was the man responsible.

So why has no one questioned him on the EPMU accounts, which are publicly available? The part to look at is the Education and Training Trust, which is note 18c in the 2013 the accounts.

What appears to have happened is in 1996 $6m of members money was transferred into the Education & Training Trust. At some stage this amount miraculously turned into $3m, with $3m going missing.

Little took over in 1999, he had senior positions until then. There are two big gaps in the accounts.

Note that all union accounts have to be made publicly available and are on www.societies.org.nz (Organisation number 1023) so we are not making anything up, we have just investigated Little’s time as the head of the EMPU and want to know where the money has gone. We also want to know why the accounts do not tell the public, let alone union members, where the $3m is.  

Andrew Little needs to front up to the New Zealand public and explain what happened to the $6m of members money, and how he turned it into the $3m that was belatedly mentioned in the accounts.

These are the 2013 accounts.

EPMU Financials 2013

Readers are welcome to look into the accounts and tell us what they think has happened to the $3m.

We will be asking Andrew Little via Twitter and email what happened to the members $3m and will report back on any answers.


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  • Murray Smith

    True investigative journalism.

  • Carl

    It’s easy to explain the EPMU had the Tuwhareroa settlement trust investing the money on their behalf.

  • Day Day

    Two things NZ Unions have failed to understand. This is not Australia, & it’s not 1972.

  • Lance Ralph

    Might it perhaps be time for the Herald, 3 news, John Campbell and the variously nuggety, terrier-like and glintingly intelligent investigative reporters in NZ MSM to latch onto this issue and swiftly bring us the facts?
    Would that there were any such reporters! one reason I read this blog most days

  • Quinton Hogg

    The “Foundation” is a charitable entity set up by the EPMU. it has a much longer name which I can’t be bothered typing.
    The foundation is registered under the charities act and can be found on the register. It’s financials dating back to the time the charities register was established can be seen on the register.
    the “missing” 3 mil seems to have disappeared before annual accounts started to be published under the act. some-one with more accounting nous than me may make head or tail of the accounts.

  • Miguel

    From an accounting standpoint (note: I’m no accountant), it appears that the $6M ‘turned into’ $3M through a combination of repayments – which is why the opening balance is around $5.5M – and a large write-off of $2.3M (the ‘impairment’).
    The impairment could be the accounting treatment, over the years, to gradually turn the loan into essentially a gift. Rather than just hand over $6M, and have the corresponding hole in the union’s account, write it off in dribs-and-drabs over several years until it becomes nothing.
    As for where the ‘loan’ has been used, that’s anyone’s guess, but since we’re taking about a decade and a half, spending $2.3M over that time on operational expenses and the like actually seems reasonable.
    Honestly, I don’t think this is much of a problem – just my 2c.

  • Honcho

    1996 was an election year, Andrew Little’s ascent to power in 1999 also coincides with an election year.

  • In Vino Veritas

    There is also the small matter of the $6m provided to New Zealand Engineering Bargaining Agents Ltd that has been written off. $6m of union funds to purchase a Union owned (along of course with one share being owned by Angry Andy himself) looks to me like a way to get certain spending off the Unions books so no one can see it.

  • Bryan

    So this Union and the “Parent” what ever that is are sitting on about 13 million in current assets well maybe the union should build some houses for some of its members from which i see they pulled in over 10 million last year and paid salaries of over 6.6 million that’s 66 individuals being paid 100000.00 dollars or a 100 being paid 66000 so who are these employees of the union on a very good income don’t the workers have a right to know who they are paying for over a year, I know a lot of small business owners who would happy to have 66000 income a year, so maybe Mr Little you could start by telling us all about this employment scheme.

  • caochladh

    Are these accounts audited. I don’t seem to see an opinion, qualified or otherwise.

  • Eiselmann

    I’m sure Angry Andrew will be able to show where the money went and that it was disposed of in a legitimate manner and good on him because that’s what a person with nothing to hide would do when confronted with concerns around the whereabouts 3 million dollars of other peoples money…….of course if he doesn’t come up with an answer we’ll no doubt see that fighter for the down trodden and the working poor John Campbell all other this. ………and waiting.

    • Just a thought …

      Yes, so looking forward to J C’s ” power point flow chart ” connecting the dots and the “spooky music” …….