Another pinko journalist doesn’t get the message about Andrew Little

What do you mean I need a media person?

What do you mean I need a media person?

Over the last few weeks we have looked closely at Andrew Little, and his speaking style.

As usual the left have said I am critical because he is Labour leader, not because it is an honestly held belief that he is dead set useless.

He hems and haws and bobs and weaves and can’t deliver a decent speech. He is wooden, loses his voice, and gets shouty. 

This is obvious to any objective person, and is why he should have spent the summer preparing to speak properly, even though he has wasted years outside of parliament and as an MP not speaking properly.

The problem for Little is that it is not just the right that are noticing how dead set useless he is at speaking. The liberal elite in the media are also noticing.

This is Vernon Small

Even if his delivery and presence at the podium still needs a lot of work.

This suggests that his delivery is so bad that people actually notice how bad it is.

The media desperately want Little to do well, but he can’t do well unless he can look into a TV camera and connect with middle New Zealand.

So far Little appears more likely to connect with an extension cord than middle New Zealand.


– Fairfax


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  • BR

    “So far Little appears more likely to connect with an extension cord than middle New Zealand.”

    Could that possibly could be arranged?


  • Teeps

    How can Little present a SOTN speech when, clearly, the Labour party has NO IDEA about what is actually happening in the nation? They cannot connect and they have nothing to present that is of any value to take NZ forward as they do not clearly understand what the actual issues are that middle NZ actually cares about. All I hear is empty rhetoric and the same old fluff they have always flouted. Blah blah rich p#icks, blah blah rich mates, poor bludgers missing out to wealthy etc I personally am aggrieved that Little appeared to have more airtime in the MSM with his fluffy speech saying practically nothing versus a very direct speech by Key which outlined exactly what he thought was the next step and how to fix it… Little isn’t the answer. He is being set up to fail – which isn’t hard as he is clearly the wrong guy to lead the oppostion. They lack any substance and frankly, I think the left will be out of power for a very long time at this rate…

  • Vera Fayed

    Little is the best thing to happen to National since Cunliffe….and Shearer……and Goff

    • Albert Lane

      Can it be that the Labour back-benchers cunningly orchestrated his appointment in an effort to get rid of him and all the rest of the dead-wood in their parliamentary party?

      • They’re not that Machievellian surely?

        • Albert Lane

          I wouldn’t put anything past them. The back-benchers must be getting quite impatient with the inability of the “leaders” to increase their polling rates and to come up with any positive new policies that voters would prefer. It’s time for a change. And that’s one way of doing it.

    • Dave

      Cunners at least had a nice smile and could speak to a reporter without getting his face distorted. The words didn’t make sense all the time, but he was composed and looked reasonably confident. Angry Little Andy, fails to impress on both, and when the left leaning reporters indicate he is not cutting the mustard, we know he is a gonner…. Tick ….. Tock …….. Tick.. Tock

  • Luis Cannon

    And after he’s connected with his extension cord he needs to plug it in and turn on the switch. Hopefully that won’t trip the circuit breaker and cause a power outage.

  • Curious

    I listened to Barry Soper last night with Larry Williams trying to talk Little up at every opportunity. It is good to see he obeys his orders well.

    • Cuddling Dann did the same on TV last night too.

      • Just a thought …

        To be fair ” Paddy Gower ” gave Little a bit of a kicking which did surprise me…….. so early in the piece this does not bode well for Little “Angry Andy “……

        • kehua

          I fail to see how he came up with a one point difference in the speech comparison betwewen Little and Key

      • Albert Lane

        And Campbell Live is about to resume on Channel 3. More anti-National propaganda is on its way under the very false guise of news reporting and human-interest articles.

        • Dave

          I think all this lefty spiel and venom aimed at National, is doing the socialist repeaters and their publications / stations serious damage. When they aim it at the most popular PM in NZ’s history, more and more people are simply turning off the likes of Gower, Little Johnny Campbell, Soper and many more like them. The rise and rise of WO and soon Freed, is not happening as the public are extremely happy with their traditional old school commie media.

  • friardo

    So, Vernon Small comments on Andrew Little. Still, pixies and Lilliputions are mostly squeaky but ultimately harmless.

  • Second time around

    Andy makes the mistake of talking too often and having nothing to say. In the last 24 hours he has spoken on Key’s housing proposal , several times, on the Sabin rumours but agreeing that Key may have sound reasons for his silence, on Eleanor Catton’s response to not winning the Book of the Year award, and of course on his own vision for the economy. The only message to stick is that neither he nor Jacinda look their best sucking popsicles on national television.

  • timemagazine

    The man is so terribly boring.

    • pisces8284 .

      As all Labour’s leaders have been

      • IKIDUNOT

        You probably refer to the long list of recent Labour leaders, however David Lange could not be called boring.

        • kehua

          No but he was useless. His legacy is not one to be admired, a speech at Oxford to a bunch of twats, a Nuclear policy which has cost us dearly, a lack of guts (oxymoron) to back up Douglas.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Yep, and when he does deliver a speech, he is like the Greens, all talk and no substance. Labour are apparently going to bring unemployment down to the lowest level in developed countries. And he reiterated that promise. Well, here’s some news for Angry Andy. Governments do not create jobs. Business does. And he doesn’t get to tell businesses who they should employ and when. Again, Labour are numpty’s, promising something there is no way (short of making NZ a communist state) that they can deliver. And these twerps want to be taken seriously. Anyone got odds for sub 20 come 2017?

  • Monty

    listening to talkback radio all morning. not a single mention by anyone on Little Angry Andy’s speech. 100% ignored. An utter and complete non-event. anyone outside the beltway will have absolutely no idea he even ummmed and stumbled his way though a speech yesterday. That is the failure. he has not grabbed a headline in any way, anywhere.


      Last night on Late Edition no mention of Little’s speech, quite a bit coverage of Key’s housing policy speech though.

  • Larry

    Give him a trial run in Greece

  • Rick H

    So, how much longer do we have to wait – – – -for the “REAL” dirty politics to grace the media?

    Do NOT leave it too long, as the normal people (most of the country) still believes the hyperbole of the lefties – only because of the lefty-MSM they happen to watch.

    Most have never seen the truth as we “whale-oilers” know it to be.
    These “Most of NZers” only have heard of the diatribe of the left, and believe Campbell, Smalley, Little, at face value – instead of the bollocks they spout out.