Another Socialist Opposes the Dodgy Socialist Dam

Fenton "Jong-un" Wilson

Fenton “Jong-un” Wilson

A few days ago we featured Labour MP Meka Whaitiri giving her views on why the dodgy socialist dam should not go ahead.

Now another socialist has made a similar statement.

The only Labour MP to win a seat off National at the last election, Stuart Nash, has got stuck into the dodgy socialist dam. For a socialist he has some pretty sound logic.

It appears the Ruataniwha Water Storage scheme is struggling to get the support from farmers it needs to go ahead. Although I am not against this scheme in principle, I refuse to back a project of this scale that is not grounded in a sound economic base. 

The “build-it-and-they-will-come” approach to major infrastructural development is a mid-20th century philosophy that has no place in the 21st century. The 99.99 per cent of Hawke’s Bay ratepayers who will not directly benefit from the irrigation project should not have to carry the financial or environmental risk for the 120 or so landowners who are the major beneficiaries.

Until the regional council proves it has the economics sorted out and enough landowners signed up to ensure economic viability without huge ratepayer subsidisation (either through the HBRC carrying more debt, or levying higher rates, or further sell-down of regional assets), I will continue to oppose the scheme.

Maybe there is some hope for Labour, if they have a faction that opposes the worst kind of welfare, corporate welfare.

Fenton “Jong-un Wilson must be beside himself about now as the clock runs down on their deadline for sign ups.


– HB Today


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  • mommadog

    Its kind of weird how hooked on the Dam at all costs Fenton Wilson is. He and Len I must have my train set Brown are twins in that regard. Both are more stubborn than two year old toddlers throwing a tantrum for something they want.

  • bevanjs

    hear, hear. ” …the worst kind of welfare, corporate welfare.”

  • GoingRight

    Stuart Nash is going places, how silly were Labour not to vote him in instead of their Little Angry Andy. Loved the “build it and they will come” comments could be used in so many areas. Leonie could learn a thing or two. Good common sense by Stuart.

  • cows4me

    I really couldn’t give a stuff about whether this dam is built or not but the statement “99.99 percent of Hawkes Bay ratepayers who will not directly benefit” is taking Artistic License to the extreme. I’m sure many many more would benefit than 00.01 percent, farmers spend a lot of money and requirer many service industries.

    • Platinum Fox

      I see no artistic licence (or hyperbole).
      In technical economics-speak only the farmers will directly benefit. Economists would usually refer to the service industries as parties which indirectly benefit. How much service providers will benefit is difficult to quantify.

      Mr Nash appears to acknowledge that there will be benefits to others within the community by his reference to “the 120 or so landowners who are the major beneficiaries”.

  • kiwihornplayer

    Tasman District Council quickly backed down over their proposed Lee Valley dam once public opposition got a bit of a roll on. Perhaps a council member or two have been reading Whaleoil?

  • wooted

    The “build-it-and-they-will-come” approach ”
    This is exactly the platitude the numpties inside and outside the Whangarei District Council quote with their ongoing quest to lumber us ratepayers with their white elephant, the Hundertwasser Museum and Maori Art centre.