Anti-fluoride weirdos upset at proposed law change

Anti-fluoride weirdos are outraged at a proposal before government to clarify the law regarding fluoride…ironically that came about as a result of their appeal.

Anti-fluoride campaigners are alarmed at a “sinister” move to slide through a law change over Christmas, validating councils’ power to add the chemical to drinking water.

Medsafe opened public submissions on November 25 on a law change to stop fluoride being legally defined as a medicine – meaning it can be added to municipal water supplies. The deadline for submissions is this Friday.

The law change comes after a High Court justice said the law needed clarification, as he ruled against an appeal by anti-fluoride groups to stop fluoride being added to water.

David Sloan, the director of anti-fluoridation lobby group New Health New Zealand, said the Ministry of Health was rushing the law change. But the organisation’s request to extend the timeframe for submissions outside of the Christmas and New Year period was dismissed by the Ministry of Health.

“We’re a voluntary organisation and all have jobs, so to expect us to put together a good submission in that timeframe is terrible,” Sloan said. “This is kind of a sinister move by the Ministry of Health.”

The change comes after New Health New Zealand sought a judicial review against the Attorney General, arguing that fluoride was subject to the Medicines Act. ? ?

In his judgment, Justice David Collins said he would not focus on the safety of fluoride but on whether or not it could be defined as a medicine. Added to domestic water at 1.5 milligrams per litre, the concentration was so low it could not be considered a medicine. But at higher concentrations it would be a medicine – so officials should clarify the law.

Anti-fluoride campaigners are akin to homeopathic remedy supporters…bordering on strange.

Mostly their opposition is real conspiracy theory stuff and their ranks are populated by people you’d cross the road to avoid.

A case in point is the spokesperson named above, David Sloan.

He is the founder?of the NZ Health Trust. Their website carries information about a few of the usual conspiracy theories about mass dosage of the population…and yes including chemtrails?and vaccines.


– Fairfax