Antony de Malmanche a patsy?


Accused Kiwi drug smuggler Antony de Malmanche has met with his New Zealand Lawyer Craig Tuck in Bali over the past two days.

Mr Tuck said de Malmanche was being held in a cell with 27 other prisoners with very limited food and amenities.

“He is essentially locked down 24 hours a day in a cell with no mattress or pillow and has had no sleep for the last two nights due to ongoing and historical pain issues,” said Mr Tuck.

“It is abundantly clear that Tony has been caught up in transnational highly organised criminal group and through fraud and deception has been exploited,” Mr Tuck said.

“This is a complex case with many tentacles. I may still be weeks away from going to the prosecutor for a decision on how this will proceed. On my preliminary view it appears that Mr de Malmanche is not a trafficker – but has been trafficked.”

Mr Tuck said de Malmanche had never been overseas before this trip and “has personal characteristics which make him a vulnerable citizen.

“(He) now finds himself in a situation which is literally life and death.”

Mr Tuck said his client misses his home and family and thankful for the support he has received on his first experience of travelling overseas.

However  much the guy isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, he will have know about the basics of what is right and what is wrong.   Similarly, he will know that taking a package into another country that he does not know the contents of is ridiculously risky.

And he did it anyway.

At best, he’s sleepless, sore and scared because he simply ignored all the basics about what is legal and what is not, and what you do when going to other countries, and what you don’t.

In the end, the hardest thing to convince the authorities of is that he simply didn’t know what he was doing, and therefore had absolutely no idea of the consequences.


– NZ Herald


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  • Kelvin

    I got an email the other day. She said she was a woman ALL the time. Think I am on a winner here. I’d hate to wake up, scratching tackle that wasn’t mine.

  • Davey

    Why is this kind of thing even reported? I mean, honestly, who cares. I couldn’t care less about idiots getting caught with drugs in foreign countries. I don’t understand why it gets so much air time or column inches.

    • Hard1

      It’s rooted in manufactured patriotism, Davey. He’s one of us, stuck in a third world jail, having been set up. It’s the media narrative to sell advertising. If he was caught at Auckland Airport the same media would be baying for his blood.

  • cows4me

    I find it amazing that all these drug traffickers suddenly become simple and easily lead when they are caught. But I will till you who is the most simple and easily lead when it comes to these retards, it’s the taxpayer. How many thousands are spent in consulate time along with appointed lawyers. As a taxpayer I would be happy to foot the bill for a few bullets.

  • Hard1

    Patsy; a person who is easily taken advantage of, especially by being cheated or blamed for something.
    Gang associates, drug mules, labour voters believing the promise of free wealth, P users, drunks, the Police who put in a lot of work only to see a Judge in forgiveness mode, journalists writing to the editorial script, people who blame events decades ago for their own intellectual poverty, gamblers.

  • HSV325

    Somehow I don’t think the defence that the guy is as thick as 2 short planks will fly with the courts there

    • Especially after pretty much everyone from the Police down warned him he was not making good decisions.

  • Aucky

    It doesn’t take a mastermind to see the way this is going to pan out. The MSM will play this for all it is worth – they have been bursting to create NZ’s very own Schapelle Corby. They tried with Ormsby but the case was too lightweight to catch the public imagination. Now they have all the required elements with a naive, aging country boy on his first trip overseas, a devious Asian woman promising love, a filthy jail and a questionable justice system that wants to shoot him. There’s plenty there to throw whatever angle they want on it plus the chance to embarass the Government should they not intervene (which they can’t). The media will be praying for a death sentence.

    • wooted

      And of course ALL the media outlets will need their own reporters there. (Who hasn’t been to Bali for a holiday recently?)

      • Hard1

        Isn’t Katie there already? I’m breathless.

      • Cadwallader

        Yes I can see Campbell outside the clink counting down the hours to the execution and informing us all that the Governor hasn’t yet heard from JK. (It is his fault after all!) Smalley could report from there claiming that the Justice System in Bali is you know sort of bad. (She’d know of course!)

  • North Shore Sheila

    I’m curious as to how many of us have that brother, sister, daughter, son, uncle, aunt – who for some reason make really bad decisions – usually involving “love” or a victim (sucker) of a con artist? I have a brother who for some reason gets repeatedly into trouble by both these means – being forced into selling up everything to avoid bankruptcy in one instance, and being bankrupted by a second instance. He develops absolute trust – and gets taken in – even when we warn him.

    And now that I look even closer to home, we have a daughter was repeatedly getting involved with absolute losers/abusers. (Hopefully she’s turned a corner – for good!)

    Some people can’t see the “truth” and carry on the trust, perhaps in fear of being proved a fool – and hoping it isn’t so. Most people caught trafficking drugs I have no sympathy for, but I’m very uneasy about this case.

  • andrewo

    He has a goatee beard – so he’s guilty.

  • Dr Gonzo

    Since the day Corby was arrested trafficking, how many tens of thousands of times have the media reinforced the penalties for drug trafficking in Bali ?
    At best, a 3-6 month stay in squalor as we know it while your appeal process plays out, at worst, you will be put against a wall and shot.
    Anyone with enough sense and intelligence to fill out a passport application form must surely have a grasp on these outcomes ?
    Patsy ?….. Yeah, Nah …. Media fodder ?….. absolutely

  • Huia

    To me he is a pasty.
    Vulnerable, lonely, gullible and naïve, thinking he had found true love he was ready to give it his all,. only to be taken advantage of in a very cruel way.
    The man is educated enough to know right from wrong but obviously trusted the woman he was in love with.
    He is guilty of course, but I cannot help but feel sorry for him as I did for that kiwi woman in south America who was caught in a similar trap. Loneliness is an awful thing but surely he must have watched border control or one of those programs to know that you do NOT bring anything illegal across a border.
    I bet that gang who was behind this had totally vetted this man out before he even left NZ, they knew what they were doing and are utterly unscrupulous in their industry.
    Its a sorry saga and will be repeated again and again.

  • Nebman

    There is no cure for Stupid.

  • Eiselmann

    I’ve done some really daft things for love…..but it takes a special kind of stupid to agree to smuggle drugs….into a country with the death penalty for such acts.
    …patsy he may be but at some point he made a choice.