Apparently you can defame an imam


A hardline imam at a mosque where the killers of soldier Lee Rigby worshipped is suing the BBC, saying it described him as an ‘extremist’.

Shakeel Begg, 37, is taking legal action after presenter Andrew Neil said on the Sunday Politics Show that the imam had praised jihad as ‘the greatest of deeds’.

Don’t you just love it?  We’re not allowed to draw a picture of Muhammed, but if we call them nasty names they run straight to a court of law.   Surely there is some disconnect here?

According to the High Court writ, Mr Neil interviewed Farooq Murad, then head of the Muslim Council of Britain, during the Sunday Politics Show in November 2013.

Mr Neil said the East London Mosque in Whitechapel was ‘a venue for a number of extremist speakers…who espouse extremist positions’.

The presenter added: ‘This year Shakeel Begg, he spoke there and hailed jihad as the greatest of deeds.’

Mr Begg, head of the Lewisham Islamic Centre in South-East London, is demanding libel damages and that the BBC doesn’t again call him an ‘extremist’ who ‘encourages religious violence’.

Mr Begg did not deny Mr Rigby’s killers – Michael Adebolajo, 28, and Michael Adebowale, 22 – attended the Lewisham Islamic Centre in the months leading up to the Woolwich attack.

This is the future of any nation that allows radical Islam to take root.  The easiest way to prevent it is to keep their numbers low.   In our case, immigration of Muslims must be urgently reviewed.


– Mail Online


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  • Disinfectant

    The defence of honest opinion should see this case being thrown out.
    This could become a defining case in British history.
    But be under no illusion, if Sharia Law takes hold, the outcome could be very different.

  • Mikev

    Not reviewed…stopped. Let them stay in their Sharia run countries we do not want them.

  • Eddie

    I welcome this use of democracy – that is the freedom we have. The precident that the decision will set should be noted more than the process!

    • caochladh

      To my mind, the judiciary are a large part of how a democracy functions. The trouble here is that the UK like NZ has many dud judges who do not let primary evidence get in the way of their appalling decisions.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Well clearly he’s not an extremist, he’s a moderate. Extremists execute innocent people in streets and in shops. Moderates are their cheerleaders hiding in mosques and schools.

    • mike

      I would class him as a inciter or enabler… one of the ones who gets impressionable minds and molds them into killers.

      These are the dangerous people in any belief system.

      He doesn’t truly believe in Islam, he believes in power. You will find people like this is every country and in every belief system, usually found ruling a cult.

  • Just a thought …

    Hmmm …. would you trust that man and his ” peaceful ” intentions……….

  • Makes a bit of a change – the other 364 days a year he’d be calling for sharia law and claiming he doesn’t accept the laws and courts of infidels.

    • Just a thought …

      Absolutely…. i will use your ” laws and freedoms ” when it suits, but otherwise ” off with your head” ……..

      • The hypocrisy is strong in that one.

        Probably claiming a benefit too.

        The bit that gets me is that they have fled their homeland due to persecution, violence and poverty and are now doing their best to turn their new country into the same as what they have fled (except I’m guessing this time they will want to be the ones with the power )

        • Bartman

          They have not so much fled due to persecution, rather they have fled in order to bestow persecution. They are thus the weak versions of their ilk. The real problem protagonists reside in the dust bowls of their home nations.

  • Eiselmann

    Kill all infidels
    Behead the unbelievers
    But don’t call me extreme
    Someone’s taking the piss.

    • spanishbride

      He isn’t extreme, don’t be silly, he is a TRUE follower of Islam.
      Liberals don’t want to acknowledge him as that however because then they would have to acknowledge that all those barbaric acts all over the world in Western countries and inside ‘ perfect ‘Islamic States like Saudi Arabia are TRUE Islam and not the act of a minority of extremists like the MSM and Western governments want us to believe. To acknowledge that he is TRUE Islam is to acknowledge the extreme danger our countries are in from Islam.

  • Iera

    Islamic law to be enshrined in British law as solicitors get guidelines on ‘Sharia compliant’ wills
    Sunday 23 March 2014
    Islamic law is to be effectively enshrined in the British legal system for the first time under guidelines for solicitors on drawing up “Sharia compliant” wills.
    Under guidance produced by The Law Society, High Street solicitors will be able to compose Islamic wills that refuse women an equal share of inheritances and discount non-believers entirely, the Sunday Telegraph reported.
    The recommendations can also prevent illegitimate children, as well as those who have been adopted, from being included in an inheritance …

    But some lawyers have described the recommendations as “astonishing” and campaigners have warned that the move marks a step towards a “parallel legal system” for Britain’s Muslim communities.

    Those currently looking at the New Zealand Constitution should be urged to not enshrine the Treaty in any new version.
    There should be one New Zealand law of all citizens regardless of race or religion.

    The Waitangi Tribunal should be disbanded, once all grievances are settled, and every dispute then dealt with by the one New Zealand law.
    Why shed the Waitangi albatross around the nation’s neck to replace it with a more deadly sharia version?

    • 1951

      Back to basics, keep it simple.

    • Bartman

      Imagine a three-way legal system – the tribal troughers would give the Islamists a run for their (sharia-compliant) money!

    • Quinton Hogg

      I understand that the UK law society has withdrawn that bit of arrant stupidity.

  • Max

    I can hear Enoch Powell laughing at the hand wringing liberals of the 70s.

    • Quinton Hogg

      It is astonishing how far sighted he was.

  • JC

    This is just the latest way Muslims wish to restrict speech. Beheading isn’t very conducive because it usually has the opposite effect. But legal action can ruin a person and be very effective in restricting speech.

    In her own strange way Susan Devoy and her dept are very useful in providing the speech deniers with a voice and her essentially toothless remarks aren’t that costly to someone having a go at Radical Islam. Indeed, Devoys comments have a habit of spreading and popularizing the Infidel’s comments.


  • taurangaruru

    This is a wonderful development, hopefully Andrew Neil will employ the best lawyer money can buy & they will have the opportunity to examine the actions & utterances of Begg. Unfortunately for Mr Neil he cannot expect the lily livered liberal hand wringing BBC to stand by him. They will throw him to the wolves to protect the BBC’s “repuation.”

  • JAFA Gazza

    Right John Key and all othe politicians. I say we go to Saudi and Qatar and strongly espose that Westminster law should be enshrined in their system. Obviously what is good for the goose is good for the gander. How about it Amy…John..hello…John I was talking…ah well…lets just give the murdering sods the keys to the country. Pfft.

  • waldopepper

    im just curious how far the british citizens will be pushed before they retaliate in kind with a few barbaric acts of their own. in a funny way, britains football hooligans may well end up being its saving grace. how long before marauding bands of footy thugs and white supremacists start trashing muslim areas, destroying mosques etc in retaliation. ill put money that its not that far away.

    • Civil war it is then.

      • sandalwood789

        I think it’s the only thing that can possibly save the UK.

        The UK government won’t do anything. Neither will the armed forces (that seem to have been completely dhimmified).
        So, given that the voiced concerns of the people have been ignored, that just leaves civil war as the only option.

        • 1951

          Maybe they are just ‘Keeping Calm’ until they have all their Ducks in a row. Let’s hope so.

      • Luis Cannon

        When the bovver boys start, who are the police and armed forces going to support. The people or the Pigs of Islam.

    • thesilentmajority

      They’ll all be thrown in jail. The police will protect the Islamists (if past form is anything to go by)

  • 1951

    Shakeel…………..Begg…….? Something is not right with these. Either he is British or Muslim. Now from someone whose family is a wonderful mixture of different bloods, this ‘Shakeel Begg’ is real mixed-blood.

  • Sir Brucey

    Should be compulsory to defame all imams.

  • I.M Bach

    These people are absolute artists when it comes to twisting things (anything) to suit their own agenda. I can only shake my head, really.

  • Veritas

    Wrong Cam! Right a lot of the time, but not this. You should
    know better! (-dare I say). Not ‘radical Islam’! All Islam! Islam, no matter
    how moderate, will not side with non-Islam – the infidel. It will remain quiet
    rather than side with anyone who is not Islam. It certainly won’t take
    effective action against the so-called radical element. Islam teaches that
    Islam is ‘absolute truth’. That means anything that differs from Islam cannot
    be right, and must be wrong or evil. Islam does not mean peace, irrespective of
    how often this is thrust at us (in a process of indoctrination). In brief,
    Islam means/ is about submission – which means submission to the will of Allah,
    which means to Mohammad and Islam. Peace – if you call it peace – can only be
    the outcome of islamisation. Moslems are very happy to head to the West to get
    away from their oppressive regimes, but the moment they get to ‘freedom’ they
    are so inculcated that they try to impose their thing on us – using our stupid
    human rights law (which Islam doesn’t accept) against us. Time to get real, but
    most people are too devoid of proper absolute values and buried in crazy
    political correctness to see the wood for the trees – or truth for that matter.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Defame an imam gee I wouldn’t stand a chance with them. I believe it is they who are the rotting core of this violent madness the world is fast being overwhelmed by and sick of
    Oh and YES I think imams are shrewd manipulators.

  • damm good thrashing

    Oh….. extremist …..I thought I read excrement.

    • Albert Lane

      Either description would fit the bill

  • thesilentmajority

    Cam I totally agree that our Muslim immigration needs to be reviewed. I would go further and say that it needs to be halted. Surely our politicians can now see that other western countries are simply the canary in the coal mine. What is happening will, without a doubt, happen here. Islam is not happy anywhere. Islam is not compatible with western civilization. The problem will be our children’s and grandchildren’s if we continue to allow Islamic immigration.

  • NZ 2014

    He lives in the west because back in the mud hole where he came from somebody would bump him off.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Perhaps it is that heavy helping of hypocrisy that has the Green’s defending them as there actions and words seem to be from the same song sheet. In one breath the legal system is failing them and next they want to use it’s benefits it they fit the coat they are weaving.

  • Intrigued

    It’s this sort of idiocy and lunacy that is rife in Islam. To the sane person it just beggars belief. What concerns me is that it is so easy for us to shake our heads and throw our hands up in disbelief at how crazy and insane these Islamists are – and to think of them as being nut jobs or a few sandwiches short of a picnic which somehow lessens their threat as if they couldn’t possibly have the mental capacity to understand what they are professing/proclaiming.

    Yet these Muslim mad and evil men with their insane notions actually need to be given lots of sunlight and be exposed in our media and everywhere because the scary thing is they’re deadly serious and it will be to our peril if the world fails to wake up and see just how evil they are.

    I came across the following article while reading something entirely unrelated this evening on the UKs Daily Express website. I wonder if/when we see anything like this posted in our MSM; “10 Ridiculous Laws in the Islamic Republic of Iran”

  • JustanObserver

    I wonder if there is some shifting in their ‘values’ ?
    As in, we need money for fighting our caliphate, ‘values’ seeing as the price of oil has now dropped so much, so let’s use the infidel’s laws against them to extract fighting funds.
    Same with Jihadi-John calling for a ransom last week.