The Argies are going to be really upset over this, statue of Maggie erected in Falklands


A statue of Margaret Thatcher has been erected in the Falkland Islands, a move sure to upset the Argies.

A statue honouring Margaret Thatcher has been unveiled in the Falkland Islands for the first time.

The tribute to the former Prime Minister – who lead Britain to victory in the 1982 conflict to defend the islands – was revealed in the island’s capital Stanley on Saturday.

After Baroness Thatcher died in 2013 the population of the Falkland Islands were consulted about how they wished to commemorate the leader.

The overwhelming response was for a statue which was unveiled at a ceremony on what is Margaret Thatcher Day on the island by her son Sir Mark Thatcher.

Local sculptor Steve Masson was commissioned to carry out the work which cost around £40,000 and stands eight foot high on a stone plinth.

The bronze statue bears a brass plaque with a quote from Baroness Thatcher on April 3, 1982: “They are few in number, but they have the right to live in peace, to choose their own way of life and determine their own allegiance.”

The bust is at the end of Thatcher Drive, next to the Liberation Monument, which honours 255 UK servicemen and three Falklands civilians who died in the conflict.

Last month Argentina’s ambassador to Britain Alicia Castro condemned the statue “in our Malvinas Islands” as a provocative move.

The Mail On Sunday reported she said: “What the UK is doing is celebrating war.”

Stupid Argies, what the UK is celebrating is winning a war…something they have no experience of.


– The Telegraph


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  • Forrest Ranger

    Argies upset? Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

  • conwaycaptain

    The Argies are buying/leasing 12 Sukhoi Flankers off the Russians.
    They wanted to buy 12 SAAB s on the back of a Brazilian order of 24. The Brits said NO as much of the avionics is of UK Manufacture.
    The Brits will now upgrade the defences of the FIs as they only have 4 Typhoons. Maybe 6 will do.
    They will need a new Navy as most is either rusting alongside or cant get to see owing to a lack of parts. The aircraft are being paid for in beef and wheat as the Russians cannot buy food as they are running out of money and the Argies cannot pay for them in FOREX as they haven’t got any.
    Anyway the Botox Babe is due for re election shortly

    • Jas

      Maybe they can get a Loan from Lionel he has plenty of foreign exchange

    • Chrish4

      SU24’s are obsolecent – 4 Typhoons would easily see them off – the boys would no doubt be keen for the target practice :)

      • Chrish4

        Not to mention if there was a T45 on station, that could take out the whole Argie Air Force without breaking into a sweat.

  • Greg M

    I think it is entirely appropriate. Maggie Thatcher defended her people and their territory, that’s what real leaders do.

    • thehawkreturns

      And they havn’t had a leader since.

    • Harry B’Stard

      Galvanised the nation and kept labour out, win win

  • conwaycaptain

    Te Cabinet was wavering and in marched Sir Henry Leach First Sea Lord as the Ch of Defence Staff Sir Terence Leeuwin was in NZ. He told Maggie if you don’t do something Britain’s word will count for nothing. The Navy can have a Task Force on the way in three days.
    Well we know what happened. We need a Maggie and a Henry Leach today.

    • conwaycaptain

      Sir Henry’s father was Capt of HMS Prince of Wales and was lost with her when he was a Mid in Singapore

    • Cadwallader

      Agree but what direction do we send them in? Up the Seine? Up the Rhine? Up the Thames? Up the Hudson? Up Manukau Harbour?

      • conwaycaptain

        They would know. This war against Islam is a Sp Forces war dirty business in the dead of night.

        • Cadwallader

          I hope you’re confidence is sound.

        • thehawkreturns

          It will be a full blown civil war IMHO. At first the army will be sent in to protect the Muslims…

        • Chrish4

          People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

          – George Orwell

      • Steve

        Probably up the Euphrates with A couple of SSN’s leading the way

    • Not Clinically Insane

      Indeed. Sir Henry’s (apparent) quote was “Because if we do not, or if we pussyfoot in our actions and do not achieve complete success, in another few months we shall be living in a different country whose word counts for little.”

      Words that could easily, and correctly, be applied today

  • richard.b

    My first thought was “What’s Tim Shadbolt doing in the Falklands”

    • hookerphil

      Mixing the concrete.

  • Rex

    The UK needs Maggie now to face up to the current terrorism!

  • caochladh

    I just wish they had done a proper job of putting an edifice of Maggie in place that does her the justice she deserves in her resolution over the Falklands, not something that looks like the robot from “Lost in Space”.

  • ozbob68

    And let’s be honest, how much more seriously did people take the UK after that little “war”? Probably quite a lot. Despite generations of diplomacy, having military firepower and the will to use it still commands respect in the modern world.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    The bronze bust looks ok but for 40,000 pounds the rock plinth is second rate.With his earning capacity in Africa finished I hope he did not put the squeeze on the local artist if you know what I mean following his history.

  • Steve

    Another one is ” the Fauklands Most Daring Raid “. On youtube. A real boys own adventure and the best thing that happened to the RAF since the dam busters!