One place you should visit: Auschwitz by drone

The scale of it is just gob smacking.  What a focal point of human misery.


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  • jude

    It is amazing that this memory can be preserved, and shared, over generations in this way.
    For those looking at an OE ,I would encourage visiting historic sites and forgo trips to “holiday ” destinations that do not have the same historical significance.
    We visited Mauthausen-Gusen in Austria. It was chilling to see but an important part of history that should never be forgotten nor repeated.

    • Monito

      What staggers me is that the people in Austria, Hungary, Italy, Holland, Poland and Germany all knew these places existed in their own cities as well as Auschwitz.

      • jude

        I watched a Band of Brothers where the Americans made the German citizens around the camp , come and help bury the dead.
        It is hard to believe that nothing was done by the citizens to stop this.
        However ,there were many a brave person who died as Members of the Resistance.
        Let us not forget those brave people either.

        • Monito

          Yeap valid comment there were many who died as part of the resistance. And great heroes they shall remain forever.

  • Michael

    I have been to Auschwitz and Birkenau, the horror that took place there is overwhelming and was an emotional hammer blow. The suffering of those who were killed on arrival was immense as the gas chambers were a deeply unpleasant process of death – in effect being smothered in poisoned air, choking to death for up to 30 minutes.

    Those selected for work also suffered horrible cruelty with unbearable conditions and barbaric punishment for trivial matters. For instance, the standing cell was a common punishment.

    I would encourage everyone to go, so it can never happen again.

  • Orange

    Arrived early morning in Poland on a train. Was a very moving few days there.

  • HR

    Absolutely the top of my bucket list to go there. Incomprehensible to me what went on at this place.


  • Morgy

    Stunning place. Auschwitz just has you numb and then walking around Birkenau has you soak in the shocking scale of the place. A couple of days earlier I walked around Treblinka……awful. It is a must see though.

  • Steve

    If you are planning to go try to make it in the middle of winter. Then it will really drive home how the living conditions were. How anyone survived I’ll never know. I stood outside a Birkenau hut in minus 20. Utterly unbearable. For the rest of your life you’ll never forget. When you have experienced German culture you start to get a sense of how they were able to industrialize absolutely anything. Including death.

  • Cowgirl

    Truly a godforsaken place. It’s on my list.

    • ex-JAFA

      The horrors of the place can only be truly “appreciated” in person, CG, particularly because you have to see inside the barracks at Auschwitz and the (remaining) gas chamber at Birkenau to comprehend what went on.

      On one hand, I disapprove of these once-over-lightly tourism-esque videos because they distance the viewer from the reality. But on the other hand, they can be a good thing if they encourage people to go there in person.

      It can get very busy, as a large number of tour groups visit daily. If you can, I suggest distancing yourself from the groups so that you can take it all in in solitude (or with someone special for support). I was on a Contiki tour, which you might expect to be a rowdy bunch, but we were very quiet and respectful. We were upset, though, by a raucous group of schoolgirls (from Israel, of all places) and their rabbi, who chatted loudly and scampered about the place as if it was Disneyland.

  • Monito

    Good God if that doesn’t gnaw at your soul nothing will.