Aussie Council food police to ban chips, chocolate and sugary drinks from parks

The food police are at it again, this time in Melbourne, Australia after dictating that a playgound is a ‘junk food-free zone’ and telling young children that if they want to play they have to leave their chips, chocolate and sugary drinks outside.

Kids are being told that “all sweet, fatty or fast food or drink is banned from the playground and must be consumed before entering”. This is going down like a cup of cold sick.

The Mayor of the City of Port Phillip Amanda Stevens, who faced allegations involving a procedural irregularity during their election campaign, now faces angry parents labelling the council the ‘fun police’. Stevens is now trying to explain the policy.

Typical we know best attitude from the Australians.  

It’s obviously a great vote winner when the feedback from people include;

“…how will they “enforce” it – stand parking inspectors outside the playground to issue infringement notices to eight year olds?”

“so are orange juice and cordials banned as well? If the sugary drinks rule is in, what about a homemade sandwich with a big slab of cheese and some processed meat with a nice swipe of mayo?’

The story also generated more enthusiasm for the Mayor and her Council with responses on the Herald Sun’s Facebook page telling them to get back in their box.


What’s the bet that Len Brown tries this on soon at the behest of troughers like Doug Sellman who want to walk the earth with a clipboard taking names and fining people.


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  • RightofSingapore

    I would eat junkfood on the playground just to defy the council and get a defiant kick out of it.

    • James M

      Yeah I used to get a kick out of playing with matches and cans of fly spray when I was a child to be defiant.

      Now it’s as simple as sucking a lollipop while on the swing set. Where is the fun in that?

      • dgrogan

        Interesting, James. I’ve not experimented with that one. Like a miniature flame thrower is it? That would’ve got your folks into line pretty quickly I’d imagine. :)

        • James M

          Oh yeah I got a good whack around the back side from mum or dad when I got caught for those shenanigans.

  • James M

    Next up, one Christian, Jewish, or atheist child on the slide at a time.

    Children of Islamic influence exempt.

  • Murray Smith

    Oh to live on sugar mountain, with the Barkers and the Aussie buffoons

    • The wildman

      Love that song,well thought out and so appropriate.

    • JoJo

      You can’t be twenty on sugar mountain

  • sandalwood789

    Utterly insane nanny-state stuff.
    You would think that governments and councils would have better things to spend our money on.

  • Priam

    Just out of interest, since I presently live in the Philippines, What happened to Auckland’s ban on distributing cremated ashes without a permit?

    • James M

      Not sure, but if it did pass then same thing as the anti smacking law. We’ll just ignore it

      • Priam

        Thanks, James. When I heard of it I thought, “If any law is going to be unenforceable, this is it.”

  • Odd Ball

    Ultimately, the Aussies will moan about this, but fall into line anyway. It’s very hard to find decent unhealthy deserts over here as it is.

  • exactchange

    Seems to be only one playground, which is near disadvantaged families living in public housing. Funny that. I reckon a few flashmobs descending on the playground and giving their junk food to park staff to look after. Which they are apparently willing to do. For now ….

  • The Accountant

    Len would love it! Another way to generate funds for dodgy projects.

  • Caprice

    Because fast food is a long drive away, on the rare occasions I eat it, I AM liable to eat it in a park or by the lake. What has where you eat got to do with the amount of burgers in your diet?

  • caochladh

    This is just the sort of nonsense our own Green Aussie idiot will pick up and run with. Whittakers, Coca Cola and Bluebird should sponsor a march up Queen Street where we can all march for our particular cause, enjoy their products and give raspberry’s to that other idiot, Len Brown.

  • Luis Cannon

    No ban on taking in tinnies or weed though?