Baby dies. Information blackout.

This particular case has been weird from the get-go.  I decided to not share my opinion about it until more information was released.  So far, none has.

But isn’t the part that is public getting totally surreal?  We have two parents and a babysitter.  It is treated as a homicide.  They are not looking for anyone else.

Yet the parents are all over Social Media…

The parents of the 1-year-old girl at the centre of a homicide inquiry have paid tribute to her, describing her as “our little miracle”.

Aaliyah Ashlyn Chand, who was born in New Zealand and is of Indian decent, died at Christchurch Hospital at 8.30pm on Wednesday, with her parents, Anjani and Dev, by her bedside.

She was admitted to hospital on Tuesday night suffering serious head injuries, sparking a major police investigation. She was taken to the hospital by her regular babysitter with help from a neighbour.

Mr and Mrs Chand today posted a moving tribute to Aaliyah, who had just days earlier celebrated her first birthday.

“No matter what you said or did, one look at that cute face and you were off the hook. No one could ever stay mad at you. Rarely ever did you fuss or cry,” the tribute read.

“You learned how to say mama; it was so special to me. No matter how much they made fun of it, I didn’t care because you knew my name and called me it constantly.

“Seeing your little smile, even if it was just one look, and even the coldest heart would be warmed. Just one look, that’s all it took. No matter if you were young or old, short or tall, she’d love you with no problem at all.

“I never imagined what life would be without you here, so why did life have to play out this way?”

The tribute tells of the emotion in seeing her in a casket, looking “so peaceful just like you were sleeping”.

“I know I must be strong, not for me but for everyone else. Without you here none of us know what to do. You were taken from our lives way too fast. Come back please, our little Munni, we miss you.

“You were our little miracle, but now you are our angel in the sky watching over each one of us. Love from Anjani & Dev, Isabel, Anisha, Ishaan and Avishek.”

Police are awaiting the results of a post mortem that was carried out yesterday. “This is a tragic time for the family,” Detective Senior Sergeant Anderson said.

Detectives and forensic teams have completed their examination of the babysitter’s property on Worcester St and the parents’ address in Addington. “We are not in a position to release any more information relating to this active investigation at this time.”

I’ve got this sick feeling deep down that if the parents are involved, their “PR” campaign is perverse.

I hope the police manage to get to the point where they can either charge someone or downgrade it from he homicide, because parents of a dead baby framing the story in the absence of any other information is just … uncomfortable.


– Kurt Bayer, NZME


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    I wonder
    “No matter how much they made fun of it, I didn’t care because you knew my name and called me it constantly”
    Who would make fun of a 1 year old saying “mama”?
    Why would anyone make fun of a 1 year old saying “mama” and why?
    Was their an element of jealousy from other family?
    With deceased baby being a female was that an element?

    Certainly a thorough investigation is required as there are many unknowns.

    • ex-JAFA

      So much of what she/they put in that post makes no sense. As well as the making fun of saying ‘mama’ that you point out, there’s the bit prior about “No matter what you said or did, one look at that cute face and you were off the hook. No one could ever stay mad at you. Rarely ever did you fuss or cry.”

      I’m no expert, but I struggle to think what a 1yo baby could say or do that would make people angry – especially as the only obvious possibility (crying) is immediately ruled out. Maybe that’s a very telling clue to what actually happened.

      • exactchange

        Could it be other children ‘making fun’….

      • Sailor Sam

        Must agree, this woman does not make sense, there is more to it than meets the eye.
        If there are 3 adults only involved, then one of them is surely the murderer.

        • Wheninrome

          We had the tight 5 before, hope it is not the tight 3 this time.

      • Wallace Westland

        can’t say I have any memory of being mad at my kids before they were one.
        Actually come to that I’m not sure I have any memory of being mad at my kids ever.

        • Wheninrome

          As they got older cross yes, mad no. You can be cross and still love.

      • SlightlyStrange

        That’s what I was thinking too – the only thing I remember getting really frustrated by with my under-1 was his crying. But yeah, if you’ve ruled out regular crying or fussing, then what else is there? They usually are barely mobile enough to cause trouble that way at that age, and they certainly don’t do things vindictively.

  • Just a thought …

    Sad to say but it appears a little to controlled and contrived for me.
    Not sure i would be writing such considered and calm facebook posts, so soon after the event, if I was the parent of what appears to be your ” murdered ” baby ……. I genuinely hope I am proved wrong…….

    edit : clarity

    • Cowgirl

      Am I alone in thinking that it’s weird to use your given name too when addressing a dead child? Especially when you’ve just written a song and dance about the child saying ‘mama’? I think it would be more appropriate to sign ‘mummy and daddy’ or some such, or am I being too cynical here?

      • Just a thought …

        Yes, where is the anger and bitterness ……… they appear to be saying ” oh well, tough luck, she was a really great kid anyway……

      • Catriona

        Nope. Just being realistic I would wager.

  • Catriona

    Well, there’s no rout about it . Someone is to blame. 1 year old babies do not sustain head injuries all on their own. The bits that get me are ‘no one could ever stay mad at you” and ‘No matter what you said or did, one look at that cute face and you were off the hook”. Hello, this is a 1 year old baby. Also why would anyone mock a 1 year old baby for saying ‘Muma”. Didn’t we all rejoice when our babies started to talk? We did anyway. So, where were Mum & Dad when the babysitter and the neighbour took this wee girl to hospital? I smell a rat. Suffer little children as they say.

    • Michelle

      ‘No matter what you said or did, one look at that cute face and you were off the hook”.

      That line made me go cold there is someone hiding something and then the mocking of the baby that is not normal

  • Jimmie

    It’s really too early to say anything except to say another little child needlessly dead is nothing but terrible…..

    I just hope its not an example of a post-term abortion that some allude to or the fact of the cultural background of the parents and the baby being female lead to this.

  • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

    Wm. Shakespeare, “Hamlet”, 1602

  • Salacious Crumb

    This smells; majorly. As several have commented already, who would ever have cause to be ‘mad’ at a 1yo? If I lost a precious child; surely the worst thing for any parent, the last thing I would be thinking about is writing eulogies for my facebook page.
    Or has society become that shallow?

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Society is indeed that shallow

  • steve and monique

    All I can say is if i lost a child, the last thing i would be thinking of is a facebook posting