Best NZ sporting moment?


2014 produced a number of outstanding sporting performances.   They have been shortlisted for the Halberg Awards to these:

1. Brendon McCullum – scores a record 302 against India (BLACKCAPS v India, 2nd Test, Basin Reserve, Wellington)

2. Men’s Team Sprint – win their first ever Track World Championship (2014 UCI Track World Championships, Cali, Columbia)  

3. Scott McLaughlin – ‘gives it the jandal’ in the opening round of the V8 Supercars (2014 Clipsal 500, Adelaide, Australia)

4. Richie Patterson – leaves it to his final lift to win weightlifting gold (2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, Scotland)

5. Anton Cooper and Sam Gaze – take gold and silver in the Mountain Bike Cross Country (2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, Scotland)

6. David Nyika – stuns the crowd to win boxing gold (2014 Commonwealth Games, Glasgow, Scotland)

7. All Blacks – Malakai Fekitoa and Colin Slade seal victory for the All Blacks in the final minute (All Blacks v Australia, Bledisoe Cup, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane)

8. Kiwis – clinch the Four Nations in an epic 22-18 final win over Australia (Kiwis v Australia, Four Nations Tournament Final, Wellington Stadium, Wellington)

9. Lydia Ko – wins US$1.5 million in one day (CME Globe Points Race and CME Group Tour Championship, Naples, Florida)

10. Auckland City FC – make a fairy tale run in the FIFA Club World Cup (2014 FIFA Club World Cup, Morocco)


My personal choice is Auckland City FC.

What is your pick?


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  • conwaycaptain

    Akl FC
    Amateurs the rest are professional

  • jcpry

    McCullum’s 300 without a doubt.

  • Murray Smith

    McCullum was a winner. AFC did well but, really can you compare ?

  • Mark

    What a great sporting year it has been.It pains me to say this as much as I dislike both soccer & cricket I’m going to say McCullum & AFC.
    My personal favs Kiwis & Lydia thou.

  • Carl

    It is an award for best moment and not achievement so mine has to go to Scott McLaughlin and this interview. A young kiwi guy saying it like it is.

  • Jas

    You need to look at the competition I think to determine which is the best. And on that basis anything to do with the Commonwealth games doesn’t really rate as being as high as the others. Auckland FC did well but again the world club championship is considered to be a bit of a joke amongst the real hardline football fans, you have the world’s best club then nothing until about the world’s 100th best club.
    But in saying that it is the best moment not the best achievement so probably the 300 or the Kiwis

  • Yeahright

    Brendon all the way, Auckland FC 2nd but not close, Kiwis 3rd.

  • JohnnySees

    McCullum 1st, then Track world champs, and Lydia Ko

  • Carl

    This award annoys me every year, moments are different to achievements. IMO McCullums should be there for hitting the ball to get the 300 not the whole innings. The way I see it is it should be one of those jump off the sofa and punch the air type of things and a lot of these don’t qualify for that.

  • Teletubby

    For me as a lifelong cricket fan and having been present and expectant when Martin Crowe got out for 299 it is definitely McCullum’s 300. I have waited so long to see a kiwi achieve that feat. I notice that no one so far has mentioned Lydia Ko who seems to be one of the darlings of the Halberg awards. I definitely don’t want to belittle her efforts and just love her attitude and her interviews but she does seem to be the benefactor of a couple of media fans doing plenty of lobbying on her behalf when it comes to these subjective awards.

  • HSV325

    Scott M. V8 Supercar champion in waiting and the next generation of racers

  • Eiselmann

    Auckland City for me…In terms of truly unexpected nothing comes close to them.
    When they presented these events on TV1 news last night the presenter said (words to the effect) that you couldn’t have a top ten sporting moments list without rugby…I hope one day we get past that …the rugby event is the least impressive on that list and imo is there only to pander to the game.
    A great sporting year and so many awesome moments didn’t make the top ten list

  • rantykiwi

    Auckland City FC here too

    • damm good thrashing

      Seriously….who did they defeat…..all the worlds best clubs were there…..right?

  • Probably won’t get interested in football until they start doing something to cut out the rediculous acting so AC out, will go for Lydia Ko.

  • Hoju

    Kiwi’s without a doubt – there’s nothing like winning as the underdogs. As for soccer (OK I’ll call it football to calm all the apologists down) until they take action to stop the play acting I doubt it will ever catch on in NZ.

    • Eiselmann

      More people play football in New Zealand than play rugby , wasn’t too long ago that many schools banned or severely limited any other winter code except rugby. Rugby clubs are dying in this country while football clubs are starting…football is doing more than catching on here in NZ …its thriving…and will get stronger . Thou I do agree with you on the play acting…I love football but the antics of many players annoy and frustrate me.

      • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

        The bit I could never understand about soccer was the need to spend $300 for a pair of boots and then kick it with your head.

        • Eiselmann

          lol then we have rugby and league(I come from a league family) where the players buy $300 boots and use their hands to move the ball…and call their sport football

          • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

            Very Good.I guess as we both follow league in which we are normally the underdog we will have to vote Auckland City FC

            This amazing story will be retold for generations.

      • Hoju

        The thing I find annoying is they could stamp it out easily with the use of technology. If its a dive award a penalty at the other end. Simple.
        I realise football has growing participation and with the increasing concussion awareness in rugby & league more parents will be chosing it for their kids.

        • Eiselmann

          Can remember when I was a kid, my coach told us if we get tackled to make sure we go down…couldn’t believe it, riding a tackle and staying on your feet is as skilful as anything in the game. Sadly that attitude of go down if you get touched has infested all aspects of the game , your solution while on the surface sounds good would never be accepted by the clubs and by fifa as it moves the ‘penalty'(as in freekick or indeed penalty) away form the tackler and towards the tackle. …hate to see the game progress towards the stop/ start that is American football by reviewing every tackle.

  • STAG

    Lydia Koh, it has to be, all the rest while outstanding! ! Are individual performances great and hard fought for certainly. But Lydia is so young and performing at world beating levels day in and day out. She us an outstanding sportswoman and has my vote.

  • Garbageman

    With people like Golf and Cricket mad Mark Richardson on the panel i think its fairly safe to assume the award will go to one or the other, how about Val Adams world sportswoman of the year

    • Carl

      This is a viewers choice the moment of the year. it is not the big Halberg which Val is nominated in.

      • Garbageman

        Thanks Carl didnt know that existed, my pick would then be Auckland FC who doesnt love a good underdog story

  • Terry

    Brendon McCullum for me, dinkum Kiwi, born and bred, and a staggering, world-class milestone in a major sport. Val has had her share of awards, even if well earned; and Lydia well get plenty in what looks certain to be a stellar career in women’s golf.


    McCullum, hands down. How many times in your lifetime will you witness, on homesoil, a NZ cricketer score over 300???

    • damm good thrashing

      Cricket is a rigged game run by the match fixers.