BG2: Focus on what you eat, not the exercise

8 5 13 tired BackwardsPhysical fitness is very good for you, but don’t expect to drop much weight just because you go for a long walk every day.

I have a pretty sedentary life in general, and I can lose weight sitting here at a keyboard.  Over the last few days, I’ve been extremely active, I’ve been up and down stairs hundreds of times, and I’ve been really pumping the heart for hours on end.

Weigh-in today?  0.2 more.

I still had no breakfast and a small lunch during those days, but we ate a few high calorie dinners.  Result:  whatever progress I may have made by being on my feet all day was negated by just one meal.

Of course, the standard disclaimer applies:  your body may react differently to mine.

But the lesson here is that even if you’ve been unusually active for a few days, don’t expect to see it on the scales, especially if you drop your guard when eating.

In my case, I really must not slip up taking my body out of fat burning mode.  (by switching from low carb to high carb)

Tomorrow we’ll be reporting for the end of Week 3, and I see some of the BG2-ers are already 3 or 4 weeks away from reaching their target weight!

Others, like yours truly, still have at least half a year ahead, so if you want to join, feel free to drop me an email and I’ll give you access to the spreadsheet.

– Pete


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  • The Whinging Pom

    Made the big mistake this week of buying some new digital bathroom scales. Immediately my weight shot up by 2 kgs from what it is on the old ones. Bugger!

    Still, better to know the truth, and if it’s the new ones that are wrong it won’t do me any harm at the moment to think I’m 2kgs heavier than I really am, I suppose.

    • mommadog

      I don’t think any regular bathroom scales are 100% accurate. You could probably stand on 10 different ones and get 10 slightly different weights. however you will be able to watch the downward trend from here on in, on your new scales. I went digital as my eye sight got a bit worse as it is easier to read than trying to keep still while peering down with or without my glasses on and counting little dashes between numbers.

  • caochladh

    Something to remember, perhaps………..

  • Ulysses Swanson

    as you said Pete everyone’s body acts/reacts differently, I find that walking or biking to and from work five days a week is more than enough exercise to lose weight at a slow but steady pace provided I watch what I eat – unfortunately I tend to struggle with that last bit – damn you potato chips… damn you to hell!

    mmmmmmmm… potato chips… [incoherent gurgling noise]

    • Mags

      I love that crunch. Anyone got any ideas for a healthy replacement for the potato chip?

      • pak

        Kale pieces done in oven v. crispy and good for you, easy to make. Nice with some chilli flakes/coconut oil/sea salt. If kale not your thing beet chips are delicious, or homemade potato or kumera chips. Loads of recipes on internet. Read somewhere that some of the commercial potato chips not actual slices of the spud, but pieces mushed up with something then reconstituted into slices…

        • Mags

          Thanks for that. Beetroot sounds awesome! I have planted some kale so I will look forward to doing kale chips when it has grown. I just love the crunch.

          • pak

            Love the crunch too! Don’t know how to link but if you google “beetroot chips – nzgirl” there is a nice simple Martha Stewart oven baked recipe there. Quite of a bit of kale round in shops at moment if you don’t want to wait for your own – just a few stalks makes quite a lot of kale “chips”.

        • la la land

          God that’s gross! I have seen margarine prior to being bleached and dyed and that is another thing that will never again pass my lips!

          • pak

            Wish knew how to do the link thing, but Markus Rothkranz talks about it too – says that most potato chips made by grinding spud to powder and mixing it “with stuff” then reformed in a machine that makes slices … was going to mention him to Mags below (Markus Rothkranz/potato chips) but his recipe uses a dehydrator and not many people have them. But his comments are true!

          • pak

            It is! Avoiding “high intervention food” best way to go!

  • Benoni

    Try No Carb. I used to be able to drop 2KGs a day with walking/gym/no carb diet.

    • I didn’t want to bore with detail – but that was my sin. Only meal I had for 3 days were high carb hi cal :)

      • Mags

        Doesn’t your brain need carbohydrates to function? I know I get very unreasonable if I don’t eat.

        I think of carbohydrates as healthy carbs or unhealthy carbs. The ones that are high fibre (we don’t digest the fibre and it comes out the other end) are healthy and keep you feeling satiated so that you don’t end up bingeing on the high calorie stuff.
        Ed. Sp

        • La la land

          It can sometimes be easier to describe vegetables as vegetables and grains/processed grains etc as carbs even though its not strictly accurate. We need to eat vegetables but we don’t actually need to eat processed carbohydrates and grains to be healthy. Fats also keep you feeling satiated.

          • David Moore

            Simple ways to put this:

            Eat the rainbow, the more colours in the veggies you eat the better.

            Don’t eat carbs that come in a box.

          • Mags

            Yep. I’m hearing the message of importance of increasing the vegetable intake and decreasing the processed stuff. I just have to have the message repeated and repeated and repeated….we know the answers but it is it so hard to do sometimes.

          • la la land

            I completely agree… its all great in theory!

        • David Moore

          No, your brain does not need carbs, it can use ketones too.

    • David Moore

      Eh? 2kg/day? That’s 14,000 calories. You know what it actually takes to burn that off in a day? If your stating on a ketogenic diet then you drop water weight very quickly and is the only possible way you can drop 2kg in a day. After a few days that stabilizes and you will see what weight you really use.

      Of course, when you reintroduce carbs, that water weight comes back…..

    • La la land

      surely you men 2kg/week?

  • David Moore

    Exercise is worthwhile, but it can be a double edge sword for those trying to lose weight. Too much can really impact hunger and many people try and push the exercise too far at a time food is restricted which can stop fat loss full stop.

    Exercise is, however, key to keeping weight off once it’s lost.

    • Mags

      Excercise makes me feel better too. It also means that when I’m off on my evening walk I’m not eating.

  • wooted

    My goal is not just about losing weight. I also want to be healthier and fitter. If that entails some fatty weight loss being offset by some muscle weight gain I’m not too upset. Being able to walk up steps or a hill without wheezing is a reward in itself.

    • La la land

      Same here – I want to wake up in the morning and feel good instead of death warmed up. I must say that in the few weeks that I had been eating paleo (prior to the falling off the wagon episode described above) I had been feeling so much better in the mornings – up early and ready for a big walk.

  • La la land

    Yes I have been heading backwards too – had friends to stay and spent 4 days eating and drinking too much. Tomorrow is another day however and I will be climbing back on the wagon…