BG2: One of the team shares his story

If you missed yesterday’s Blubbergeddon 2 (BG2) announcement, you can catch up here.

Hi Pete,

I am on board.

You and I sound similar. Late November I had a good look at myself and did not like what I saw. I did not like what I had become. I have struggled with weight and then obesity throughout most of my life. I got away with it when I was younger. I played sport. Propped up the first fifteen etc. I put weight on at Uni and discovered that I was 104Kg before I stopped weighing myself. The good news is that I did get healthy when I joined the work force. I started running. I rode a bike. My weight decreased to 84kg at its lowest. However I did not care too much about nutrition.

Now I am a guy. I love savory things. I do not care for sugar or sweets. Pies, pizzas and curries were my thing. I learned to cook a mean curry. Big portions of salt an fat are my thing. I could hide all this while I was active. I could run 20km after work and justify a family sized serving of pasta afterwards. The trouble is that stresses in life lead to a huge reduction in exercise without a change in nutrition. Over time, the weight has crept back. Around December 1, I was 119kg. My cholesterol and Blood pressure were up the wazoo. This got me scared. My father has a coronary stent (fortunately he got his weight and health sorted) and I knew I was heading down the same path of inevitable heart disease.

In this last month I have got busy. Huge dietary changes. I eliminated most sugar and starch (yes, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes). I heat lean meat only. I fill my gut with salad and vegetables instead. This required considerable preparation. Try going to a Barbeque but bring your own food. Minimal alcohol over the festive season. Beer is nothing to me other than liquid bread. I have tried to me scientific about my nutrition approach. My MO is to minimise the large insulin spikes so that I can minimise hunger and reduce my appetite. I have also learnt to think of food as nutrition and not comfort. Most of the energy I need is around my belly. Hunger is the signal that my body is burning fat. I have also stopped the caffeine (Coffee, coke Zero were my vices). Instead I drink Green tea and actually enjoy it. Soda water with a squirt of lime juice is also good and refeshing.

I have also been a lot more active. A 1 hour cardio work out a day. I was fortuante to spend 10 days in the Bay of Islands where I walked my way through the local hills and bush. Last week I slugged my way over the Bell track in Mt Pirongia. 10 hours of hard slog.

So where am I at now. I have lost 12kg so far. Ultimately I want to lose 40kg and get my weight under 80kg. I have a lot on my plate this year. Not sure how realistic this goal is going to be. I have a challenge next month which is to climb Mt Armstrong near Haast. Hills are my archilles heel. The benefits of losing 12kg so far are that my joints do not hurt when walking. I can walk a lot faster without breaking into a sweat and I can climb a big flight of stairs without feeling breathless. And before I forget, when looking down I can now see my penis.

As my journey continues, it would be great to have a forum to support one another. Also a forum for exchanging exercise and recipe ideas. Tonight, I am making a chickpea curry and putting together a bean salad for lunches over the next week.


Thanks for that Bazza, that is indeed embarrassingly similar to my story, except the fitness I had to get over the hills 3 years ago is all gone. I have to start again.


If you are interested in joining the BG2 team, drop me an email at [email protected]… etc

Couple of ground rules:   There is no “right way” that fits everyone.  By all means, tell people what works for you, but don’t expect that to work for someone else.  Our bodies are different.  Our minds are different.  Our circumstances are different.

In general, this isn’t about weight loss through diet.  It is about examining your current habits and projecting them few decades into the future, and then using that to justify a permanent change.   It’s about how you eat, what you eat, and how you get or remain active.

There will be no revelations here for or from anyone.  We all know it is a very simple equation:  as long as your energy intake is less than the energy you expend, you will lose weight.  But in that extreme simplicity there are countless small variations, tips, hints, bits of knowledge, science, personal experiences, and so on, once shared can be something that can help someone else along.

So my focus, and therefore the focus of BG2 will be to try and achieve long term and permanent health benefits through making small changes with a view to make these permanent habits.

Anything else, by definition, will only be a short term weight loss diet, and although that’s fine, there isn’t much point to it if you put it all back on – like I did.

People who have signed up so far

People who have signed up so far


– Pete


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  • Mrs_R

    Well done Bazza. As Pete says it’s about assessing our current life habits and projecting them into the future and seeing how they measure up in making us happier healthier individuals in the longterm. Good health is one of our most precious assets, yet we often squander it. This is a fantastic initiative that WO has kicked off and there is never a better time than a New Year to think of new beginnings and changes. I look forward to reading the on going updates of fellow Oilers for the motivation to continue on my own journey to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

  • Whafe

    Awesome work, thanks for sharing.

    Always cool to see these living changes, like that it is not a diet thing, it is a change in the way you are living… Often easier said than done…

    Stoked for you all, go hard and get amongst it

  • Wallace Westland

    Got a set of digital scales today. Not 135kg (that was a guess since I’d clocked the mechanical scales pretty good one too) 133.6kg although from tomorrow I’ll do morning weighs. (Pete if you can reset the sheet please do otherwise my first weigh in is a cheat lol)

    Also bought an exercycle which is sitting in a box at the moment and about to be assembled.
    Carrying it in was more exercise than I’ve done in a year so I’m already winded and dreading bending down to assemble the blasted thing (kidding)

    I’ve spent most of my life working really really physical jobs and was a heavy smoker for 25 years. Three packs of 25’s a day.
    I quit smoking 6 years ago and at the same time started doing a lot more office work.
    The pounds poured on ever since I quit and only in the last couple of months have I realised I don’t feel the need for a ciggy as much as I did. (Substitute eating and tonnes of mint lollies)

    I quit for my kids but if I don’t lose some of this flab I might as well have kept it up. I’m so unfit I can’t play with them anyway.

    Today I’m almost totally office bound and it’s now beyond a joke.
    I don’t know many people that would choose to carry a full bag of cement with them everywhere they go! A bag weighs 40kg same as Bazza wants to lose so do I. I was 95kg when I quit.
    I don’t need luck, I need to use the exact same willpower I used to quit smoking to reduce my weight and I need to stop making excuses for why I can’t exercise. (I carry a lot of injuries hence the exercycle)
    That’s it! Simple right?

    • I’m not doing a thing! Just go back into it and fix it :)

      We all do our own line – I can’t get stuck doing the admin, sorry :)

      • Wallace Westland

        Soz, wasn’t suggesting you should be, I’m used to shared sheets having read only and protections just thought it would be the same for the first entry, never used an internet based spread sheet. I’ll put the true weight in tomorrow.
        Thanks :)

        • Protections? This isn’t work :P

          Not sure I can actually protect ranges in Google Sheets.

          • Wallace Westland

            I’m pretty sure we can safely assume everyone is an adult it. Thanks Pete.

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Careful with the beans Bazza, they are high carb. Check out

    • Mags

      I think good carbs (like beans,chickpeas, and lentils) are great. Slow burning and fill you up. Carbs get a bad name because they also include all the bad carbs, like refined breads, fizzy’s etc. they do have lots of fibre which takes a while to adapt to but fibre is good.

  • ozbob68

    You can always count on the boys at VIZ to approach this issue sensitively.

  • Imogen B

    Every year I promise a healthier regime – as soon as I’ve finished the ham and the Christmas cake! Go well folks, you’re inspirational.

  • Clutch Cargo

    Hey Guys, Im in. Off to the quack tomorrow because no one should feel this crap and still be upright. If I was a horse, they would shoot me. I like the idea of a group effort, a bit of competition and most of all, your efforts are out there for all to see…good and bad. Bowled 30kg’s a couple of years ago and got really fit but sadly it’s all come back. Unfortunately my motorcycle racing days have left me with a new hip, broken femur, broken shoulder and four broken fingers so I have been warned off running (which I enjoyed) but will give it a crack when the weight drops a smidge. In the meantime it’s wogging (walk/jog), cycling and masters rowing. Kicking off at 6ft 1″ and 122kg and aiming for anything under 90kg. My BMI says I should be 77kg….seriously!!!!!. The dogs looking forward to it anyway…..chasing bunnies down the river bed on my wogs.

  • Mags

    Things that helped me loose weight included not going to the supermarket alone (I told husband he had to come shopping with me) and clearing the pantry so that there were no temptations.

  • Fat Sally

    Pete I’m dead keen to join as I need a good kick up my jacksie. Am currently on holiday in Nowheresville so cant jump on the scales, also internet is hit and miss.

    Will email Thursday night when I’m back amongst civilization.

  • FatMansTrack

    I’m in – nothing else has worked. Have emailed you Pete, look forward to the sunlight driving some positive change!