BG2: The more the merrier


I’m still getting people joining.  You can join at any stage – even months in.  There are no rules other than to use the blog and the group as a bit of a motivator.

I am joining in please. You need some female representation and I badly need to make some changes. Actually I decided I needed to do something about my health/weight at New Year but I have only lost ½ a kg in two weeks. It is embarrassing sharing my weight but I think that aspect is what will help to hold me accountable for the changes I want to make for my health. Blood pressure slightly up although not enough to need medication and aching tired joints from carrying all the extra blubber around. So for the big reveal my weight today 83.9kg. I’m not tall so this definitely puts me into the obese category Funny thing is – well not so funny – is that I have a lot of health knowledge and know what’s good for me and what isn’t in regards to eating and exercise and such. But knowing is not the same as doing and putting it into practice. I’ve been too addicted to cheese and chocolate, not to mention the odd wine bottle.

So for some background – I’m a middle age lady (53) who just hit menopause a few months ago and is having those hot flushes. I have read that its harder to lose weight at this time because of hormone changes but no excuses.
Ten years ago I weighted a comfortable and stable 60 kg. I exercised (running plus walked my dog for an hour a day) and was healthy. Over the past 10 years I moved countries, changed jobs and have tons of excused for just eating too much and not moving enough. I have a closet full of clothes I can’t fit. I am extremely unfit as evidenced by my going for a run today for the first time in years. I could only run for small sections in between walking breaks. It wasn’t so much the leg strength that tripped me up but I was puffing and panting like my dog on a hot summers day but worse. Same with taking stairs. One flight and I’m done in. I don’t want to be like this or worse when I’m 55 or 60 so I am all for some changes. It’s taken me 10 years to get in this mess so I don’t expect an overnight fix but like you stated in your posting, the changes need to be permanent.

As it has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to share my weight I am hitting send fast so I don’t change my mind.


For most people, losing weight isn’t hard because we don’t know what to do – it is hard because it is a mental game.  And that’s why groups such as these can work.

I’m started a new way of eating, which has the occasional “fasting” day in among completely normal days.  Yesterday was a “fast” day, which means I have to restrict calories to only 600 (500 for women).

The first day I did this “fasting” lark, I was hanging out for something to eat… badly.  I ate two boiled eggs for lunch that day, about 100 calories in total, leaving me 500 for dinner.

As I’ve done more fasting days, I realised that I wasn’t actually very hungry.  Any pangs and I just drink some water, and they go away.  But mentally, I want to eat.  Oh yes.  Chew something.  Taste something.

Yesterday was the first day I’ve not had anything to eat all day… until a small meal at dinner time.  And I am surprised how easy it was.  Apart from my very strange need to want to chew on something, there was really very little actual hunger involved.

I’m now quite convinced I could go for a 24 hour fast, but the diet doesn’t require it, and it isn’t about putting my body into starvation mode (that’s a bad thing).   So I do need to eat something to prevent that from happening.

The good thing is that this is probably my 5th fasting day now, and physically it’s fairly easy – especially if you have a busy day.

The only challenge will be to see if I can get my mind to be on my side and stop telling me how nice it would be to eat something, even if my body doesn’t actually say so.

Eating is quite a habit, and having regular meals is may not be optimal for your health.  More about that later.


Drop me an email if you want to join the Blubbergeddon 2 team – we’re only just getting the group together.  Feel free to drop your story to me via email.


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  • la la land

    Mommadog – I am there too now – so there is another female voice… I need to lose 8 kg – doesnt sound much but I have been needing to lose the bulge for a few years no – so might as well join you… I am going to try and completely cut out sugar and processed carbs – so basically paleo style eating. I am on the board now so I guess I will have to let the kids eat the rest of the squiggles!

    Try remifemin for the menopause – its a natural product and works – all my symptoms have disappeared! (it took about 5 days to work)

    • mommadog

      Thanks for the tip. I’m also trying to cut out as much sugar as possible (still eating some fruit) and mostly all processed foods – which basically takes care of the sugar problem. I also have started to exercise and move more. Its only been two days but I had to start somewhere. One of my favourite quotes –

      “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.”
      ― John Bingham, No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running

  • Michelle

    Your story is not the same as mine but the age/menopause bit is
    l lost weight 9 years ago and it has slowly crept back on especially the last couple of years
    Fitness wise l walk nearly every day and do physical work but my automatic arm that puts food into my compliant mouth is the problem and it is the mental thing for me
    Still trying to get the pluck up to join in l know l need to

    • Wallace Westland

      Jump on in..the waters fine…mind you there’s not much left cos I jumped first :)

    • mommadog

      Agree with Wallace. Come and join in. It took me 24 hours to decide to hit the send button but once I did I’m ok with my information being out there now. Its kind of freeing in a ‘this is me but I’m going to do something about it’ way. I was worried/embarrassed about sharing my weight but in reality that was silly as everyone who passes me on the street sees it – I can only hide so many fat roles under layers of clothing. I was only fooling myself.

      • Asian_driver

        Hey Mommadog, Your dissapionting 1/2 kg weightloss in 2 weeks is great, in 12 months you will be 12 kg lighter about 71kg. Surley this is great , and sustainable weight loss. Keep up the good work

  • Cadwallader

    Fasting is good especially in our current hot weather but I get the wobbles in the early afternoon for want of sugar. Otherwise it is a good reducer of weight. The problem is that once you start to firm up muscles, the muscles are evidently heavier than flab, so your weight increases.

    • Wallace Westland

      It would take a Schwarzenegger like effort for my flab weight to be overtaken by muscle mass weight. :-)hahaha

  • Wayne McDougall

    “Starvation mode” is a myth. Just FYI.

    • Cadwallader

      It has been said before…nobody was overweight in the Concentration Camps not a hint of a myth about that!

      • Wheninrome

        Biafrans spring to mind as well.

    • I only repeat what a scientist wrote without understanding it. Something about metabolism kicking into a different gear where it eats muscle. But I ain’t got no reference to back that up right now.

      But great if it is a myth.

      • Wayne McDougall

        One thing to realise is that your body is breaking down (“eatting”) both muscle and fat all the time, even when you are eating. There’s a dynamic equilibrium as old cells die and new cells are formed. If you aren’t loading your muscles (“keeping fit”) then there is less demand to create new muscle cells, and so there is a net loss. If you are consuming more calories than you burn/excrete then there is a net gain of fat cells. But the two are being create and consumed all the time. The net effect is the concern.

        A side issue is that a fat cell can be fat (stuffed with fat) or skinny, and once a fat cell is made it is easier for it to store more fat. But the above paragraph is still true.

      • Wayne McDougall

        As for starvation mode, the basic concept is that if you fast or skip a meal, or reduce your calorie intake even slightly (you’ll find many variations) then your body enters “starvation mode” where is is more efficient. Therefore skipping meals, fasting etc is useless/counter-productive/will make you gain weight. This is completely false.

        The idea based on a tiny kernel of truth from one very old study. To summarise, if you are truly starving (say about 10 days without food), then your basal metabolic rate will drop slightly as your body enters this “starvation mode”. For most people this was a drop of about 3-6%. The most extreme drop was 10%.

        Now your basal metabolic rate is how many calories you would burn if you lay in bed without moving – no finger twitching – nothing voluntary. You can estimate this at about 1200 calories per day. So at the most extreme, if you entered starvation mode by not eating at all, you might eventually burn 120 calories less per day than you otherwise would. Realising that you have to not consume over 2000 of calories to reach this state. So you will still be losing weight.

        In short, “starvation mode” as it is popularly presented
        a) will never happen, because you are not, in fact, starving
        b) is only a tiny effect
        c) does not in fact negate the effect of fasting, skipping meals, or actual starving
        d) only affects the basal metabolic rate

        Furthermore all forms of exercise, jogging, cycling, swimming, walking to the fridge, digesting food, all burn the same number of calories whether you are in survival mode or not. And unless you are in a coma, these calories burned from moving around are far in excess from any “starvation mode” savings. And remember this saving for most literally starving people is a saving of less than 8g of fat per day.

      • Wayne McDougall

        Anyone who says something like “metabolism kicking into a different gear where it eats muscle” is not a scientist. And anything else they say should be treated as needing independent verification

  • KGB

    I need to lose 20kg. I lost 10kg last summer but piled it all back on last winter. I blame nothing for it but myself. As a type2 diabetic it’s necessary to do something about it. As a smoker I live in fear of trying to do both, but realise this is a perfect excuse. Like you menopause hit and it all turned to custard. Oh for some self-control.

  • Fantastic initiative Pete and everyone. Pete I was hugely impressed that you put a photo of yourself up as a powerful social check on your progress, and am enjoying everyones stories. I don’t have a set of scales in the house so probably not worth me chipping in on the action. My story though for what its worth is that I normally sit around 60ish kgs. Early November last year I had to sort myself out as I didn’t fit my clothes and did not feel good about my weight, which I estimate was probably up around 70.
    I eat pretty healthy really, its the wine that I need to cut back on, and just tweek my diet here and there. The main thing I’ve done is step up my excercise. I started off doing a challenging hill walk twice a week as it took 2-3 days to recover. In the last 3 weeks I’ve stepped it up to every second day as I can feel my fitness rocketing ahead, which makes me very happy. I thought it was a 5k walk but my husband took his ph with us recently and its 12kms! It takes me from 2:05 to 2:25 minutes to do, depending on how I feel and if I do any running, which I’ve also started to increase.
    Without scales its hard to say but I think I’ve lost about 5kgs. I’d like to loose another 2-4kgs, but as I now am doing weights also the days I don’t walk I’ll gain in muscle. My aim is to fit all my clothes again really and continue to increase my fitness. I’m in my mid 40s and have found this weight slow to go.
    I look forward to reading about everyones progress, and discussions on diet etc. I’m not on the sheet but I’m there doing it with you!

  • EveryWhichWayButLeft

    My tip to the BG2 team…

    Even though in vapour form it’s by far the biggest contributor to global warming, I’ve found the liquid form of Dihydrogen Monoxide very refreshing and not only quenches thirst but also eases those hunger pangs.

    Drink lots of it I say, damn those Green Taliban and damn the environment!

    • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

      But theres a shortage and fish… well they do stuff in it.

  • Je Suis Charlie – Respect!!

    I’m 110kgs, solid build big shoulders from the strength part of my jobs but unfortunately like many who work outdoors and have an office on wheels I make bad food choices (especially when cold and wet – MMMM pies/chips/etc). Blood press is okay (slightly high) and cholesterol is all okay.

    Basically I am a “healthy fatty” but only because of my job as I keep exercising due the nature of my work.

    I like Coffee (addicted to it), but limit it to one a day (trim flat white no sugar) in the morning and usually wash down something nice as well (muffin or biscuit). Lunches are the usual packed affair (sandwiches and fruit or muesli bar) and other home meals are good healthy stuff.

    I found it hard to comprehend why I was gaining weight when I didnt eat “too badly”, but it slowly crept up a little at a time. Now I know it was the snacks or hot treats on cold days but some how I just let it slide – just this once just a few too many times. Looking at bank statements it was easy to see where I was /am going wrong as 75% of my transactions are less than $10 and at cafe’s/garages or truck stops.

    Cant blame anyone else as no one forced me to eat it, so I will “try to do better”. I find I cant be trusted with a money card (easy to loose track of spending), so I have an allowance for the week of $25 and when its gone there is no more. Most of the time I have $$ left over for the weekend as well.

    Basically I’m Fat. Not going to sugar coat it (or I’m likely to eat it too) and if I dont do something about it soon it is likely to get harder and harder to sort it, so I’ll be participating alongside you guys (not sure I will become an official WO Whale yet).

  • ShoreRight

    Behind the eight ball here – where do you send the email to join and is there a separate blog for BG2 ?

    • Mrs_R

      Under the main story is the heading ‘Related Posts’ e.g. A little less conversation … etc. I suggest clicking on those three links and reading the posts and you will be completely up to date :)

      • ShoreRight

        Thanks Mrs R ..have been out of range for a couple of days…sounds like a grand idea …cheers