BG2: Week 2

Here we are, the numbers after two weeks.



After a bit of a stall, I managed to kickstart my weightloss again, and I finally managed to drag my BMI under 37.  Soon, I hope to not be the leader in the BMI stakes!    It’s been a bit of a surprise that I was the heaviest for my height for everyone on Blubbergeddon 2.   If that didn’t prove I needed to do something, I don’t know what would.

Wallace is doing very well.  He started in the 130s, and I wouldn’t be surprised he reaches 110 before me.

Good to see some more people put some loss on the board too.  We’ve only got a handful of people that haven’t reported back.

While it is so warm, it is actually easier to drink more water.  I can’t recommend it enough. Have two bottles if you like, one chillin’ in the fridge while you are sucking down some good old dihydrogen monoxide – contrary to reports, the stuff is good for you.

71.7 kgs lost by the team.   Just 8.3 kg short of two bags of cement.  About 35 bottles of milk.  That’s about 2.8 kg per person, or this much cheese:


Imagine that hanging around your middle all day.  Except now, it’s not!


…what is your biggest battle right now?  Is it hunger pangs?   Is it slipping in that wine or cookie?  What’s holding you back from doing it right?



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  • sandalwood789

    Wow……. Grizz – minus 15 kilos! Good stuff!
    Lots of other really good efforts there too.

    • Yeah, Grizz is heading for the promised land: 2 digits :)

      • Grizz30

        Have not seen that for 6 years.

        • I can’t remember when I was 2 digits last time. It is probably some decades ago :

    • Grizz30

      Just note, I started a month earlier. The first 10kg fell off real quick. Slow going since then.

      The biggest difficulty for me now is life getting in the way. I have managed the nutrition well and in fact have not strayed from the plan. However having the time to do more exercise is my biggest barrier. I seem to be winning, sothat is motivation to keep going.

  • SVlover

    Congratulation everyone. At 5’1″ tall weighing in at 43Kg, I can’t join you in that challenge, but….if there was a ‘Stop Smoking’ challenge I may be obliged to join that one.

    • Wallace Westland

      Ha. Quitting smoking is what led me to this point.
      However to be honest I highly recommend it. (Quitting, not turning into a hefferlump) :-)

      • SVlover

        I wouldn’t mind putting on a bit of weight, it would make shopping for clothes a lot easier. As it is, I have to buy clothes for a 12 year old, and that’s not a good look at my age!!!

    • EveryWhichWayButLeft

      Hey SVL, I’m doing BG2 and stopping smoking – day 31 today :D
      In all honesty, the giving up smoking is more important to me than the weight loss. The smoking is ‘now’, but the weight loss is a 12 month goal.

      Have a crack – you’ll notice the difference in your health as well as your back pocket.

      • SVlover

        Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve just received the ‘patches and gum’, but to be honest, its pretty scary after 50 years of addiction. I do believe though that the price is now prohibitive, and that will be a good incentive.

        • EveryWhichWayButLeft

          I’m using an e-cigarette – a big bootty one, not you normal size.
          It’s helping a lot. Cost about $80 to set up and less than $5 per week in juice and coils.
          I highly recommend e-cigs, esp. the variable wattage/voltage mods like the one I’m using (pic)

          • jude

            I saw a lot of these in use when Al and I were in Europe.:)

        • hookerphil

          I had my first smokes at about 9 and never really stopped, drawback from the beginning. Finally kicked it at about 60, lots of attempts, once to about 6 months but now will never go back. Finally stopped when I realised just how much it was simply habit and I was not actually enjoying it. Wow, my sense of smell and taste is now so, so much better. You do have to actually want to stop.

  • johcar

    Biggest battle is receiving visitors or going out, and having to think before I eat or drink: “Will this affect my Blubbergeddon plans?”

    I’m also trying the 5:2 thing, since I’m working from home and I don’t have ready access on my “fast” days to the cafe (coffee and muffins – or should I say “mini-cakes” – are a habit I don’t need).

    But I CAN control what’s int’ fridge…

    In fact, shopping is next up today…

    EDIT: the screenshot above doesn’t show it – obviously taken a little before I updated today, but I also lost a block of cheese this week… Pretty happy about that!

    • It’s a mine field, isn’t it? Hang in there, and don’t be too stuffy about the 5:2. If you have a 6:1 week, cut yourself some slack, and just get back into the rhythm.

  • Wallace Westland

    Yeah it’s been a battle last couple of days. Weekends are bad for me. When I’m at work I’m so busy there’s not much time to think about it but at home I rattle around looking for things to do that I don’t really care to do anyway. (hate housework)
    And a long weekend too..sigh.
    Still hanging in there. Just :-)

    • Mrs_R

      How many minutes on the bike are we doing this week Wallace? I have to warn you though it’s so stinking hot anything more than 30mins each time might kill me… :)

      • Brian Badonde

        I was wondering the same? Very impressive Wallace! Don’t stop now. I’m doing 60 minutes on a spin bike and go nuts. I have a fan directly in front of me to keep me cool. Bike is set up in the garage underneath the house so it is surprisingly cool. Will do this most days.

      • Wallace Westland

        Opps, sorry..I’m doing a good 40mins a day now and the stuff is pouring out of me. Plus swinging the dumbbells for the first 15.
        I’m hoping the reason my weight isn’t changing is I’m building up some muscle mass yet still burning of fat.

        • Mrs_R

          Go you! I will have to lift my game to keep up :) It has been said that a person just needs to measure their waist if they want to know the true progress they are making. Definitely sounds like muscle :)

    • mommadog

      I know what you mean about weekends. Saturday I have a standard lunch date with my Mum who likes to cook and I like to eat her food. My weight always up Sunday morning compared to Friday.

      • I just spent 4 days at mums, and I managed to stall. But I did force myself to eat smaller portions. So I had a little less but didn’t say no to things :)

  • Reaper

    Re keeping water in the fridge – lately I have been making up jugs/jars of cucumber water and keeping them in the fridge for a refreshing cold drink.

    Just add a few slices of cucumber, lemon and a sprig of mint to water. It is supposed to have a few health benefits, including aiding weight loss. I find it a great thirst quencher in this hot weather.

    • mommadog

      Thanks I have cucumber, lemon and mint all in the garden so its a perfect time to try this.

    • Grizz30

      I have a soda stream. Take a 500ml soda stream bottle of cold water. Burst it with fizz. Then 3 squirts of lime juice. Done. Refreshing soft drink with next to no calories. Well I find I can drink it.

  • mommadog

    Well I was going to update the board tonight but I will admit here I’m back to square one and starting all over. Since starting I lost a full kilo and have put a kilo back on as of my weight this morning. I am trying not to be too hard on myself but I was feeling great and its a bummer to have to start over. I have been sick and on antibiotics and prednisone (as I mentioned earlier in the week) and haven’t exercised and probably went back to eating a bit too much. Why oh why if I was going to get sick couldn’t I have had a gastro bug to help me loose weight rather than a chest infection in summer where I couldn’t breath enough to get in some good exercise :)

    Oh well, I’m not ready to give up yet so will see what happens over the next week. My battle (other than the temporary health blip) is maintenance. Getting into a routine and forming new habits. Its easy to get motivated to do something for a couple of days and then let it fall away. and go back to the old ways of eating and not moving enough. Anyway starting to feel much better so no excuses and I hope I have better news a week from now.

    • Antibiotics AND prednisone? That’s particularly difficult. Don’t be hard on yourself. Fact you haven’t gone backwards is a win. People taking prednisone are under a huge pressure to eat.

      • mommadog

        Yes steroids and eating go together as they increase appetite but it was only a five day course. Last ones this morning so I cant use that as an excuse next week.

    • Reaper

      Prednisone causes fluid retention mommadog, so don’t pay too much attention to the number on the scales, it could just be the extra water.

      • mommadog

        Thanks. Didn’t know that part.

  • independant

    just checking in to see how everyones going, I had already started my weight loss in mid october before this got started so I didnt join officially but keeping an eye on everyone. I was 107 kgs, Im now down to 92.5kgs, thats 14.5kgs since mid october, ive been hammering the fruit this week, plums and pineapple slices ice cold from the fridge. Been getting hungry just before bed so have taken to fruit just before bed, its enough to push the hunger away without bloating. Ive found a really healthy yummy snack from the company dole, snackers crunchies, they are justmixed nuts and dry fruit in chunky chewy bits, delicious ! Another thing if your struggling with motivation to cook and what to eat, HOmecater is a company ive been using for a wee while now, I order frozen meals weekly from them, cheap and smaller portions, lovely taste, better than the eat company stuff, no dishes, no decisions on what to eat, just thaw and micro in 4mins they are mint, you have to thaw them though. def fill the freezer up for those tired cant be bothered days, its quicker to wack one of those in the micro than head out to maccas :)