Bill Maher cuts loose at the liberal apologists – They should wear t-shirts that say “Je Suis part of the problem”

Bill Maher has become almost a lone voice in calling out liberal apologists.

He said Islam was the only religion that will “kill you if you…draw the wrong picture.”

They protested him speaking at their commencement.

Months later, Islamists shot up a French magazine for publishing, well, “the wrong picture.”

Bill Maher, host of HBO’s “Real Time,” took Friday night as an opportunity to take something of an “I told you so” lap around the University of California Berkeley students who protested him coming to their campus.

Those liberal students resorted to “extreme bullying” like so many other liberals who want to impose limits on free speech when it offends them, Maher said.

If you’re one of those people, you’re not really a liberal, Maher added. You’re a “baby.”

Glenn Greenwald cops a kick in the nads as well.

What an awesome, outstanding rant.

“Free speech only works if there are no waivers”


– The Blaze


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  • Murray Smith

    So many truths in such a short time frame.
    Would almost fit into a 6pm television newscast.

    I jest with one sentence.

  • JC

    Its almost like a law of Nature.. Islamists murder some folks in a Western city, everyone gets really mad at the Islamists and somewhere, somehow some Jews get killed and the authorities demand more control over Grandma’s Facebook page to make sure she isn’t promoting hate speech against innocent Muslims.


  • OneTrack

    The left really don’t believe in free speech do they – only the freedom to say what they agree with.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    It takes commitment courage thick skin and tenacity it seems these days to be one of those at the front line sharing the news.
    I like this man another straight talker among the few …. good stuff!

  • IntrinsicValue

    Terrific. A shining light in the otherwise mindless abyss that is modern liberalism.

  • sandalwood789

    There are two big evils in the world today – Islam and socialism.

    Islam should be tackled first and socialism very soon afterwards.

    • Sam

      Socialist sentiments / policies enable Islam in the West.

      • sandalwood789

        Yep, that’s right.
        Socialism paves the road and Islam drives on through.

  • cows4me

    They staff at TV1&3 would need a defibrillator if that was aired on local telly.

  • Kevin

    The one bit I disagree with is anti-semitism. No one should be allowed to promote hatred of a people, especially in Europe against the Jews. Nor are laws against anti-semitism a breach of free speech.

    And the Charlie Hebdo cartoons didn’t promote hatred of Muslims. They took the mickey out of Islam. Big difference.

    • la la land

      I don’t agree with you actually. I think we should have total freedom of speech and thought. However arranging for a crime to occur (eg murder) is a crime and should remain as one. We can’t pick and choose which groups of people to protect – there have been atrocities in all religions/ ethnic groups.

      • Kevin

        It’s not picking and choosing. If say a radio dj starts calling for people to hack and murder a minority then that radio dj should be tried.

        • That’s illegal no matter who is the object of the intended violence.

          We’re currently talking about halting all Muslim immigration. Insert Jew, and you’d want that to be illegal, surely?

          You can’t pick and choose if you want to be consistent.

          • Kevin

            Do you believe halting all Muslim immigration promotes hatred of Muslims?

          • No less than halting all Jewish immigration ‘promotes’ hatred of Jews (it’s the manifestation, not the promotion). Banning immigrants on the grounds of coming from barbaric hellholes, or setting minimum integrations standards, is a different matter (with the integration standards being reviewable at, say, 2 and 5 year points). But an outright ban, on the basis of a particular point (exempli gratia: religion) is intolerance (even if it would be effective in some areas).

          • botti

            Does Israel restricting entry to non-jews promote hatred of those who aren’t jewish? Does the Dalai Lama opposing Han Chinese immigration to Tibet promote hatred against the Chinese?

          • Mikael Baker

            Are Jews a Religion or a Race?

        • la la land

          Yes, but this should apply to all groups not just Jews.

        • botti

          Criminalising threats to kill, or inciting someone to kill someone else, is generally seen as a reasonable restriction on freedom of expression.

    • botti

      ***Nor are laws against anti-semitism a breach of free speech.***

      Of course they’re a breach of free speech. As an example, it’s curious hearing Hollande praising freedom of expression when France has laws preventing academic historians from writing about the Holocaust. The US, which has the largest jewish population in the world, is the only country that really has something approaching freedom of expression.

  • Mikael Baker

    Maher is a Liberal faggit.

    Suddenly he is your darling.

    What’s up, KKKrackers?