Brilliant for the World – tragic for the Left/Socialism

Bill Gates has published his annual letter.

In it he states:

The lives of people in poor countries will improve faster in the next 15 years than at any other time in history. And their lives will improve more than anyone else’s.


But we think the next 15 years will see major breakthroughs for most people in poor countries. They will be living longer and in better health. They will have unprecedented opportunities to get an education, eat nutritious food, and benefit from mobile banking. These breakthroughs will be driven by innovation in technology — ranging from new vaccines and hardier crops to much cheaper smartphones and tablets — and by innovations that help deliver those things to more people.

The rich world will keep getting exciting new advances too, but the improvements in the lives of the poor will be far more fundamental — the basics of a healthy, productive life. It’s great that more people in rich countries will be able to watch movies on super hi-resolution screens. It’s even better that more parents in poor countries will know their children aren’t going to die.

This is clearly brilliant (although Oxfam won’t think so).

It must cause significant teeth grinding among the Left that the world’s greatest capitalist ​​- as in the top 1 of the “1%” is playing a major part in actually making the world a better place.

Philanthropists do so much good in the world but in the eyes of the folks at Oxfam it is evil…or as Michael Cullen once said “tory charity”. The shame is socialist charity comes about usually through the point of a gun or legislative compulsion taking money from one group and splashing it around ineffective to other ‘deserving’ groups.

They slam people like Bill and Melinda Gates, instead they should be mimicking them.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Bill Gates is leaving hardly anything to his kids.
    He will get things done unless he comes up against the ignorant Muslim Imams who will not allow Polio jabs and such like.

    • johnnymanukau.

      That is great news CC, with the Muslim leaders not allowing their own kind to have Polio and other vaccines to prevent their suffering and death. We do not even have to fire a shot at them to destroy them and their maniacal religion, just release any killer disease into their midst and PRESTO.

      • kloyd0306

        Or a healthy dose of Ebola perhaps?

  • Eiselmann

    Many organisations like Oxfam revel in misery , the good they do is often incidental and often down to the work of good people at the coal face, so if we start actually solving problems and lifting the poorest in the world then the need for the Oxfams of this world will disappear along with the meal tickets that the top of those organisations get.

  • cows4me

    The left are a lost cause, them and their policies are about as advanced as the Neanderthals running around chopping people’s heads off. They have nothing to offer the world except hot air and those unfortunate enough to live under their rules live miserable lives.

  • Steely Man

    And then he goes and ruins it by talking about climate change…

  • D.Dave

    The, less than enlightened, leftwing moaners have not figured out that the top 1% might actually employ most of the other 99%, in a round about way.

    • OneTrack

      The left wing moaners would rather the 99% were all employed by the State.

  • timemagazine

    You don’t make poor people rich by making rich people poor.