Brits continue to cower in the face of terrorism

[UK] Police have been told to remove their names from the electoral register, it was claimed today.

The alleged guidance from the Metropolitan Police in London comes as security was dramatically stepped up for officers and the Jewish community in Britain amid fears of a terror attack.

Intelligence chiefs are worried that Islamist fanatics could try to copy the atrocities in France earlier this month that cost 17 lives. Four Jewish people and three police officers were among the dead.

Fears of similar carnage in the UK intensified on Thursday after commandos in Belgium killed Islamic State fanatics who wanted to behead a policeman or a judge.

The plot held chilling echoes of the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby outside his barracks in Woolwich, south-east London, in May 2013.

The guidance to Met officers was reported by The Sunday Times, which also claimed that an additional 800 counter-terrorism police could be deployed on Britain’s streets.

In addition, the newspaper said Scotland Yard was in talks with the Home Office about extra funding to fight the increased threat to Britain.

The Met would not comment on whether police had been told to remove their names from the electoral register when contacted by MailOnline tonight.

However, a spokesman said earlier today: ‘We do not discuss the details of our security response.

‘But actions taken already include security advice to officers and staff; measures around police buildings; changing risk assessments that affect how we deploy to certain incidents; (and) bolstering levels of specialist support, including firearms officers.

By the time you have to change the way you dress, hide where you live and carry more firearms and protective gear on the job because your fellow countrymen want to kill you, it’s a civil war in all but name.

Yet it amazes me how these countries react to the threats while at the same time saying it has nothing to do with Islam, it has nothing to do with ISIS, and they are just trying to get a handle on some lone wolf gunmen that may be planning to do something.

When will the denial stop?   When will Britain stand up and deal with the cancer that’s grown within?

When will police and armed forces be able to wear their uniforms with pride, and not have to hide where they live while living in fear of people coming to their home to kill their families?


– Mail Online


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  • JKV

    The political and cultural elite have absolutely no idea how to deal with this. They are still harping on about the ‘Religion of Peace’. It’s too late Cam. Far, far too late.

  • BloodyOrphan

    The Western media and politicians have all been cowered by the Terrorists.

    The Islamic sociopathic rhetoric has worked. Their enablers always start by being “offended” , then another one jumps in and starts twisting peoples words about the sociopathic tendencies of Islam, and start harping on about peace and balance and education.

    All the while completely ignoring the brutal violent preaching of Muhammad the sociopaths’ legacy the Quran.

    I say the Quran should be banned to Library psychotic psychology shelves for study by qualified students and therapists, but banned from general dissemination completely!.

    These terrorists are so polished now they can talk 16 year old girls into going to the Middle East to get married to an ISIS soldier that they haven’t even met.

  • James

    The armed forces haven’t been able to wear their uniforms out in public for some time. If it isn’t the muslims trying to kill you then it was the Irish.

    In the school cadet force we used to have to wear mufti when travelling by coach to and from the local army shooting range due to the IRA threat.

    • spanishbride

      The only good point I can find in all of this is that the British have experience dealing with home grown terrorism because of the IRA. Hopefully that will give them some kind of an edge dealing with Islamic terrorists.

      • Bazza63

        From what I had been informed was that when the IRA brought their bombing campaign to London the SAS were given a lot more freeway to go after the money men & the not so public leaders. It does not matter too much if it was true, the tactics certainly would be effective.

  • Yep more police and more laws will of course make the terrorist scum think twice before they pick up the axe and behead a policeman/woman.
    We all know what the problem is, but we are not allowed to say it in the free press.
    Yep muslims are the problem as they enable the idiots in their midst, in fact large numbers of muslims actively support the spread of shiria law worldwide.

  • HR

    Its probably not a bad thing not to be on the electoral register, even if it is protect from normal nutters police encounter in their work. But to bow down to an overt threat from terrorists is madness. Police, armed forces etc are the front line in protecting the general population form this threat; they should be armed and dangerous in the face of a threat. They are no danger to the general public from being armed but if they can protect themselves and others, and happen to be able to take down some of these terrorists, well I’m all for it.

  • Jas

    The only way to deal with a bully is to put them in their place. If the muslims egged on by their religious leaders keep on attacking police, soldiers etc then they need to be ‘dealt’ with.

    • Bryan

      yea the Spanish way like Ferdanand and Isabella did they kicked them all out of Spain.
      the old way on the middle east was you misbehaved you got shifted that’s why the Jews ended up in babylon for 70 years and the Babylonian king also picked up people from there who were troublemakers and dumped them in Palestine and they are still there and also need to go home.

  • mike

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… this is sadly nothing new.

    For a long time British service personnel have been told not to wear uniforms off duty due to the potential risks against them. This started way back with the IRA who had a nasty habit of killing off duty soldiers and police.

    – Brothers John (age 17) and Joseph McCaig (age 18) and Dougald McCaughey (age 23) were killed in 1971 while off duty in civi’s.
    – Nick Spanos and Stephen Melrose were mistaken for British soldiers and killed in 1990.
    – In 1997 at the Massereene Barracks in 2 off duty soldiers were killed and another 2 wounded along with 2 civilians. Two days after that attack a Police Officer was also murdered.
    – Christopher Wren was killed by an IED whilst off duty.

    Just a few examples, there are lots more if you can be bothered searching for them.

    Now I don’t mean to belittle the threat, but we shouldn’t blow this up to be something that it isn’t. Soldiers, Police, Judges, Politicians and the Royal Family are targets to these animals because they are the people who will garner the most publicity. What media organisation wouldn’t cover an attack on one (or more) of these groups?

    And publicity is what Terrorist organisations are after.

  • conwaycaptain

    In the 1970’s my late wife worked at The Yard and had to get permission to travel on holiday behind the Iron Curtain.
    She worked in the Forensic Science Lab there.

  • kiwihornplayer

    NZ Police Officers were advised to register on the “unpublished” electoral role many years ago.

  • Hans

    I see the EU wants to make a coalition with the Arab states to combat terrorism, i thought we all ready had that with the UN. Most members are un democratic despots. It seems to be affective in wasting money, and preventing no wars or genocides.

    edit: Correction spelling

  • Thersites

    There will be an election in the UK in May, and it is very likely that the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats between them will get over 80% of the votes and one or other of them will form the next government.

    This, despite the fact that these parties are responsible for the present crisis in the UK and all three remain committed to mass immigration.

    Truly, in a democracy people get the government they deserve.

  • Hans

    Japan wont allow Muslims to become citizen and you can’t go round trying to convert people to Islam because they feel it’s a cult that is undesirable and non compatible with Japanese culture.
    They seem to keep a pretty low profile about this policy in Japan, but i guess a good journalist would dig out the info and tell the world how racist this policy is, But then Islam is not just a religion.
    On the other side of the coin in Britain they have a known convicted terrorist that cant be deported because it may affect his right to a family – no thought for the families that have lost loved ones. This is not cowering, it’s stupidity.

    • mike

      Sorry Hans I think you’re wrong…

      Japan doesn’t ask what religion you are when you make your application. In fact the link below provides a link to a Japanese Immigration Lawyer who specializes in immigrants from Indonesia.

      Also Article 14 of the Japanese Constitution states:
      “All of the people are equal under the law and there shall be no discrimination in political, economic or social relations because of race, creed, sex, social status or family origin.” and Japan takes their Constitution very seriously.

      All the emails and FB posts about Islam being banned in Japan are just plain wrong.

      EDIT: The link actually provides evidence against all the claims about Islam being banned in Japan

      • Hans

        I read the link you sent and thought hey I’m wrong, then your link had this link below – and now I’m confused but lean towards the first link you sent. One difference is your link has quotes facts and figures from sources i seem to trust! Thanks for the correction and will keep an open mind on the matter. One thought i had was General MacArthur had a hand in the Japanese constitution, i think he would have wanted a fair society – and he seems to have achieved some good results!!
        Cheers anyway

        This guy seems to think differently

        About the Author: Dr. Mordechai Kedar (Ph.D. Bar-Ilan U.) Served for 25 years in IDF Military Intelligence specializing in Arab political discourse, Arab mass media, Islamic groups and the Syrian domestic arena. A lecturer in Arabic at Bar-Ilan U., he is also an expert on Israeli Arabs.

  • JeffW2

    Part of the problem is the hundreds/thousands of civil servants and other do-gooders who get paid by the government to support multiculturalism. These troughers will support troublemakers of any identity, as the alternative is to lose their jobs.