Bugger, another global warming catastrophe claim busted

It looks like, contrary to the alarmists views, that global warming is actually helping wheat production, not hindering it.

Forbes reports:

Global wheat production set new records in 2013 and 2014, contradicting alarmists’ claims that global warming is reducing wheat harvests.

Global warming alarmists and their lapdog media allies decided Christmas Week 2014 should be filled with claims that global warming is crushing wheat production. Grist, Reuters, the UKGuardian, and the Columbus Dispatch are among the many news organizations parroting alarmist assertions that global warming is reducing wheat harvests. The Reuters article, for example, cites a study co-authored by several global warming alarmists to claim, “In recent decades, wheat yields had declined in hotter sites such as India, Africa, Brazil and Australia, more than offsetting yield gains in some cooler places including parts of the United States, Europe and China.”

Reuters did not indicate whether it had fact-checked the straightforward claim that global crop yields have been declining in recent decades. Reuters also failed to provide any countering viewpoint, giving readers the impression that declining global wheat yields are universally recognized. Knowing, however, that global warming alarmists and their ventriloquist dummies in the media often make straightforward factual claims that are proven false by objective, verifiable data, I decided to fact-check their straightforward claim about declining global wheat yields.

Not only are global wheat yields not declining, they are rising at a spectacular pace. According to objective U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, global wheat yields have risen by 33 percent since 1994. Moreover, there has been a 4 percent increase in areas harvested for wheat, indicating increased atmospheric carbon dioxide, improved soil moisture, and global warming are making more lands suitable for wheat harvests. Cumulatively, the 33 percent increase in wheat yield per acre and the 4 percent increase in land harvested for wheat add up to a near 40 percent increase in the global wheat harvest since 1994.

The spectacular gains in wheat yields show no signs of slowing down as the Earth continues its modest warming. The year 2014 saw the highest global wheat yield in history, exceeding the 2013 yield that had also set a new record.

Looking a little closer at wheat production data, the alarmists’ propensity for telling lies extends far beyond lies about global wheat production. It turns out the alarmists and their media allies are also telling lies about wheat production in the very nations and continents they claim are experiencing wheat production declines — India, Africa, Brazil and Australia.

Alarmist lie? Well I never. Same with media…who would have ever thought it?

Let’s start by looking at Africa. Egypt is the only African nation that cracks the global top 20 in wheat production. In Egypt, wheat output has quadrupled during the past three decades, with the past 10 years producing the 10 highest wheat crops in Egyptian history. This is quite a contradiction to Reuters’ claim that “In recent decades, wheat yields had declined in hotter sites such as India, Africa, Brazil and Australia….”

And it’s not just Egypt, either. Africa’s second largest wheat producer, Morocco, produced its largest wheat crop in history in 2013.

On the other side of the African continent, South Africa alsoproduced record wheat yields in 2014, continuing a trend of rising South African wheat yields that extends back to the 1980s. Taking advantage of rapidly rising wheat yields, South Africans have been able to cut the area cultivated for wheat production to merely one-third of 1980s levels while still maintaining steady total wheat production. This has enabled South Africans to produce additional crops on former wheat farms and return much of the cropland to its natural condition for Africa’s iconic wildlife.

Quite a few lies busted there…what about the other countries?

Reuters’ alarmist claims are just as false regarding, Brazil, India, and Australia.

Brazil produced record wheat yields in 2014, with this year’s wheat crop fully 30 percent larger than the previous record, set in 2013.

India is also likely to have produced a record wheat crop this year, with Indian wheat production surpassing the prior record, set in 2012. The USDA explicitly credits favorable weather conditions for India’s record wheat crop.

Of all the nations and continents that Reuters claims is experiencing declining wheat production, Australia is the only one not to have produced a record crop in 2013 or 2014. Nevertheless, Australia’s 2014 wheat crop was the eighth largest in its history, with the record crop produced just three years ago in 2011. In fact, Australia’s wheat production has been rising at a strong and steady pace for more than four decades. This year’s Australian wheat crop, for example, is nearly four times as large as the 1972 wheat crop.

Astonishing…will Reuters correct? Unlikely I’d say…what about other media outlets.

Reuters isn’t alone in making ridiculous and provably false claims about global warming reducing wheat harvests. Grist published similar claims in an article titled, “Bad news for wheat and eaters everywhere.” Moreover, the Guardian claimed a decline in global wheat production is causing rising food prices, which in turn are causing food riots in developing nations. The Guardian had the audacity to claim its false claim of falling wheat production “counters the optimistic projections of some climate change skeptics, who argue that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will increase plant growth, as they take up carbon from the air for photosynthesis.”Guardian readers who don’t read Forbes.com or who haven’t researched the facts for themselves are likely to believe the Guardian‘s agenda-driven global warming lies.

If they have lied about wheat…then what else have they lied about?

This newest round of global warming alarmism –with global warming activists and their willfully ignorant media allies attempting to dupe people into believing global warming is causing a decline in wheat harvests – is a perfect illustration of all that is wrong with the alarmist global warming movement. The alarmists count on people being either too stupid or too detached from the objective facts to discover the falsity of the alarmists’ claims. Fortunately, however, people are smarter than the alarmists think.

Yes they are…which is why alarmists try to stifle debate and run contrarian views out of town.


– Forbes



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  • Gollum

    Whoops greens got the spin wrong way round. How about increased wheat yields threaten biodiversity and raise risks of crop failure due to over dependence?

    • 1951

      …and the use of good arable land for the production of bio-fuels reduces food production. That should hit nail on head.

  • cows4me

    It’s pretty well excepted by most sane people that we are continually being fed a pack of lies by a complant media. The cries of doom are reaching fever pitch, the lie must be burnt into the masses heads. These people don’t care for wheat crops, hot or cold weather it’s the agenda behind it that must succeed and that agenda is a leftist wet dream. It involves vast transfers of wealth and the implementation of laws that will control all aspects of peoples lives by way of environmental law. Those pushing this agenda are Marxists and elite lefty tossers. They are scum and those aiding them do so in the hope there will be crumbs from the table. The media is suppose to be protectors of our freedoms, most media are paid up lackeys or simply terminally stupid and naive in the extreme.

    • OneTrack

      Most media operatives are lefties who are simply pushing the lefty memes. Russel and Andrew tell them what to print, and they do it.

  • caochladh

    The Guardian and Granny have two things in common. They both promulgate rumour, conjecture, half truths and downright lies and both have Bryan Gould on the payroll.

  • BruceAForbes

    It seems likely that a majority of New Zealanders who consider this issue have by now decided that CAGW (the dangerous man-made global warming/climate change hypothesis) is a scam. It is time that we, as a majority in a “free” society make our views known to businesses and politicians. They will change their approach when they realise that the costs of supporting the scam exceed the benefits.

    • MaryLou

      I think the problem is, as usual, that the left yell a lot lot louder than the right. The constant whine from the Greens etc is simply drowning us out. Not just to the government, but also to those in the middle who never get to hear from the MSM that actually, the science is not as settled as some would have us believe.

  • Disinfectant

    Maybe there is something about well fed people who have little to do, but too much time to think, that they have to predict doom and gloom and dire consequences if others don’t do something which they wouldn’t do themselves.

  • Excitedly awaiting Whodunnit

    So how much of the crop yeild is destroyed? I saw a few years back that some farmers were growing crops just because they always did but almost every year they were destroyed because of over production and the farmers paid out the projected value. The extra was destroyed to protect the value of the remaining product. It got so bad that farmers were planting but never tending it. As long as it was planted and later burnt it didnt matter if it was poor quality the subsidy was the same as high quality crops. The crops destroyed were said to have been enough to feed tens of thousands, but if given away destroyed the remaining crop values.

  • Andre

    James Taylor the author is the senior fellow for policy at the Heartland Institute ..The Oil lobby group pay his wages … Dumbshits on this blog Its 2015 people WAKE UP !