Burqas at the beach, the parody and the reality

I have included a parody video that is meant to make us laugh at our misconceptions of Islam.

An SBS spokeswoman said: “Legally Brown uses satire and a range of outrageous characters and parodies to tackle taboo racial and social issues in a lighthearted, humorous way, with the aim of encouraging Australians to understand and appreciate diversity.”


Before you view the video lets first have a look at some real life Burqa’s at beaches around the world. Maybe then we can have an informed opinion as to whether the parody has an element of truth or is in fact far too close to the truth.




Veiled women, with their children, enjoy the warm weather on a beach at the port city of Sidon in southern Lebanon

Veiled women, with their children, enjoy the warm weather on a beach at the port city of Sidon in southern Lebanon June 24, 2012. REUTERS/Ali Hashisho (LEBANON – Tags: SOCIETY)




















I have saved the best for last. Where is the photo you ask? Bondi beach, Sydney Australia. Who is wearing it? None other than Nigella Lawson!



When Nigella Lawson emerged out of the sea on Sydney’s Bondi beach dressed in one two years ago, it was greeted with astonishment.

But now burkinis – swimwear originally designed for Islamic women to protect their modesty – are soaring in popularity among British non-Muslims.


What I found interesting in this parody video was the reaction of the people to the comedian. They didn’t giggle or think what a funny joke, they took him seriously or didn’t know what to think. That tells me that it is far too close to the truth and that they thought that in today’s world this could actually be real.


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  • It’s funny because it is true.

    • Huia

      You are right but only if we let it.

  • Taser

    I do feel sorry for the women that are forced by a bullish husband to wear these. We all know in NZ that you try not to wear black here in the summer because of it’s drawing in of heat. It must be so uncomfortable in that garb.
    I am totally against this clothings head covering being allowed to remain on when going into a bank and yet I have to remove my crash helmet because I can’t be identified and could potentially be a robber. It is far easier to hide your face and conceal a firearm under a burqa. Do we have to wait until something disastrous happens before things get changed. I hope not because it could be my family or yours that is hurt.

    • Luis Cannon

      And where in New Zealand would the assassination of a dignitary cause the most outrage. Waitangi. Rankin is right to ban the burqa. Who is going to frisk a bomb/firearm carrying visitor to the celebrations?

  • Wheninrome

    Wonderful, love the “Mayor’s wife” .
    Seriously they do feel at home on the beach, it is all that sand.

  • Davo42

    I have come to the realization that the Burqa represents 2 things;
    1) A reminder to all us infidels of the subjugation of Muslim women who are being controlled by their husbands.
    2) Living proof that devout Muslim men are hellishly insecure and Jealous.
    Maybe if the Muslim Husbands could have a beer and chill out they wouldn’t be such control freaks.

    • InnerCityDweller

      Add some bacon and the problem might just go away double quick time

    • Jas

      In some cases the husband may not care but due to location and current political government etc they and their wife decide it is better to wear it for obvious reasons.

      But you are right if in a Western Country.

    • Bombastic

      The burqa reminds women that they are mere chattels.

    • Catriona

      Well it’s also entirely possible that Muslim women make complete and utter fools of their male offspring and while that continues, Muslim women are never going to get a fair deal imo.

  • Kiwikea

    It’s ironic that many on the left will defend the right of the Burqa & Muslim rights in general. Yet if a westerner suggests a household is best served with a mother at home they are considered sexist and suppressing women.

  • NeverMindTheBoll

    Is there any reason (liturgical or otherwise) why the burqa has to be black? Surely a lighter colour would work better in the summer heat.

    • Bean

      Hides the blood stains better

    • Grocersgirl

      They all seem to be blue in Afghanistan.

    • mommadog

      I had the same question and wondered if it was something to do with oppression again – colours make you (the woman) stand out more to another man. Colours also relate to vanity and they cant have the woman worrying about being fashionable when there role is only to look after the men and have the children.

      I thought of Indian woman and some of the beautiful coloured saris that they traditionally wear. They get to express themselves through the material and colour they choose to wear even though the garment cut and shape is similar. While the face isn’t covered as with a Burqa they don’t show a lot of skin either and a good example of being modest without the religious/cultural drama and oppression.

  • sarahmw

    Many years ago when I was in Singapore I watched a Muslim family arrive at the hotel pool. She dressed head to toe in burqua, 3 small children, a nanny also in burqua and dad dressed in t shirt and shorts. Being a smart ass as I walked past in a loud voice I said” cover yourself up you offend me”. He glared at me and said something in Arabic. I being the immature childish twit at the time poked my tongue out and kept walking. We were checking out later that day which could of been a good time.

  • Bean

    I can’t view the video at work but the burqini type garment is probably not such a bad idea for pale skinned people to avoid sunburn or giving women with low body confidence a means to comfortably participate in water sports.

    A proper burqa at the beach on the other hand is tragic

    • conwaycaptain

      Apparently Bean there were some Muslim women who wanted to be surf life savers and enjoy the Aus way of life and they came up with that idea and they now do surf patrols

  • Bombastic

    Not sure why but I thought the 10th photo was a flock of penguins.

    • conwaycaptain


      • I.M Bach

        Well, stone the crows cobber, you might be right.

    • elton_fred

      You’re right. Not people anyway. Dressed like that they become unpersons, which I guess is the intention of their male owners.

  • ex-JAFA

    Some of those female children had skin exposed – one even seems to be topless! That’s absolutely disgusting for anyone who’s reached the marriageable age of six or seven.

  • Karma

    I wonder if any of these sad, lonely women ever think about running into the sea, and never coming back…

  • Mikev

    Are you sure they are not council rubbish sacks??

    • Bombastic

      I’ve always assumed burqa was Arabic for bin-liner, so you might be right.

  • Sweet Lips.

    I have no problem, as long as I can go and do my thing at the beach, and they can do there’s, as long as I get between the flags I m safe.

  • Hans

    very funny clip, surprised people never noticed this was a joke – that said the Burke is not a fashion statement, it’s a sign of women being oppressed.

    • Jaffa

      I didn’t think they were allowed to go to school!

      • Hans

        not a regular school, one that teaches them to hate Jews, Christians, Atheists, Sunni, Shiites trees animals life etc…. but you are also right

  • kloyd0306

    Burqas are great for ugly women…..

  • niggly

    Good grief SB, that pic of Nigella bounding up to the beach is enough to give us guys a heart-attack, but at least we’ll be happy as we kark it I suppose!

    Seriously though, the juxtapositions are very powerful imagery and demonstrates what words just cannot, that in this day and age where women are meant to be equals, in some society’s they simply are not.

    Seeing their men with designer tops and shorts (all modern, commercially marketed products), but women in “traditional” attire, just isn’t right.

    Where is the outrage from the Left …..

  • conwaycaptain

    One wonders if one of these women got into difficulties when swimming if the husband would dash in to save her and whether he would complain that his wife was touched by an infidel male if saved by a male lifesaver. It strikes me that NONE of these black burqa are suitable for swimming especially on a surf beach

  • Don W

    Maybe they are preparing for the wet burqa (as in T shirt) contest.;)

  • Karma

    I wonder if these beach-going burqa clad women view non-burqa wearing females with as much pity as we do them, or do they secretly wish they too could parade around the beach in next to nothing? Of course, we may never find out the answer, as I imagine they’re not allowed to speak to anyone but their own ‘kind’. No wonder they look petrified if someone ‘foreign’ makes eye contact with them.

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I found the video funny, I like the irony of the image with the young woman in red bikini with the other woman in the burqa.
    The girls running on the beach in purple n blue pant suit seems ok actually I quite like them as sports wear

    As for Nigella Lawson, she should stick to cooking…hideous

    There is something un natural about being fully clothed and immersed in water …..strip down.

    I bet most of those women behind the burqas are attractive and it is a lack of self discipline in the men not to “perve” thus placing the onus of responsibility on the women as well as a way for the men to feign their masculinity where really they are insecure