Cameron, WHALEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOIL, Slateeeeeeerrrrrrr

I thought it would be cool to give people some vicarious pleasure by having someone else beat the crap out of me on their behalf.  Steve Kilgallon writes:


Cameron Slater says he knows he sells newspapers, so now he’s ready to sell pay-per-view television – even if he knows the viewers might be switching on to watch him get knocked out.

The controversial Whale Oil blogger and the subject of the Dirty Politics scandal will make his ring debut in Christchurch on March 28, against former New Zealand test cricketer Jesse Ryder.

And if the fight goes well, Slater has a list of opponents he would like to meet next – headed by Dirty Politics author Nicky Hager, television host John Campbell and New Zealand Herald journalists David Fisher and Matt Nippert.

“I would even lose 40kg to get into the ring with Nicky Hager,” said Slater, who plans to drop a more modest 11kg down to 100kg to meet Ryder. “Any of those four, I will lose weight and match their weight to get into the ring with them, but I suspect they lack the stones to do it.

Slater said he had limited boxing experience, but “it’s a good way to lose weight, a good way to get fitness up and these days with the death threats and people wanting to hate on you online, it might be useful to know how to use your fists”.

Slater v Ryder will be the celebrity element of Sky Arena’s Super 8 Cruiserweight tournament at Christchurch’s Horncastle Arena, an eight-man knockout tournament for 90kg professionals, which includes the New Zealand champion Monty Filimaea.

Former test cricketer Jesse Ryder.

Slater admitted he would be the underdog against Ryder, who knocked out radio presenter Mark Watson three years ago in his only bout.

He said many might tune in to see Ryder knock him down: “Yes, but none of them are brave enough to get into the ring to do it themselves. None of the cowards on Twitter are prepared to get into the ring with me.”

Slater will be trained by veteran boxing coach Henry Schuster, who admits it shapes as one of his more testing assignments. Schuster was shocked to learn Ryder was the opponent but said Slater had a good jab, but needed to learn ringcraft and develop stamina.

“It’s one of those fascinating clashes where we don’t know how it’s going to go,” said Keddell. “I take my hat off to Cameron Slater, it takes balls to get in the ring with a sportsman. They are both confident they are going to go well and that’s the makings of a good fight.”

Ryder admitted he had no idea who Slater was and had taken the fight to lift his fitness after two months plagued with a back injury. “I really enjoy the training and it is something a bit different from what I’m usually doing, and it worked for me last time,” he said.

Steve Berry writes

Despite the two often being talked about in the media Ryder says he has very little idea who Slater actually is. “No, I’ve never heard of him but from what I’ve heard of him he’s not well liked so it’ll be interesting to see how we go in the ring.”

When Slater heard that remark he quickly quipped “well, doesn’t he read the newspapers or watch TV One?”

Ryder was also quick to knock back any suggestion that given his previous injuries agreeing to a boxing fight was a crazy decision. “No, I’m healthy, I’m fine, I think it’s been about three years now so I’ve come up well from that.”

Ryder says his motivation was simply to regain fitness after three months of nursing a back injury which also kept him out of this year’s Big Bash T20 competition in Australia. “It’s something different as well, you know. It’s away from cricket so it’s just something fresh and something new so that’s why I enjoy it so much.”

Slater’s motivation on the other hand is slightly different. “It doesn’t matter who’s in the ring, if it’s Jesse Ryder that’s fine, he may as well be wearing a Nicky Hager mask because that’s what I’ll be punching for,” Slater blurted after one of his sparring sessions.

Blurted, no less.  snigger.


Not well liked eh?  Well, that’s not going to improve when Ryder discovers what happens when he’s on the end of a year’s worth of pent up frustration.

MAHINDRA-S8SFN51_3Xsize1 sky-arena-header

One way or another, I suspect there will be lots of people watching this match that would otherwise never watch boxing.  And, one way or another, people will get their money’s worth.



– Stuff, One News


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  • Ginny

    Do we really need to watch? Can’t we just have live updates?

    • Sally

      Yep, Pete can to do a ringside commentary for us WO viewers.

  • The trash talk has started already :)

  • Cadwallader

    Is that snap of Cam or Mike Williams?

  • Michael

    Right now I’d back Ryder, but then we all know how pig-headed and singilar Cam can be, if he is really motivated to do this then he will turn up at the match ready to take on Mike Tyson.

  • Caprice

    Float like a butterfly Cam. You look mean in the photo. It is a shame someone has to lose this bout, couldn’t they make it like school sports day, where everybody gets a prize?

  • chris73

    Good on you for stepping in the ring

  • Salacious Crumb

    Good on you Cam. That takes some guts.

  • Hard1

    Hands up, elbows in and always throw combinations. Most people don’t last even 3 minutes of full on sparring. It isn’t easy.

  • KGB

    Wow good on you Cam. Though Ryder would be the favoured athlete, Cam would be the most motivated. If it’s about ‘who wants it most’ my money’s on Cam. He will not want to satisfy his haters by coming 2nd. I hope ‘Hager’ feels very blow.

  • Whafe

    Great stuff Cam, awesome work. This will be great to follow the next few months in the run up to fight night….

    Will be a great experience I am sure…

  • pak

    What is with these journalists? “Blurted”? Doubt there was anything inadvertent about that comment!

  • WeaselKiss

    Cam, this is going to be awesome.
    Hat tip to you buddy for taking this on.
    Prediction: After all the publicity you’ve had over the last months there will be many, many people who tune in to see just exactly who this Slater chap is
    Also, I would be reluctant to talk Ryder up too much, just quietly. ;)

  • Mrs_R

    I must admit to being more concerned about Jesse’s well being than Cameron’s. What Cam lacks in fitness and finesse, I dare say he will more than make up in cunning and mongrel.

  • kehua

    Ryder huh/ he will come in front on, skip to the left Cam and take him out with a left hook. There will be 2 hits in it, you hit him and he hits the deck. Hungriest man normally wins a fight.

  • Radvad

    Next challenge Russell Norman. Call him out Cam, time for him to front and stop hiding behind parliamentary privilege and the support of a compliant media.

    • sheppy

      That is something I’d pay to see live!

  • Nige.

    This is fantastic. Putting your money where your mouth is. It doesn’t mater who the opponent is. This just proves that cam is not as irrelevant as certain pink (socialist ) journalists who have the public believe.

    • Richard

      Can we please see some stats?
      Height, reach etc?

      This will have a big impact on the training.
      I imagine Cam has a shorter reach, get in close and lets see some Tyson like combos, rip to the body, big upper cut.

      Mate I am literally fizzing at this news.

  • Wallace Westland

    I’ll be watching. Never really been a fan of Riders anyway. A man who pisses all his chances away every time they are offered isn’t really my kind of guy.

  • Bryan

    can you see the heading now ” Ryder not available for cricket for 12 months “

  • Alright

    I admire your guts Cam. I wouldn’t have the balls to hop into a ring with the slightly built Mrs Alright.

  • metalnwood

    Certainly takes balls and I applaud you for that. I hope you dont get hurt. The tweets from the weasly left will be crowing about how happy they are to see you get hit, while they have no balls and watch from the living room.

  • sandalwood789

    Goooooo CAM!

    Hey – if you get through this bout OK (and I’m sure you will), you might like to take on Nicki Hager or David Fisher.

  • Teletubby

    You wouldn’t know from looking at it but just hitting a punch bag for 3 mins on 1 minute off for 3 rounds is quite a workout, and that’s without having some guy trying to hit you in the head. I take my hat off to anyone who is even prepared to do the necessary training, let alone get in the ring and get hit

  • Wasapilot

    It’s in Christchurch! yes, I will be there. I haven’t followed boxing the the Ali, Foreman, Frasier etc years, but I will make an effort for this.

    It takes a lot of guts to get in the boxing ring, especially in front of a large audience, something I would never contemplate. Good on you Cam.

    • Bartman

      Hope that the fight ticket details are advertised here so fans can get a piece of the action!

  • sandalwood789

    A straight-left “sucker punch” from Cam, followed by a massive right uppercut to finish things. That’s my prediction…..

  • KQ

    Have you been working out Cam or are you going to take a dive for the cash?

    • Hard1

      Just send Ryder a pallet of Tui a week before the fight….the ultimate sledge!

  • unitedtribes

    If the training don’t kill you you got a chance. Cunning cunning and more cunning. Don’t think your into the “dance like a butterfly” stuff. Oh and you better tone those abbs up a tad as well. Good luck. Might even come down to watch

  • SVlover

    I’m worried about Jessie. He’s a fool to be in a boxing ring so soon after his severe head injury. But if he’s game so be it. Cam go for the kidney punches, at least we know that part of his body is weakened.

  • spanishbride

    Stuff have not published any of my comments on their page. Their moderation allows people to wish Cam harm and to tell lies about him but I am not allowed to say anything even though I am not abusive and I do not wish harm on anyone. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that they moderate the same way Wrongly Wrongson does but still….

    I assume my comments are now in the bin as it no longer tells me that they are in moderation and they are not showing with the other comments.

    • You act surprised that the MSM are anti-Cam?? Golly… ;)

  • Curly1952

    Way to go Cam.
    At least you and Ryder are fronting up.
    Campbell, Hagar et al hide behind their pen. They say that the pen is mightier than the sword but in their case it has caused them huge damage.
    Keep you hands up and like ‘Dirty Politics” someone will let their guard down and you will be in with the old jab, jab jab and then the big hook

  • Gaynor

    2 minutes walk from my house and 4 minutes from my work….. How about a Christchurch meet up for Southern Whalers ….

  • Jordan

    Just read this in the herald and had to come here to confirm it was true! What an awesome fight…Mark Watson is a pussy so I wouldn’t worry about Ryder knocking him for 6. So hope Cam takes all that anger built up over the last year and unleashes fury on Ryder – looking forward to it, good luck Cam!

  • Sunshine

    Hope there will be WO supporter T shirts Pete?

  • TreeCrusher

    What’s a table going to be worth? This is a boxing match I would go see.

  • Loki

    Some of you may already know this but Jesse Ryder has been boxing for a number of years, training under Billy Graham boxing academy in NaeNae. So train hard and keep your guard up.

  • Lynn Bardin

    This could be better described as dumb and dumber. Darwin award nominations anyone?