Can Andrew Little do a deal with Winston?



Labour’s latest hope as leader has yet to face the really tough question about forming a government.

Unless something seriously unexpected happens, for Little to form a government he is going to need Winston Peters to support him. 

While it is a long way from the 2017 election and there are many changes that could occur before then, the simple maths is that Little will need 61 or 62 seats in Parliament to be Prime Minister.

It is hard to see him finding any pathway to 61 seats without the support of New Zealand First.

Not unexpectedly the media have ignored this salient fact and no one has troubled themselves to actually ask Winston what he thinks.




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  • conwaycaptain

    At the moment he would need Labour Greens and NZ First. What a concoction

  • ShoreRight

    ..and if they had asked Winston what is the chance of getting a straight answer anyway?

    Labour are in such denial they’ll be ignoring that minor point and will sail on to the next election with their heads in the sand hoping for a miracle from all their new cyber friends !

  • Adam Michaels

    I would love to be a fly on the wall when Labour go cap in hand to ask Winston for a definite answer!

  • Andrew Little is a snake grown from the feminist pits of Labour. He wants to shift the burden of proof, so that men are denied more justice in the event of false accusations, or allegations after a next-morning guilt. He needs to be kept out for everyone’s safety, and not to have a repeat of Aunty Helen’s dictatorial era.

  • owl

    Does Andrew Little already know the answer to this?

    I have given this some thought – it has hit me between the eyes. Unionist are crap at making deals – they need legislation to guide them. haha there is no legislation on coalition talks – well spotted WO.

  • Dave

    Lets assume Angry Little Andy ever realises he will need Winston, and when he does, he has a bigger problem.

    Angry Andy has a massive ego and entitlement attitude from sucking on the unions
    Wussel has a huge ego, and hates waste unless its wasted on him
    Winston, is the most intelligent of the three, but he has the largest Ego, and just doesnt care beyond his own needs.

    Angry Andy, Wussel and Winston cannot all exist in the same space, let alone add in Kermit Metiria Turei and her smile and wave, Look at me look at me and my amazing technicolour dream coats. Now we have a complete 4 ring circus, just watch the knives fly.

    Seriously, how would Angry Andy divide up power, decisions, seating arrangements, and who gets the biggest salary?

  • Grizz30

    Will Winston still be alive in 2017? The hard living is taking its toll.

    • mommadog

      He has along shelf life because he has pickled himself.

  • Aucky

    I’m not convinced about unity in NZF at the moment with Ron Mark in the mix. Mark has obviously been brought in for a purpose by people with influence in the party and he’s had a lot to say over the parliamentary break. He wasn’t totally convincing at QT but has proved to be effective as a spokesman for raising the ineffectiveness of the holiday traffic campaign and demanding today that the Navy show its worth and display some firepower down in the sub-Antarctic. Mark is obviously chasing the leader’s job which won’t go down well with the current deputy leader and her influential mother. I sense some internal strife emerging this term.

  • Lord Evans

    My “No” always means “Read the fine print”.

  • Cadwallader

    Too soon to weigh ourselves down with this dance of the desperates. I do not expect Winston or Little Angry to be leading anything come 2017.
    It would be fun for John Key to name the exact date for the 2017 General Election as soon as Parliament resumes. Then Cunners and the other potential assassins of Little Angry can calculate the best time for a knifing. I think Ron Mark has potential in the National Caucus and David Shearer ought be offered a post overseas. Just to space things up a bit.
    I have no idea who Labour’s next Leader could be as the conveyer belt is not exactly burdened with infinite talent.

  • JC

    My feeling is the real negotiation over the next two years is between National, Labour and Ron Mark. Winston is just the old bull at the top, liking it there but waiting for someone good enough to knock him off his perch. It also depends on what he wants out of the next Govt.. a knighthood, Deputy Leader, a plum overseas post (US?), an endurable coalition that cements in a certain group of Maori and the elderly?

    My bet is he’ll be polling to see where the Baby Boomers lie politically and design his policies around them.