Can anyone see the problem with this? [UPDATED]


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Christine Fletcher’s Wikipedia page.

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Fletcher won the Eden electorate off Labour’s Richard Northey for National in the 1990 election, and held it in the 1993 election.

She then won the new Epsom electorate in the 1996 election,?and held the ministerial roles of Local Government, Women’s, Cultural and Youth Affairs before resigning as a Minister on 11 September 1997, because she objected to the sale of the assets of the Auckland Regional Services Trust proposed by National.

A minister for less than a year.

She doesn’t have the Honourable title, let alone ever being Prime Minister to attain the Right Honourable title.

Christine Fletcher does not hold?that title and even though she briefly held the title while a minister she certainly never held it on 6 February 1999.

That plaque needs to be amended….if only for the horrible spelling of honourable.

UPDATE: A reader points out that Christine Fletcher was awarded the title Honourable. Lord knows why Jenny Shipley did this, for a minister in position for less than one year and who threw a tanty.

The sign is still wrong.