Can we call it Muslim terrorism yet?


American officials claimed that both of the suspects had been on a US terrorist watch list “for years” and one had travelled to Yemen, possibly for training with a group linked to al-Qaida, four years ago.

Still lone wolves.

Nothing to do with terrorism.

Only a passing relationship to Islam.

Nothing to see here.


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  • cows4me

    It’s probably a bit early but where are the surveillance agencies in all this mess. It would seem these clowns were all on watch lists and still mayhem. Those talking up spying on citizens should question just where are the benefits. I guess we don’t know what terror attacks they have prevented but i become increasingly uneasy as there will be further calls to increase surveillance systems. If that happens you seriously have to ask, have the terrorists all ready won.

    • ShoreRight

      According to the American TV news networks there are at least 5 thousand on the French watch list , four personal required to keep watch per each highest threat – imagine the resourcing to do it – you can see why they fall off the radar when they go into sleep mode – all part of the plan.

      • Wheninrome

        You would think the Left would love this, job creation.

    • Tony S

      All the watch lists , surveillance, airport security is all theatre. It won’t stop anything, but governments feel the need do something.

    • Wasapilot

      I was trying to decide what I would do to try and stop these TERRORIST attacks. Now that the TERRORISTS themselves are in our societies I think it is almost impossible to effectively blanket deport them, as many of them are citizens, often by birth of the country they TERRORISE.

      Step 1 Put forward legislation to enable whatever powers of surveilance are needed to at least have a chance of identifying these TERRORISTS. Have the legislation bound up with immigration law to prevent any more potential TERRORISTS from entering our country.
      Step 2 Provide all the resources needed to enact the legislation. Money should be no object, as our way of life and freedoms are at risk
      Step 3 Build a supermax type prison similar to the one outside Denver to house these TERRORISTS and TERRORIST sympathisers and enablers. And for the worst of them I think the death penalty, being wrapped in pig skin after execution may be needed as a deterrent for others.
      Step 4 Any limp willed politicians who say we need to open a dialogue or similar with these TERRORISTS, should be accomodated as in step 3 above.

      I think even with the above in place, it may take generations to sort these TERRORISTS out. A societal change that says, NO We won’t change that, when immigrants find smething in our society culturally offensive is needed.

      In most of western Europe they have a huge problem, we here in NZ can not let our country get to a similar stage.

      • cows4me

        Been a bit harsh on poor old pigs Wasapilot, what did noble animals like them do to deserve a fate like that :-)

  • intelligentes candida diva

    Former hostage negotiator Robin Horsfall reports that killer terrorists siege decided time and location of their demise and the way they carried weapons suggests formal training.

    It wouldnt surprise me if other mad factions voice being responsible as killing then cowardly suicide or orchestrating a situation to die is a glorious thing to them

    • ShoreRight

      Classic example of SB’s earlier post “Why we are afraid of Islam”

  • Just a thought …

    If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck then I guess it’s probably a ” turkey ” ………
    That is what the ‘lefty denialists” are trying to get us to believe ……….

  • Gaynor

    These guys recognise it as Islamic terrorism …in fact they celebrate it.

  • exactchange

    And now another hostage situation in Montpellier.

  • Wheninrome

    In the backlash I am concerned that this will lead to a rise of extreme nationalist groups and we know what happened last time – think 1930’s.
    We need to keep to our general acceptance of peaceful, law abiding citizens, no matter what religion, colour etc.,
    I sincerely hope that this does not give rise to a hate of all people who practice different religions.
    This from one who describes herself as a “N/A” when asked religion.
    I do however accept other’s right to believe whatever.
    PEACEFUL AND LAW ABIDING CITIZENS are the important words.

    • Dave_1924

      That would require the hard core Islamists to accept the rule of law in Western countries. Do you see that happening?

      Their spokespeople, like Anjem Choudry in the UK, specifically reject the sovereignty of man made law and say they are struggling to achieve sovereignty of Gods law i.e. the Qu’ran and Sharia.

      I suspect immovable object describes people like Choudry’s viewpoint.

      And then the question becomes does the West give up its traditions and culture to placate that immovable viewpoint? And the answer has to be no surely.

      Unfortunately I suspect a lot more blood will flow until this situation is resolved. And I also suspect it will be a long, long time in the resolution

      • Wheninrome

        I should have clarified, peaceful and law abiding in our country. They are allowed to run their own country the way their own people want. It is when they leave the borders of their country of origin they should be peaceful and law abiding.

        • Dave_1924

          Fair enough – but I look a bit further as I have very close family living in the UK and Holland. They have a massive problem with people who espouse these views. And as we have seen over time – what happens in the UK and Europe generally ends up happening in Australia and here eventually.

          • Wheninrome

            I know I am being a little naïve, but it is wishful thinking. We have to hold onto the thought that most people just want to have a decent life.
            I am sitting here been to local market, talked to friends, helped out at the Golf Club (early opening) Son and friends up and gone by 5.30am for day on the sea chasing big game (tag and release). Back tonight wine and food and talk, before they go back south.

          • Dave_1924

            As NZers we l lead a pretty privleged life really. But if we want it to continue we need to stand up for freedom of speech, the right to privacy and face down fundamentalists who threaten our way of life….

          • The Accountant

            Take your day and apply what 20 to 25% of all Muslims want: local market (hope you didn’t talk to women or kafirs, halal only product), golf club (what? Not at prayer? You’re wasting time pursuing something your God doesn’t appreciate), fishing (you missed prayer and I hope you were facing Mecca when you kept the fish), wine (sorry, no alcohol), talk (hope they were men). A good chunk of your day would not be possible under Sharia law.

          • Wheninrome

            Being a woman, most of the above wouldn’t apply to me, the only bonus would be no melanoma or sunburn.

  • MrBarrington

    Yes. Mulsim terrorism fits the bill quite nicely…

    • wooted

      I think we need to go one step further and admit it’s the Muslim war against us.

  • conwaycaptain

    Since the 1960’s the majority of terrorists have been Muslim of some kind or other.
    In the last 400 years what benefits have been bought to the world by adherents of the Muslim Faith??
    Gone are the days of Islamic learning, architecture, maths, astronomy etc etc.

    • kloyd0306

      Millions of people are leaving European countries to go and live and enjoy the benefits of Muslim dominated countries.

      Oh, wait………

  • Catriona

    What I don’t understand is that if these murderers were on a US watch list for years and one of them had been to Yemen for training, why didn’t France take action and deport them. Once they’ve gone on a murdering rampage it’s too late, the damage is done. So much for ‘watch lists’ – not worth the paper they are written on. Big lesson here – never, ever, trust someone on a watch list. Get rid of forthwith. How many people on NZ’s ‘watch list’ are capable of this horror? Same as the madman in Sydney recently. They knew he was dangerous – yet he was still able to roam free.

    • Dave_1924

      They were French citizens … where you going to deport them too?

      • Catriona

        That’s not my understanding. They were Algerian according to one report. They were orphans.

        • Dave_1924

          No… they where French citizens born and bred. Its been in most of the reports I have seen, for example:

          “Cherif Kouachi, 32, and his elder brother Said, 34, were born in the 10th
          arrondissement in Paris to parents of Algerian origin.”


          • Catriona

            Oh thanks for that. Maybe Govts need to rethink their policy then on young men(and women) who go to Yemen or other places in the East and attending terrorist training camps – revoke their passport and do not let them back into the country again – ever!

          • Dave_1924

            No worries. Its a complex problem – I would tend to agree revoke citizenship for those who travel to places like Yemen etc for indoctrination.

            But I can see that being another power that the state could misuse, stroke of a pen makes someone the powers that be don’t like not only stateless but branded a terrorist.

            The agencies don’t always get it right and it is incredibly hard to get their mistakes overturned – been a couple of poor devils that spent long periods in Gitmo that no case was ever made against.

            Don’t get me wrong – I adamantly oppose fundamentalist Islamist. I just don’t want to see our rights abrogated in a panic of figuring out how to address the problems they cause…

          • Wheninrome

            A very fine and thin line.

          • No no no… that will upset the Greens and Labour, and it is an erosion of civil liberties.

          • spanishbride

            Nothing erodes my civil liberties like a bullet to the head from a Muslim terrorist

          • Rod

            Agreed. But a bullet from an infidel sends them to paradise complete with 72 virgins. So why not be generous and give them the good deal they so obviously deserve.

          • damm good thrashing

            French colonialism coming home to roost

        • damm good thrashing

          I think you mean morons….not orphans

      • ken

        Underground comes to mind.

    • Wheninrome

      The French have not always been totally supportive of the USA and England in the past in relation to these sorts of matters.

      • kloyd0306

        General Patton suggested that he’d rather have a German infantry division in front of him than a French infantry division behind him.

        • Wheninrome

          Indeed, and lets not talk about the Italians under Mussolini.

    • Luis Cannon

      If I had a paedophile living next door I’d want to know about it. If I had someone on a watchlist living next door I’d also want to know about it. Know thy enemy! After he’s slit your throat it’s too late.

  • Luis Cannon

    At this stage I believe there is universal frustration that world leaders are not espousing in clear and emphatic terms exactly how they are dealing with these Islamic scum. Secondly the Muslim religious leaders are bringing themselves into contempt for not stating unequivocally that they stand with the rest of the population against terror.

    • taurangaruru

      Muslim leaders by & large are not against terrorism, therefore I would rather they did not stand up & publicly lie, rather let the people see them for what they truly are, enablers, promoters, indoctrinators of terrorism.
      Religion of peace? Definitely not, based on past or current events.

  • crosstherubicon

    The west is led by cowards, and this issue will never ever right itself as long as our gutless cowardly leaders make excuses for every atrocity these islamic filth commit.
    They are now blaming the far right for these atrocities rather than Islam itself. The far right is a reaction to this problem because the governments will and do nothing but appease it.
    In the US CNN Amanpour already yesterday called the terrorists ‘activists’ instead of terrorists. This PC and cowardice and not wanting to offend Islamic extremists, even after what they did.

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Look at all the extra peace we’ve got from importing all those adherents of the religion of peace.

    I expect we’ll have a whole lot more peace breaking out in cafes and shops all over Europe very soon.

  • Chris

    I’ve read several articles, including here, arguing that calling them terrorists, glorifies what they’ve done. The objective of terrorism is to scare the population and tho make them change their behaviour. Based on this, the terrorists are winning!

    If this was a random criminal act, it would be in the media for a few hours and then forgotten, instead, we will have this in the media for days, and all kinds of calls for our behaviour to change.

    As a random criminal act, it would all be over and we’d get on with our lives. Would these attacks carry on without the constant attention?

  • caochladh

    If anyone was to write a book inciting hatred and demanding its readers behead, torture or rape anyone who didn’t buy into the philosophy written in the book, do you think the authorities would allow it to be published? So, now that such books are in circulation, perhaps they should come with a government health warning like…………..