Capitulation by the NZ Herald

Despite a front page cartoon echoing The Independent’s own cartoon, the NZ Herald has actually capitulated to Islamic terrorism today.

Even David Farrar managed to post Charlie Hebdo cartoons today.

But what does the NZ Herald do despite claiming solidarity with Charlie Hebdo?

They capitulate. Publishing cartoons but none of the ones deemed so offensive to easily outraged Islamic fanatics.

A reader notes:

I noticed today that the Herald had published cartoons from Charlie Hebdo.

I was surprised at their bravery as most MSM are afraid to publish these due to the fear of Islam. I then looked at them and noticed that their were no cartoons about Islam in their selection and many were against the anti-immigration movement.

Surely they should have shown a varied selection of their cartoons including anti-Islamic ones?

Self-censorship again?   

Does offence caused by those shown to other groups not matter?

I think media should publish them or don’t but don’t just put up ones that wont offend Islam or at least state that you have chosen not to.

This is pandering to terrorists more than not showing them at all.

Terrorism and terror win again!

We here at WOBH won’t capitulate despite the death threats now being received.

The Herald isn’t standing with Charlie Hebdo, they are standing a fair bit back and behind the cloak of cowardice hoping people will be tricked into thinking they actually do believe in freedom of speech.

This is how you show solidarity Shayne and Tim…your gutlessness doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.



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  • andrewo

    The ‘authorities’ across Europe will be using the media to spin the recent events from an Islamic terror plot into a isolated incident by madmen or a cry for attention by poor, disadvantaged youth.
    They fear the backlash
    But most of all they fear the backlash in the polling booth


      Their fear of the backlash doesn’t matter in terms of the polling booth, it has already begun. And they know they can’t do a single thing about it. And, *that* is the best part. Watching them squirm, knowing they engineered this situation.

  • Simon

    The terrorists have certainly bought ‘The Streisand effect’ to bear here as I am sure 100 times as many people have now seen those cartoons as before their murderous rampage. Brilliant, those halfwit jihadis couldn’t organise a hookah in a Turkish coffee shop.

  • Cadwallader

    Predictable behaviour as mentioned in the latest Derek Fox thread. Wait until Smalley and her ilk return from leave. Smalley was shown by WO to be a “Hamas Hugger” a few months ago, her clambering to appease the left’s friends amongst the beheaders won’t stop now.

    As to ISIS here we go Rachael these are your cue cards:

    1 They’re misunderstood.
    2 They are being brutalized by American oppressors.
    3 All they want is to achieve superiority throughout the world for their own religion, that being the one and only religion of peace.
    4 Somebody just needs to sit down and go through their issues with them to see what common ground there is between the factions.
    5 If, like me, you have little discernible brain-power decapitation will make no difference at all to their gorgeous peaceful lives in the desert with their fondly tended goat herds.

    I wrote the above in utter derisive jest but I wonder which of the above she’ll espouse? Maybe all of them!

    • I sincerely hope that if she goes with any of your suggestions that KPMG will immediately reconsider their sponsorship of her show. Since I no longer listen, and won’t until they replace her, I will look for an update on WOBH.


    Just for reference, here’s a translation (done by me, not Google):

    “If the prophet came back:

    (Mohammed — I *AM* the prophet, you fool!”)

    Jihadist: (Note, the following expression is considered the rudest way to tell someone (not ask) to shut it in French)

    “Shut the [insert f-word here, yes it is that strong] up, infidel.

    Charlie Hebdo has it.

    Also, from their website:

    “Because the pencil is always above (or mightier) than babarism. Because of your support for us, the next issue will come out on the 14th”.

    I only wish I could subscribe down here.

    Enough of trying to placate and look the other way. We tried, honestly. Hard questions must be asked, BUT, I am not adovcating violence here, just that we need to open our eyes, and see the truth in front of us (which we do, it is more the lefty MSM that doesn’t).

    • Hedgehog

      Now I understand the captions. This is a cartoon of a 1000 words.

      • FORIDIAN

        You’re most welcome.

  • john Doe

    Well done whaleoil you have now taken up the mantle of the Fourth Estate. The rest seem to be hiding behind their desks.

  • KGB

    Good on you WO. We all need to stand up for freedom.

  • 1951

    If some are making death threats, their family, friends or fellow worshippers must remind them that that is ILLEGAL in this country. That it is utterly unacceptable in our society. The family, friends or fellows have a responsibility to remind them they must be very careful in what they choose to do or say.


    Just read some of the statements of world leaders. The PM of Israel had the guts to call a spade a spade:

    “Netanyahu said the motive of Islamist terrorists was to “destroy society and nations, to uproot human culture which is based of freedom, and the freedom to choose.”

    Therefore, the prime minister continued, “free societies and all civilized people must unite and combat this terrorism.”

    “Combating them means physically fighting, fighting against their false arguments, and under no circumstances accepting the various justifications for their motives,” he concluded.

    Read more: Netanyahu: Paris attack proves world must fight Islamist terror | The Times of Israel

  • Aucky

    But ‘brave’ enough to publish gratuitous images of the massive bloodstains in the office. Totally unnecessary but it sells papers.

  • Wallace Westland

    “We here at WOBH won’t capitulate despite the death threats now being received.”
    I wondered about this yesterday.
    That comment is very disturbing and I’m hoping that the cops, GCSB, SIS, CIB, KFC and anybody else in the alphabet are treating this seriously and are now tearing around with their top IT people tracking IP addresses or whatever it is techo geeks do?
    No sarcasm intended. I bloody well hope they are, it’s what I pay them for!