Cartoon of the Day


Credit: SonovaMin



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  • Mrs_R

    I’d feel better if the sheep were carrying AK47’s or something similar because the way it stands at the moment it would appear that the poor sheep can do nothing but be slaughtered (by the not so lone wolves). Not an appealing thought.

    • dgrogan

      And I think this might be SonovaMin’s interpretation as well. All very well standing together as “Je Suis Charlie” – but the reality is the wolves are gathering.

      Anyone who has seen dogs attack sheep will know what I’m talking about.

      • Mrs_R

        This cartoon highlights how pathetic it would be for the sheep to not take up arms to protect themselves against their enemy, because to not do so the outcome is inevitable. We have certain media trying to convince the sheep that the wolves come in peace and that to not antagonise them is the best way to ensure they do not attack. What this media has failed to recognise is that the wolves are here and are growing in numbers and are circling their prey. They will attack without provocation because not only is it in their nature but it is commanded in their ‘How to be a Good Wolf’ book. The media are remiss in not warning the sheep of the true dangers and that they need to fight if they hope to survive.

        • Luis Cannon

          Little Bo Peep and Little Red Riding Hood would do a better job at protecting Europe than its gutless leaders.

    • Richard

      The sheep could be wolves too if they wanted to be…..they just need to take off their sheep’s clothing.

      • Mrs_R

        Reminds me of an old Native American Legend where it is said each man has two wolves battling within him. One is full of honour and goodness and only fights when it is right to do so, the other wolf is full of anger and hate and is set on destruction. The story goes that a child listens in awe to his grandfather’s tale and finally asks him which wolf wins the battle. The grandfather responds … whichever one I feed. Simplistic, but powerful. I know which wolf is being fed by those that would have a ten year old child kill for them.

  • 1951

    NZ Herald, put this on the front page.

    • Luis Cannon

      An excellent front page for Charlie Hebdo as well.

  • conwaycaptain

    What we need in the West now is a modern day Sobieski who saved Vienna or a Jean Parisot de la Valette who saved Malta.

    • bristol

      Or a Charles “the hammer” Martel.

      • Droit


  • JKV

    Spot on SonovaMin. Sums up the situation the West finds itself in perfectly.

  • LisaGinNZ

    Better arm those sheep with some weaponry………..
    (hint: reason for USA’s 2nd amendment! .. jus sayin…)

    • mike

      The second amendment was originally designed to allow the populace to defend itself from the central government… not from an external threat.

      • LisaGinNZ

        Yep, exactly! :-o

  • tinfoilhatguy

    Absolutely spot on. Let’s all stand together stoic and undaunted and hold a pen in the air. Meanwhile in Syria…

  • mike

    You’re forgetting about the sheep dogs… AKA these guys. You don’t mess with the Légion étrangère

    EDIT: Photo didn’t paste

    • conwaycaptain

      La Legion is the one arm of the French Forces that the President can commit to conflict without the permission of the French Parliament. I don’t think that they are so “Foreign” as they used to be.

      • mike

        Not as much as they used to be. They are however a very formidable fighting force and the French have never been shy about using them.

        Many people may say that Europe is just a bunch of fat sheep ripe for the slaughter… But they keep forgetting that while Western societies are slow to anger when you push them to far they are capable of great acts of violence to preserve their way of life.

        We may have hit the stage where we’ve been pushed far enough. And that’s when those brave men and women who wear uniforms and do more than talk go and do what they have trained to do.

        Everybody forgets about the sheep dogs that keep us safe but we shouldn’t.

  • bristol

    If you want to know what Allah thinks of Islam, just take a look at the people he gave it to.

  • oldmanNZ

    So spot on, while the UK tries not to offend the extremist and panders to there culture, the Extremist are running around doing what ever they like, hiding behind other muslims, using women and children as shields or even soldiers.

  • Harry B’Stard

    Yes we have the right to free speech, given to us and the MSM after being won and defended by Armed Forces and protected by Security Services and Police Forces, the very people the MSM in NZ would hamstring. The pen is mightier than the sword, especially when it is backed up by a 5.56mm round pointing at the right target.

  • Rocket

    Baa baa, nous sommes charlie, baa baa

  • Mark Chapman

    The German sheep should maybe have been an Ostrich with its head stuck in the ground ?