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Credit:  Roger Price

Credit: Roger Price


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  • terrynaki

    Sorry ,but there is no war on drugs,No war at all.
    People need to know that Drug producers and dealers do so at the governments doing.
    I could solve the drug problem inside six months, death to all dealers ,execute the people who push this rubbish into our communities.
    Any dealer who doesnt give up his suppliers gets the same,no exceptions.
    Now thats a war on drugs,what we have now is a REALLY REALLY REALLY angry feeling about the problem,with no comeback on those who push drugs.
    And all who say you cant execute people for these offences are the problem and the reason why drugs are here.
    Dont carry an excuse to a fight for kids lives.

    • The wildman

      Sorry terry,that has’nt worked anywhere in the world.any other ideas?

  • cows4me

    And I guess Head office would have to be in some sort of sub basement, ground level wouldn’t do justice to the graph.