What a champ


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  • That’s a man who isn’t worried or ashamed of being a man. Just fantastic. Should’ve been mental health break as it was so totally calming.

  • peterwn

    When mums stayed longer in maternity hospitals, dads washing babies started right there. Hopefully it still happens. Not to mention the charge nurse in a childrens ward getting dad to help change the bedding with the child still in the bed!

  • ozbob68

    My mum doesn’t dig poopy nappies, so when dad was not at work, he used to do the changing on all of us with #2s. My brothers were “meh” but my sister was mortified.

  • Grocersgirl

    Aw… put the baby in the water to wash its little bottie….

  • 1951

    These words should be heard more often……”What a good Dad”

  • G-Man

    ….who could ever be sorry to be a man….ahhh still too soon?

  • mark.s

    Im a stay at home dad of a 7 month old little girl, who also works from home/ self employed. For any guys out there thinking its not hard work, trust me in comparison an office job is easy!! Its great though. I have become a better, patience and more compassionate person I think.,

    Still it would be more accurate to have the slow mo of a massive puke or poo out both trouser legs followed by the clean up with associated rolling and crawling through said poo or puke to that music!! =)

    • Nic C

      HaHa… it’s all just part of the fun and frivolity Mark. Enjoy it all… the good and the not so ‘good’; it’s over before you even have time to stop and put it all in perspective… and then the next stage kicks in… and the next… good luck mate!! lol

      Just as an aside; funnily enough both my daughters had a very similar, continued effect as the one you describe. There’s something about the ‘Father/Daughter’ relationship, that if you get it right, it’s the coolest dynamic of all, bar none. Enjoy.

      • mark.s

        You are so right about phase changes, she was crawling at Christmas and already trying to walk/stand up. One thing that is really surprised me is how fast they learn. I just assumed they would be not as smart in early stages. How wrong I was. Cheers for the good wishes =)