Charlie Hebdo, before

Charlie Hebdo, Before the Massacre from The New York Times – Video on Vimeo.


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  • intelligentes candida diva

    So much thought and talent goes into the outcome.

    Such a loss to that industry all because they were simply working and carrying out what was their civilian rights in their own homeland.
    I watched that video more than once just to remind myself not to become desensitised to the atrocities that stole life from them

  • Andy

    It’s heartbreaking watching these gentle people who have lost their lives to the cause of hatred

    • Rick H

      Every time I see that one with the glasses and funny hair, to me he looks what I reckon John Lennon would look like today – and both of them went the same way.

      • Andy

        He does look *so* French though

  • Sweet Lips.

    So sad that this happened, sure would be a sad world if we didn’t have cartoons throwing fun at everything, otherwise I would be at prayers every Friday.

  • JKV

    This is heartbreaking. I would bet that not one of those people ever thought it would come to this. Murdered in their own country for mocking a religion – actually an ideology but that’s another story. I despise the #JesuisCharlie outfit – what a bunch of hypocrites. Pathetically wandering around with their candles – they make me heartsick and angry. If most of the news media had printed the cartoons that caused the death of these brave men and women, maybe they wouldn’t have been targeted in such a singular way. They won’t even publish the cartoons that caused the deaths of these people! What in the hell is that about? Cowardly craven swine.

    • Andy

      Indeed. a lot of the hashtag crowd would be quite happy to shut down debate in any non-PC topic, from abortion, Israel, to climate change

    • OneTrack

      If they wave their little hashtag, it gives them a warm feeling that they have done their bit. And then it is back to their condition normal, appeasement.

  • James

    Cameron- how much do you know about guns? I thought you were an enthusiast? maybe you could comment on not one drop of blood or any visible head damage after direct hit with high powered rifle?