The Charlie Hebdo front page the NZ Herald are too gutless to publish

The NZ Herald has written a story about the front page for tomorrow’s Charlie Hebdo edition and despite being sent it they are refusing to publish it. The NZ Herald originally stated that they had chosen NOT to publish it but have now removed that comment from their article.

The front page of the upcoming “survivors” edition of the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo shows a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad holding up a “Je Suis Charlie” sign under the words: “All is forgiven”.

The front page was released to media today ahead of the magazine’s publication on Thursday NZ time, its first issue since an attack on the weekly’s Paris offices last week left 12 people dead, including several cartoonists.

It also shows Muhammad with a tear in his eye.

The special edition will have a print run of three million copies instead of the usual 60,000.

It will also be offered “in 16 languages” for readers around the world, one of its columnists, Patrick Pelloux, said today.

Charlie Hebdo’s lawyer, Richard Malka, told French radio the upcoming publication would “obviously” lampoon Muhammad – among other figures – to show staff would “cede nothing” to extremists seeking to silence them.

“We are not giving an inch. The spirit of ‘Je Suis Charlie’ also implies a right to blaspheme,” Mr Malka said.

The Herald even ran this headline on their front page to trick people into clicking on the story.


But they haven’t published it. Fairfax published a tweet from Newsweek showing the cover.


The NZ Herald is just cowardly and gutless…

Here is the front page of Charlie Hebdo for tomorrow, the image that our supposed newspaper of record lacked the courage to publish.



– NZ Herald


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  • sarahmw

    Stuff have got it on their page but you have to scroll way down. It is a Newsweek feed. Well it’s a start I guess.

    • Michelle

      Just been right down page on Stuff and nothing
      l did click on their Charlie Hedbo link but the gutless wonders had nothing to do with the picture above just a translation of the words and a video of their first publication after the killings

      • sarahmw

        It is still there. Go past the first image and keep scrolling near the bottom. It has the cover and Newsweek’s feed. The cover has been available good part of the day but stuff a bit slow at putting up.

  • notrotsky

    NZ Herald have reached a new low !

    Pathetic rag no longer worthy of its name.

    • Salacious Crumb

      Agreed. They should rename themselves the Triumph Herald just like the car; looked good until you purchased one then realised how overhyped and unreliable it was forcing you to ditch it with the taste of bitter disappointment lingering long after……

      • Graham Pilgrim

        I used to own a Triumph Herald. Yes. It was crap, but in all fairness, it wasn’t unreliable.

  • Mountie

    Do we have a time frame for Freed. I want to stop the Herald subscription.


      I have cancelled my subscription jonks ago and are better informed than ever by just ‘scanning’ various news sources on line. Don’t wait, just do it!

  • tjb

    Yes i noticed this earlier today.
    Nzherald wouldn’t publish it.
    I did see it on stuff.

    So I will never read nzh on my phone ever again but will read stuff sometimes. Easy

    This publishing for me is a Non Negotiable. It has to get published everywhere.

  • BloodyOrphan

    Nothing Blasphemist in calling a sociopath out for what he is.

    It’s Blasphemy to put words in Gods’ mouth, and then write a Kuran about how no one else is allowed to do the same!

  • cows4me

    This is what the NZ herald is attempting, or this is what they wish they had.

    • DrFix

      Is that KDC with the snorkel?

  • Martin

    If you have not watched Spanish Bride’s post with Dr Bill Warner’s excellent talk on the reality of Islam’s impact on Western history, and how we are still scarred and scared by it, you should.

    That and David Wood’s three stages of Jihad lecture:

    Thanks Spanish Bride!

  • sarahmw

    Well I wonder if tv1/tv3 will show the cover. I’m thinking not but hope I am wrong. By bowing down they win and this is wrong! I am a Catholic and man do we get the jokes and satire. I say so what. Some of it is very funny and no I don’t feel like doing 100 hail Mary’s and that is the difference.

    • dgrogan

      Yes they did, on 3 News. Well done TV3.

  • Blackcap

    TV 1 just showed the cover. Good on them.

    • Carl

      Tv 3 just did as well.

      • Cadwallader

        Before we know it an Arabic channel will be showing pictures of John Campbell in the guise of NZ’s true prophet.

        • MrBarrington

          Comment of the day!!! Well played that man!!!

  • Gav

    Soon as I read the heralds decision I mailed them as gutless, stuff was slow to put it up but it’s there.

  • sandalwood789

    It’s great that the Charlie Hebdo mag is continuing on in the same way.
    Not so sure about the pic of Mohammad shedding a tear though. Not because of any “offense” but because Mohammad would never have done that after a deed like this.
    As for “all is forgiven”….. hmmm.
    That seems a bit jarring too.

  • sandalwood789

    There is a book available on Amazon that looks like a good read. It is by a former imam who is now speaking out against Islam.
    It is called “Living by the point of my spear” –

    The summary of it on the Amazon site is very good.

  • Other than it supposedly being Mohammed, I can’t find a single thing about it that is offensive.

    • MrBarrington

      Well yes… could be any Muslim… Its implied, but not stated…. Go you good thing Charlie!!!!

  • Si1970

    I sent the NZH some feedback as soon as I came across their article…

    “To the New Zealand Herald. Your decision not to show the latest Charlie Hebdo cover while simultaneously using the headline “Defiant Charlie’s New Cover” is loathsome. I note you have since changed the headline and removed the text where you state that you made this decision voluntarily, but the fact remains – you have withheld what will undoubtedly become a satirical statement of historical significance, and in doing so you contradict every facet of the right to immutable freedom of speech upon which you rely for your journalistic license. Shame on your editorial decision. Unlike Charlie Hebdo you cede your raison d’tere to terrorist criminals and betray one of the most important societal influences that you should be upholding. Demonstrating to society that freedom of speech can be successfully withheld from its participants via disgusting acts of violence is despicable.”

    • Aucky

      The Herald’s new symbol could well be a broken pencil.

      Self imposed censorship would never have happened in Horton’s days and I wonder why those principled senior journalists have not withdrawn their labour in protest. Where does the EPMU sit in all of this?

      • Watcher

        Nice, and well observed.

        • Aucky

          It’s sickening Watcher. They are always banging on about their rights and their freedom to publish but when they have a golden opportunity to uphold those journalistic principles they lack the courage to do so. Cowards. Hollow men.

          • Watcher

            I have the feeling that Minhinnick would not have been so cowed.

  • Jaffa

    How is it Mohammed?
    It could be any muslim!

    • EvoDriver

      It is the same character as one of their previous covers, which I’m fairly certain was actually labelled as Mohammed (and was also green).

      • Watcher

        Yup I agree….good on them

      • mark14

        every muslim and his dog is named mohammed.some are even called it twice!

  • LinkinHawk

    Good to see tvnz news site has the whole image on there site!!

  • Watcher

    I saw this earlier today and commented via general debate.
    Those gutless wonders at the Herald, must read WO to not only be spineless enough not to stand in solidarity with their kind, but to now remove the “voluntary ” non posting of the Charlie Hebdo cover and it just reeks of cowardice.
    I will NEVER again buy, visit or allude to that publication unless their hypocrisy or cowardly conduct is pointed out on a reputable blog site such as this one.
    Edit spelling..sort of

  • Lapuamagnum

    Good way of increasing sales, 60k copies to 3 mill, have a good shoot out in the office.

  • DrFix

    3 million copies ? Anyone know if we can support them by buying a copy in NZ?

  • kloyd0306

    The Herald?
    A newspaper?
    Yuk, yuk yuk…………..tell me another one……….

  • thehawkreturns

    The Herald. Gradually undermining a free society. One edition at a time.

    • Cadwallader

      I went and bought the damn thing a few minutes ago. The Emmerson cartoon is way out of line. What a disgusting picture in a pathetic rag!

  • El Diablo

    The NZ Herald are indeed gutless cowards. I’m glad I don’t work there as I would be deeply ashamed by this decision if I did. What they have done is declare Je Suis NOT Charlie!

  • NZ 2014

    What do people really expect from a left wing rag?

  • R&BAvenger

    There was an interview with the Imam of the east London Mosque on Sky News this morning in which he basically said it should not have been published with that image. He said that the 1.8 Billion Muslims should be respected and the image of the prophet Mohammed should not be shown on any publication, or mocked in any way as it just encourages extremists.
    He said there should be free speech, but that came with great responsibility.
    This is the slippery slope of censorship, so if there is an exception for Muslims, what else is next?
    The point I would make is that that you are not living in a Muslim country governed by Muslim laws. If you don’t like it you are free of your own will to move to a different country governed under those laws.

  • John1234

    Could someone help me out here please? What is it about that image that makes it Mohammed as opposed to a generic cartoon of a Muslim male?

  • Cadwallader

    Is it possible, just possible, that Allah looks like a little clown in a Santa’s Elf hat? Now that would be a coincidence.