When Charters help it’s “Freebies” …

…but when a State schools does it Child Poverty Action Group has them “removing financial barriers to education”.

South Auckland Middle School and the about to be opened Middle School West Auckland have been criticised by the Left and teacher unions for:

– providing free uniform.

– providing free stationery.

– charging no donations.

They manage to do this after receiving 1/20 of a State school set-up fund and operating on decile 3 funding.   

Clearly they are innovative in their use of staff and infrastructure. It clearly works too judging by their ERO report.

One West Auckland Principal had a major gripe about them helping families and none of the Leftie welfare groups came out in support.

But now – Wellington State school Kahurangi dumps fees and stationery costs and suddenly the Child Poverty Action Group have them “removing financial barriers to education“.

Even Green Taliban MP Mojo Mathers likes it. Hypocrisy with bells on it….with a dose of sanctimony.

Given the success of South Auckland Middle School in 2014 – if you have a Year 7 – 10 child out West you may be on just the right track to look at the new school there.

Great model and staff and, even if CPAG and their enablers won’t say it…they have removed the “financial barriers to education.”


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  • Kerry

    every day I grow more and more indignant of these insane lefties

  • Wallace Westland

    My kids go to decile 10 schools, my youngest still at primary school just informed me that her stationary list includes a ream of A4 paper and whiteboard markers, I’m like “what do you use the markers for?”
    She informs me they and the paper are for the teachers to use.
    I’m bloody gobsmacked.

  • Chiefsfan73

    The only way to see kids achieve academically is the unionised lefty way. Anything else must be condemned. Parallels anyone.

  • sandalwood789

    Another very good post here by Lindsay Mitchell on charter schools –