Chris Christie’s presidential hopes are dead

Chris Christie’s presidential hopes are stuffed, there is little chance he will gain the Republican nomination after moving to introduce tougher gun control laws.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s (R) administration is proposing more gun control in the form of “security requirements” for firearm retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers–and employees of the same–in the state.

The proposals originated with the State Police and are the result of “several thefts and lapses in oversight…that led to at least one death” during the past 10 years.  

According to, the new gun control would “require dealers and manufacturers to make gun records available for inspection to State Police.” It would also put rules in place requiring “dealers to immediately notify state and local police if their security systems fail.” And if, by chance, the security system cannot be repaired within 24 hours, the dealer could be allowed to “move the guns to another licensed location with approval of the State Police.”

The proposals come just one month after Christie said New Jersey gun control laws “might be a little too strict.” They also come as Christie considers running for president in 2016. points out that a successful run for the president would require Christie to “do well in rural, gun-loving states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, which all hold early presidential caucuses or primaries.”

He will now have to fight the NRA…and they never lose.




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  • cows4me

    He’s good buddies with Obummer too, that’s a big minus.

    • Monito

      What a dumb uneducated remark; Barack Obama is probably going to end his presidency as one of the best ever!!! remember healthcare for all Americans, remember education programs remember lowered unemployment. He sure is not sitting on his hands as the Republicans predicted. Maybe Chris Christie should consider changing sides and becoming a Democrat?

      • RightofSingapore

        Pulling out of Iraq with no status of forces agreement, creating the vacuum that ISIS exploited, waiting too long to act against ISIS, saying chemical weapons use in Syria would be a “redline”, then doing nothing when evidence emerges of chemical weapons use. Pulling out of Afghanistan (gee wonder who is going to exploit the gap left by USforces?) As well as general weakness and indecisiveness. Race relations seem to be getting worse on his watch, more govt regulation of people’s lives and a still underperfomring economy.

      • BW_Lord

        Satire right? I think (hope) you missed the sarcasm tag.

      • papagaya

        Haha good work Monito, you’ve set the cat among the pigeons! Republicans just can’t handle a black president. The reality is that America currently has a right wing party and an extreme right wing party. There’s nothing particularly leftist about Obama. His position on social issues is supported by the bulk of Americans. He did the best he could against an obstructionist mob of Republicans, who are only doing the bidding of the 1 per cent.

        • All_on_Red

          Yeah but it’s the .01% who are the biggest donors to the Democrats.

        • David Moore

          Obama had years with both the house and senate. Blaming republicans for obstruction is a joke, he couldn’t get agreement through when his own party had as much control as it’s possible to have in the US system.

      • cows4me

        I maybe uneducated but it has to beat delusional.

        • Monito

          I think it is commonly known as red necked blindness. Your view and you are welcome of course.

          • All_on_Red

            Red neck? Have you got something against field hands. How elitist.

      • Cadwallader

        No, he’ll end it as the least popular, but his apologists will put that down to racism.

      • vidarnz

        He hasn’t improved the racial divisions. In fact they are worse.
        Healthcare has become more expensive. 14% increase on last year.
        He has failed to reform immigration
        The premature withdraw from Iraq has sentenced thousands to death.
        He blew the Arab Spring opportunity
        He didn’t shut down Guantanamo, keep the NSA from spying, or rein in the drones.
        He has let Putin do whatever he pleases.
        He has watched the number food stamps increase to 47.7 million, up 80% over the past 5 years
        He can’t work with Congress.
        And now he wants to negotiate with Iran to allow them further advances in their nuclear program
        Not to mention his failure to do much about the racist drug war and discriminatory sentencing.

        I consider him a failure on this count. Hardly one of the best ever.

        • All_on_Red

          Don’t forget 92,000,000 now out of the workforce but since they have given up looking for work, don’t count in the unemployment stats.
          IMHO – worst President evah

        • Monito

          I am fascinated to know who you think could have done any better UNDER the circumstances? Obama inherited a country in crisis, he has worked to keep the peace and not plunge us into war, he has not totally shut down Guantanamo but he has permitted it to be opened up and exposed and the practices used will never to be repeated. Putin will do what he damn well likes anyway but when his country is totally bankrupt he will been reined in – Obama can’t work with Congress who could’? they have worked against him from Day 1 and deliberately undermined him at every step. I don’t think that the Americans have ever had a President who has made such strong inroads into working with all world leaders to preserve peace. I don’t understand how you can claim that Mr Obama has WATCHED the food stamps increase what a strange thing to say I doubt that he hasn’t cost increases, more need. New Zealand particularly is really benefiting from his open policies. Personally I think that the US will be in a very bad way if the people elect a Republican government in the next elections. Jeb Bush are you seriously going to give that family another go?

          • papagaya

            Monito don’t waste your time, they’re just regurgitating what they’ve heard on Fox News.

          • cows4me

            Yes that damn Fox News, it’s so unfair isn’t it, so much better to dribble lefty propaganda on tin pot stations that no one watches.

          • vidarnz

            I like the way you say no-one could work with Congress. Obama has one problem, he is divisive. He could put his ego aside and form a working relationship with republicans but he first has to see them as people and not demons. He assumes
            because they have ever so slightly different views on some political points, that they are the enemy.

            We should compare him to Reagan. In his second term his approval ratings sank and his party lost control of the Senate and house in the midterm elections.

            During this time he shared beers with Democratic House Speaker Tip O’Neill. They had a great working relationship. Reagan said it was at times difficult but as a leader he had to make most of the effort to find compromise. He knew that democrats and republicans essentially want the same thing and that by him putting aside his ego they could talk it through to something both sides could work with.

            In this period he freed Eastern Europe, rebuilt the military and swelled the economy. Obama nationalises health care, explodes the deficit, and divides like no modern president has, or hopefully will again.

            I think he could make progress on immigration reform as it’s in the vested interests of the Republicans getting ready for 2016 and it’s certainly something the Democrats wants to push, but they’re all going to have to compromise. But it takes leadership and compromise from the President.

            This from a president that we all know doesn’t compromise. Unfortunately he is a lame duck because of his ego.

    • I.M Bach

      I can’t recall any US president that I’ve really liked but going by the information on the below website Obama hasn’t done too badly. Especially when you consider what he walked into.

  • Cadwallader

    After his well intentioned and perfectly timed assault on the Teachers’ Union I had lofty hopes for Chris Christie. He won’t upset the NRA and remain a contender though and he ought to have appreciated this. This is a regrettable outcome. Anyway he is on record as saying he’s too fat to be President.

  • Day Day

    Agreed, Christie’s a big disappointment. Too much of a wet, Americans don’t need another pinko in the Whitehouse. Climbing on Obama’s climate change bunk makes him totally inappropriate.

  • At the same time, he’s willing to stick to what he believes in instead of being flexible to get ahead. It’s what’s got him where he is.

  • All_on_Red

    Christie is a RINO. Many Republicans haven’t forgotten how he enabled Obama to look good by giving him the warm welcome and gold plated tour after Hurricane Sandy….just before the Election.

    • David Moore

      Indeed, he’s has a better chance at the democratic nomination than the R one.

  • Mythrandir

    The Republican primaries will be great entertainment. Rand Paul vs Rubio over Cuba just recently was fun to watch, and this is just the very beginning. Hehe.