Being clever about forcing your ideology onto a commercial business [ Dirty Islam ]

These women did not need to use force to bring a business to its knees. They used social media and a clever campaign using humour instead. Perhaps we can call it Dirty Islam as they are spin doctors without a doubt. Thanks to them a Danish Supermarket chain have been forced to change their rules for staff in order to allow Muslim women to wear their symbols of oppression, forced on them by a medieval ideology that has as its main goal the subjugation of any new country that they move to. What these women did is advertising terrorism and you will see it used again and again in western countries everywhere until we are all one large Islamic State and your daughters will be forced to wear their horrible hijabs because you will no longer live in a ‘ multi cultural ‘ society but an exclusively Islamic one.

NOTE: The sympathetic spin of the article. There is no  sympathy for the business who has been blackmailed into changing how they do business by a slick social media campaign.


3 weeks ago, Danish Muslim activists Inaam Abou-Khadra and Alaa Abdol-Hamid started a campaign to support a Muslim woman who was denied a position working in Netto, a Danish supermarket. Netto is part of a larger supermarket chain, all of which banned women who wear hijab from working in public positions. This time, the rejection created a media furor after a Muslim lawyer, Safia Aoade, wrote an article to express her discontent with the situation, which catalyzed Safia, Inaam, Alaa, and their colleagues to protest the policy.

Here’s a thought, how about she removes the scarf so she can work there or applies for a position that is not in the public eye?

I spoke with spoke with Inaam Abou-Khadra, a student of political science and union activist, about the origins of the campaign and her response to the reversal of the supermarket chain’s hijab policy. The women first launched a Facebook page, which was open to the public, and used an open, welcoming tone to spread their message, to boycott the supermarket until it reversed it’s policy. Next, they produced a short, humorous video that quickly went viral. Changing the lyrics of Netto’s commercial jingle, they used hijabi characters to make their point. Inaam further clarified to me, “We used the melody so people can recognize where it’s from, and changed the words to our message. It’s a nice, easy and creative video. It helped us in sending our message to the mainstream Danish media, and national TV adopted it. Humour and sarcasm works! We were still planning further activities, but thankfully the supermarket changed its policy before we did something next.”

Can you really blame the Supermarket? We here at Whaleoil know what it is like to be at the receiving end of a Dirty politics campaign to close us down. We were hit by every arm of the MSM as well as on Social Media. Our advertisers were also targeted. It is clear that until the Supermarket buckled under the pressure they were going to continue to up the ante.

If it was my supermarket chain I would have fought back with a funny campaign mocking the campaigners and would have also reminded the customers that these Hijab wearing social media terrorists were hurting their favourite supermarket and would cost my employees their jobs if they kept up the pressure. Unfortunately because the supermarket didn’t fight back, now every business in Denmark will be vulnerable to attack. Denmark of course is the same country that had a cartoonist go into hiding due to Islamic death threats because of a cartoon of Mohammed.

The supermarket chain’s main argument was that hijabs would not fit in with the company’s dress code. Inaam says, “We didn’t want to make a traditional demonstration. Instead, we would like to be remembered as the nice girls that served people and reached out for dialogue. And the best way of achieving this was of course to come up with new, more peaceful ideas that could make people think again before they bought from the store.” During their protest, the women color-coordinated theirhijabs with Netto’s bright yellow brand. According to Usman Nawaz, a British Muslim activist who first alerted me to the story, ” it was actually a genius campaign – the local women wearing hijab donned the the store uniform colors and helped shoppers take their bags to their cars, showing that hijabis are just as competent as anyone else.”

Very clever. They knew what they were doing alright. Painted themselves as ‘ nice girls ‘ and turned the hijab into a uniform.

Apparently, the supermarket chain agreed, since they reversed their policy yesterday, as a result of the boycott, protest and national discussion on hijab policy:

Agreed? Seriously? What a load of rubbish! How stupid is the reporter? This business was blackmailed and attacked until they caved! They had won a legal battle in 2005 to maintain their right to enforce a dress code so it obviously was very important to them.

As of today, employees will no longer be barred from wearing headscarves at some of the nation’s largest grocers. Dansk Supermarked, which operates Netto, Føtex and Bilka stores, has decided to end its policy of banning employees from wearing headscarves, a company spokesperson told public broadcaster DR. Dansk Supermarked has for the past ten years forbidden employees who interact with customers from wearing anything on their heads, unless it was necessary for hygiene purposes. The company won a legal battle in the the Supreme Court in 2005 that upheld its right to enforce a dress code at its stores.

The headscarf ban came up in the media again recently when a 26-year-old Muslim was told not to apply for a job at a Netto store in Odense because of her headscarf. That led a group of Muslim women to encourage a boycott against Netto, Føtex and Bilka, and according to the company’s director of communications, Mads Hvitved Grand, it worked.
Inaam concludes, “The campaign was not only for Muslims, far from it. It was for all people that didn’t agree with this supermarket’s policy. So everybody was included in our work. We believe that this wasn’t an issue only for Muslims, but for all Danes. Denmark is becoming a more multicultural society and it’s for everybody’s benefit to include people in labor regardless of their background and or beliefs. A boycott is not just about protesting. And you can run a protest in a positive way, so that you gather people’s sympathy and respect. In the end it is all about giving each other the freedom of choice and by creating opportunities that includes all kinds of people. This campaign was for women with hijab, tomorrow it could be for the turban – who knows. I hope that it can inspire more people to take action for what they believe in.”

Looking at photographs from their recent brightly colored protest, I can’t help but feel inspired and thrilled that their viral campaign worked. Europe is still working through her diversity woes. My view from across the Atlantic is simple: the sooner European countries view their diverse citizens as an asset, rather than a challenge, the sooner all European citizens can thrive in harmony.

Yeah harmony, riiiight. They won’t stop till we all have our heads in the noose that is Islam.There will be none of this multi cultural nonsense then, just Dirty Islam.

Danish Boycott

Danish Boycott


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  • Chiefsfan73

    Coming to weak kneed socialist states near you sooner than you think.

  • Wheninrome

    They could all be put to work in the butchery section or delicatessen area where head covering is important. They could handle the pork cuts and sliced ham safely for the customers without fear of hair falling in the food.
    The supermarket chain could turn it round this way. No front of counter job.

    • Another Middleagedwhiteguy

      Just LOVE pork & ham & bacon & chorizo & crackling & salami. Only problem – if a hijabi handled these, would they become contaminated?

      (And I’m not talking about the hijabis – couldn’t care less how contaminated they get – I’m talking about my pork & ham & bacon, etc.)

  • OneTrack

    Now they have won their battle, do they continue with the yellow, or will they revert to traditional black?

  • Wheninrome

    Even better the Supermarket could get the “would be jihadists” with an advert “Wanted for the butchery section – no experience required we will train in our methods knives supplied.”

    • thehawkreturns

      20% of NZ meat exports are halal certified
      There are 240 certified Halal animal slaughterers in NZ

      Looking for Jihad? Look at the craven NZ meat industry

      Islam is alive and festering throughout the West

      • Sunshine

        Hee hee, I took a non halal meat dish to a foodie seminar with eats afterwards. Many of the participants were Muslim and ate my food. Fighting Islam with every opportunity :)

    • Sailor Sam

      Make them butcher the pigs.

      • Disinfectant

        Denmark is a huge producer of Pork. Oh the irony.
        Next thing you know pig farming will be banned.
        At that point there will be revolution. On the part of the Danes, and not the other way round.

        • I.M Bach

          Can’t wait to see halal bacon on the shelves, that’d be funny.

  • Michael_l_c

    Seeing as they are in Denmark not Rome, Denmark has to do as they do.
    Oops, we are in NZ not Rome soooo ….

  • cows4me

    The stupid Islamic cows. Why the hell did they seek a new way of life in Denmark and then bring their prehistoric cultrue with them. If they want to wear their stupid headgear and shop why do they not set up their own business and they can dress as they wish. Their actions bely the real motives of the vast numbers of Muslims that have immigrated to western countries, it’s simply conquest. If it is not conquest then these cows will soon be living under the very regimes they were so keen to leave. They expect others to adopt their customs while not seeing the oppression they claim they were escaping from. Of course it’s only a headdress, no it’s not, it’s fascism and is no different than forcing a business to hire a fat person, a dumb person, a male, a female, a short person a tall person. This is about removing the freedom of the business to hire whom they wish, no doubt this concept will be completely lost on these numbskull’s. Put the cows in stock trucks and return to sender.

    • The Accountant

      It is mindless. Celebrating the fact that they are securing the subjugation of their daughters for generations to come.

  • Stuarts.burgers

    Bad move by Netto almost as dumb as when asked by a major Burger Chain would a shave my beard off if I was offered a job.
    I asked would they make the same request of a Sikh job applicant, they said no because it was part of their religion.
    As you can guess I declined they offer of a job offer.
    To force changes to uniform policy because of religious requirements no, to have a uniform policy that covers religious requirements but cover all staff yes.
    Yes you may have a head covering and these are the options a head scarf in company colours or a company cap etc but this is a decision made by the company for there own reasons not one forced upon them by “activists”.

  • Skydog

    Would these same women be so righteous, if my daughters went to Saudi Arabia and wanted to drive, swim in a bikini, wear moderate shorts, socialise with men who were not their husbands or would my daughters have to conform to the Kingdoms rules?

    • spanishbride

      Exactly! Islam is not tolerance of other races, religions or sexual preferences in their violence ridden countries but they demand tolerance of their ideology from their host countries. We are fools to give in to them as this is creeping Islam. Bit by bit they chip away until it is too late.No other religion does this to its host country.The word Islam literally means submit. If that is not a clear enough warning label for us I don’t know what is.

  • BlitzkriegNZ

    What is it with all these damn retarded idiots in human resources?! DON’T BLOODY TELL THEM WHY THEY DIDN’T GET THE JOB!!!!
    What is so hard about saying ‘sorry, the position has been filled’? And leave it at that.
    Just like the lady with the moko who was turned down for a job at Wendy’s here in Tauranga a few years ago, should have never told her why.

    • exactchange

      Would not be at all surprised if employers do just that in future, other applicants being equal. Passive aggression.

  • Thersites

    Thirty years ago the Scandanavian countries were prosperous, harmonious, low-crime countries. Then it seems that they got bored with happiness and allowed mass immigration of Moslems. Now their long term future – as with the other nations of western Europe – will be that of Lebanon. Their children will curse them for generations.

  • Wallace Westland

    I wonder if the stores actually took a hit in revenue or simply caved to social media?
    If they did take a hit all that says to me is there is a high proportion of even stupider Danes than one would credit and they and their country deserve everything it gets.

    The simpering left wing reporting is enough to make you chunder too..waste of a bloody good omelette.

  • mark14

    next:We cant handle SPAM.Or alcohol.Or chocolate snowballs,so if you continue selling them,we’ll take you to court for that too.Netto’s and Denmark’s chickens are coming home to roost.

    • spanishbride

      Working in the deli back when we lived in Botany I was serving a customer some sliced cooked sandwich meat. A piece dropped into another tray of cooked sliced meat and I picked it up with my tongs. He reacted violently and even refused the bag of meat after I removed the offending piece of meat because it had come in contact with another meat that was pork. He was angry with me despite not bothering to explain his requirements first. Oh no, I was expected to already be versed in Halal and recognise a Muslim on sight. I have seen Delis actually now putting a physical separation between the sliced cooked pork and other meats to cater to Islam. We have had Jewish New Zelanders forever yet it is not until our angry new neighbours arrived that these changes start being made.That is the differnce. They demand, they expect and it is we who have to change to cater to their needs. I have not come across this in any other immigrant group.

  • Eyeknownothing

    Next in their world domination campaign, they will be dictating what retailers can and cannot sell. Appalled and somewhat frightened at what is happening.

  • Wheninrome

    Looking at these young people and their “cause” reminds me of being a teenager, rebelling against authority, raising my skirts to as short as. leaving my hair untied back, being against anything that “authority” i.e. teachers, parents wanted. Think boys with long hair etc. Teachers and parents sorted the problems out back in time.
    Are these just rebellious young people? Pity they don’t rebel against their religious mores.

    • papagaya

      There is no common ground between typically rebellious Western teens and Islam.

      • Wheninrome

        Pity, would make it so much easier to deal with.

  • SkeptiK

    At least they are wearing the company colours!