The coming selection in Northland

The predictable demise of Northland MP Mike Sabin means a very blue seat is up for selection.

The majority is 9300, and Labour’s candidate, Willow-Jean Prime, has just had a baby, so is not expected to run again.

When Sabin won in 2011 there was considerable interest in the selection, with a good number of candidates putting their names forward. Some of these are expected to be contenders again.

Grant McCullum: Long time National Board member and perceived front runner in the last selection. Withdrew due to issues with a tricky missus. Inside word is she has just got more tricky over the years so McCullum will struggle to get approval to run.  

Victor Cauty: Not really considered an ideal candidate due to being slightly odd and hasn’t yet trained himself not to speak in military jargon.

Mark Tan: Principal of a Fundy school. Handy for National to have a teacher in caucus to go out to bash the teachers union but his fundy background may count against him.

Sarah Davies: Pursuing a successful career outside of politics and gained good promotions so not considered a contender this time.

Others mentioned as potential candidates are Simon Bridges’ brother Mark, although word is that Simon is trying to keep him out of parliament.

New regional chair Andrew Hunt is not a member of the buggers muddle and will play this very, very straight.

So we can expect to see a fair selection and anyone who buggers around with it getting hammered very, very hard indeed.


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  • Chris Chitens

    The video on stuff of Angry Andy commenting on this is pretty funny. The bit at the start where he gestures to Tova(?) to come over and then she walks off and he is left standing by himself. It was like a scene out of the thick of it.

  • Wheninrome

    Mr Little commented that labour would stand a candidate but didn’t expect to win, but there were huge problems up here in the north, poverty, housing the usual. I thought his man for Te Tai Tokerau Kelvin Davis would be onto that as a sitting MP.
    Worth some questions in the House given Mr Little has identified these issues.

  • Ross15

    As some else mentioned earlier –Shane Jones ?

    • Adios Africa

      Shane Jones is a grubby person, an opportunist whose judgment and ethics suggest he is more likely to be at home as part of New Zealand First, rather than National.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    I take it National prefers candidates actually from the electorate as opposed to parachuter’s like Angry Andy?

  • Massey’s Cossack

    Winston is from up that way…it has been awhile since he has had the comfort of a seat…

  • Boris Piscina

    They almost certainly won’t, but if NZF ran and split enough of National’s vote away to let Labour come through the middle, would that change the balance of the House?
    I ask because people do tend to vote along different lines in by-elections from their reasons in general elections. By-elections can be an excuse for a protest, especially if it is perceived as a safe protest.

    • Disinfectant

      That’s why every new Government should never forget to get the new legislation passed as quickly as possible.

  • Sailor Sam

    Would be a good seat for Angry A Little from New Plymouth to contest for Labour.

  • Michael

    Will Paul Foster-Bell be a contender, given he is originally from up north? Maureen Pugh from West Coast would be the replacement List MP if a current List MP wins.

  • Terry

    Ken Rintoul and 1500 odd other ex National members were instrumental in FOCUS being formed, mainly due to Sabin winning the delegates vote. Rintoul should rejoin National and put his name forward, Mark Tan I’m sure is more than content with his current educational position.