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George wrote:

There is something troubling me at the moment: It is the opposition parties leadership.

I want to be serious here. Of course we criticise them mercilessly, and rightly so, they are such easy targets. However, what concerns me is the entrenched ignorance that motivates their vindictive, nasty and insulting commentary in the belief that, some how, it is appealing to voters. It was evident from the results of the last election that middle NZ’s were not impressed with this strategy, however they have continued in this vein, thus raising the question; Why?

As much as I detest their philosophy, I have to concede that there must be a degree of intelligence, however misguided, in their collective makeup.  

I understand their frustrations when they are confronted with one of the most popular PMs and Governments in history. I understand their frustrations over a booming economy. I understand their own internal frustrations, but what I can’t understand is their inability to combat these frustrations. If they can’t engage the populous in positive alternatives then they will never be fit to govern.

The opposition is barren. There appears to be no one who can guide this rudderless craft; and that is sad. I would never want a socialist government, but if it came to pass, then I would expect some dignity in the honour of leading our country and right now they are incapable of that. All the anger and abuse that erupts from these frustrations will destroy them.

George is dead right, just look at the frothing, the attempted bans and anger, death threats and bullying from the left wing.

They are constant crying tears of impotent rage and it is so unbecoming and graceless.


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  • Luis Cannon

    It’s not possible to make silk purses out of pigs ears.

  • sandalwood789

    “…there must be a degree of intelligence, however misguided, in their collective makeup.”

    I disagree. I’m serious.
    If they were intelligent then they would never have joined socialist parties.

    • OneTrack

      Beat me to it :-)

    • Cadwallader

      Although; you can be highly intelligient yet make stupid choices.
      I think those who make up the socialist ranks have a further defining quality, that is not a lack of intelligience but laziness. Lazy in their work ethic (live off others) lazy in their thinking (follow a traditional path of envy, despair and hate) and lazy in their outlook, easier to indoctrinate their children in their own delusions than have them think for themselves….look at those poor children lined up on the side of a street in Blenheim yesterday! Anyone who threatens the socialists’ life of laziness meets first with cursed challenges then vitriol. What other weapons could a bone idle loser possess?

    • The Accountant

      “Perfect” socialism is actually a beautiful concept, but could never be realized, for the same reason capitalism could never be perfect. It ignores two sins; greed and sloth. That’s why a hybrid political system where both keep each other in check is the only relevant solution.

  • conwaycaptain

    The problem with the opposition parties is that they have no one in their ranks who has ever run a business, had to perform and make money. They just think you can keep slicing the pie smaller and smaller.
    Look at the Green’s no experience and no concept of how to run a business.
    Labour, well there is no one there that has ever laboured. A holiday camp for university educated layabouts.
    NZ First, well once Winnie pops his clogs they are a goner.

    • Bunter

      This is when it is time to get rid of all the rubbish, get rid of MMP. Just think about it, that is where this rubbish comes in. No MMP, no Green Party, no NZF and a lot of others gone along with all this rubbish

    • Dave_1924

      NZ First won’t go away. Ron MArk will become leader when Winnie hangs it up and Mark is a clever operator. I pick NZ First to hang in there and be a vital coalition partner at the next election……

  • OneTrack

    “As much as I detest their philosophy, I have to concede that there must be a degree of intelligence, …”

    When you find it, let us know.

    But I agree, they just cannot seem to suppress their nasty lefty genes. They just love their stupid gotcha politics. It’s now to the point it seems to be all they have.

  • Jim460

    George is quite correct. Left wing parties the world over have traditionally vilified their opponents and pretended to be sensible. And it has worked time and again. However one of JK’s greatest gifts is the ability to chart his own course, and the public can clearly see he’s not the supervillain others try to portray him as. So it becomes even more important for Labour to pretend to be sensible, one of the great historical strategies of the left. And they can’t even manage that. After six years in opposition. It’s incredible.

    • Luis Cannon

      Will be interesting to see whether Greece falls further into the abyss under their new leftist government. A little more work and less time in the tavernas might help.

  • J Ryan

    Yes I am sure many are intelligent, they hold and retain information, obtain their degrees. But they simply lack experience and wisdom, operating in the real world where if they stuff up, their personal wealth takes a knock.. They need to control feelings of envy and look at the big picture, long term.

  • Chris EM

    Wisdom, one of the greatest gifts.
    Anyone can get a doctorate in some useless and other worldly subject and use this title to elevate one self. Anyone can claim to have a brain the size of a planet, and therefore expect others to believe and follow everything they spout forth. Without wisdom, however, you are no better than the village idiot.
    Wisdom is what the opposition parties lack, and that is why they continue to look like complete and utter gits in the eyes of the public.

  • Rex

    There is a huge difference between getting a degree and Intelligence. Anyone who sets their mind to it can get a degree thru learning things by rote. BUT to have the intelligence to work things out and rationalise things is completely different. Key is intelligent no doubt! Winston also is intelligent as he does work things out, not always for the best BUT for himself. Cunning maybe suits him better. Turei is a joke and hate filled. Def nothing going there. Norman is mid scale. Angry Andy its too early to tell. Lets says he does not have the brains to work out he has no personality. Dunnes there for the lifestyle and Flavell may be intelligent but it is all directed to one race. Seymour it is too early to say. When you go down the names of others in the various parties National cannot be matched!

  • Bayman

    Very well put.

    I’ve thoguht for some time that the opposition ‘play the man rather than the ball’

    Plus if course they oppose anything the govt wants to do which doesn’t seem right to me – sure oppose ideas etc. but to just oppose everything because you’re not in govt to me is petty and does nothing to convince me that they are fit to lead the country.

  • steve and monique

    Seems this is the legacy Helen Clark has caused by her Iron fist rule over Labour. Now she is gone, the minions are lost without her wiping their collective bums for them.

  • Bobb

    I think it’s because they want to be relevant and it’s bloody hard to be relevant if you hang out on the right because that space is full of people who have succeeded in a wide range of endeavours. It is much easier to rise to the top and be relevant (albeit in a smaller pond) if you come from a left leaning direction. For instance, if you would like to lead a political party would it be easier to go against Key or Little or Norman or Turei?

  • timemagazine

    The question is why, asks George. Because they know that their ideology, mentality and policies wouldn’t never survive in the open battle ground of ideas. So the only way they can make themselves heard and survive is by constantly attacking and smearing their oponents. Remember Katie Bradford’s remark at the last election regarding our PM? What ever they were throwing at him nothing would stick.

  • taurangaruru

    Life experience should be a minimum qualification for those entering parliament & throw away MMP. Being directly answerable to the voters would go a long way towards improving the quality of the representatives. You cannot tell me that the likes of Norman, Turei & the other airhead travellers would actually regularly win an electoral seat. The voters would see through their voodoo politics quick smart.

  • Nic C

    May have already been mentioned below, but a good deal of the blame for what Geirge raises here, is the apparently ‘new found’ power the trade unions seem have regained recently, when it comes to directing the leadership, the policies, the culture, the entire overarching Labour ‘message’ to the constituency.

    It’s an antiquated and tired old message, that the country walked away from decades ago and for good reason. Unfortunately, the collective mindset of hardcore trade unionists is one that’s so entrenched and so vehemently clung to, that changing this is near on impossible… Labours only chance to gain any traction in the years to come, is to walk away from these institutions of yesteryear… en mass.

    It may takes some time though.

  • Rick H

    Yes, the term “Labour” seems to be the exact opposite of the majority of those in that “party” have ever done. The only labour, they have seen watching others.

    Once upon a time, when? around 50 to 70 years ago, the Labour party members were probably much different to the “never left school type” we have these days.
    Most would have been working in factories, and probably have been the Union Delegates.
    Back then, they may well have had some ideas that were thought of in a positive way.

    In today’s times, the word “Labour” probably describes the vast majority of the supporters of the right.
    None of us want to go back to the days off the “Strikes”, “Strikes” and more “Strikes”.

    Perhaps the Labour Party should be culled off – under the “Three Strikes” policy.