Concrete Cancer Coverup, Ctd – What does the government know?


You would think that with millions of tax-payers money being poured into the construction of the Manukau District Court, the Government would want to have confidence in the integrity of the building.

Following this explosive Concrete Cancer Cover-Up series on Whaleoil, government officials have had to rely on information from Rob Gaimster, the CEO of the Cement and Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ).

If you listened to CCANZ, who on Monday quietly posted an update on their website, they are desperate to say that everything is all right, nothing to see here, move along.

That line didn?t work for Helen Clark.

WOBH is hearing that questions about high alkali cement problems are being raised in Wellington; not only about the potential exposure from the Manukau Court building constructed with dodgy cement from Vietnam, but whether buildings in Wellington are potentially affected.

But CAANZ seems desperate to keep digging the hole they have got themselves in, thanks in part to their support of member company Drymix. ?

Their? stance is also at odds with the New Zealand Ready Mixed Association (NZRMA), who produced a 128 page Report that completely contradicts CCANZ?s position and, as WOBH?has exposed, confirms that concrete with high alkali content has gone into Fonterra?s Waitoa UHT plant and the Manukau District Court building in South Auckland.

With Rob Gaimster advising MBIE, who in turn advise the Government and ultimately the Minister, he will have a hard time trying to explain that all is ok when the Government is now aware that the Manukau District Court building is at risk of concrete cancer.

To add pressure on CCANZ and Gaimster, the questions WOBH emailed to Adam Leach, CCANZ?s Information and Communications Manager on 15 January 2015 and posted on Whaleoil on 21 January 2015, remain unanswered.

Why? What are they trying to cover-up?

Now 14 days later, CCANZ seems to think I will go away. Let’s see how that works out for them.

Let’s suppose that CCANZ has provided technical advice to MBIE about the $40 million plus taxpayer funded Manukau District Court building being constructed by Watts and Hughes.

Let’s suppose that MBIE has prepared a report for the Minister of Building and Housing ?- Nick Smith, that confirms that the Manukau District Court building is likely to have been supplied with concrete manufactured with dodgy cement from Drymix.

Let’s suppose that Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith is now sitting on a ticking timebomb.

This isn?t going to end well for a number of people.